Sense of belonging to love (KKB) Chapter 14

Pragya, It’s really bad that I am hiding all he need to know. I am going to tell him today itself.
Pragya in her room was trying herself to stay calm and said “Ok Pragya! Whatever it is I must tell him today and especially before he himself finds out the truth! Day by day it is very difficult for me to resist his presence…..”

With that she walked out from her room with a lot of nervousness of how would he feel if he knows the truth.
She knocked his door and Abhi “Come in! It’s open Pragya!” Pragya opened the door and saw him packing his luggage. Pragya “Are u going somewhere?” Abhi “Why do u think so?” Pragya “You are packing your stuff and it means u are going off somewhere right?” Abhi “Not all the time….This is all my favorite stuffs and I am packing to keep them safe!” Pragya “Oh! May I help you?” Abhi, Why her tone is the same way when she spoke to me before she left the hotel? Pragya waved her hand in front of his face. Abhi came back to his senses and said “It’s ok as I am almost done!” Pragya “Oh then…I have to tell you something…..” Abhi now closing the zip of the luggage asked her “What Pragya?” Pragya was looking everywhere and was trying her best to tell him something that disturbed her…..Abhi looking at her asked “Is it anything important? Anything about Purab or your marriage?” Pragya “No! I mean not about Purab or marriage….but it’s important….it’s about you!” Abhi “About me? And that too important?” Pragya “Haan! I….How do I say? Let me tell you but promise me that u won’t get angry on me!” Abhi, What is she up to now! What if it’s something crazy again but there is so much of depth in her eyes now….

Abhi hesistantly said “Promise! Tell me now!” Pragya “ I am actually your……..” Just then Robin entered the room saying “ Sir! Shanthi ma and Ram sir are back!” Abhi “Serious? Mummy and Dad are back? Pragya u come with me too! You haven’t see my parents right?” Abhi never let Pragya tell anything and she just held her hands and walked with her fastly out from his room. Pragya, Oh no! What can I do now? Aunty and Uncle are already here!

Abhi left her hands and ran towards his mother first and gave her a tight hug. Shanti ma “Abhi! How are u? U should have just stayed us with there and it would have been so nice!” Abhi “Ma! U know the reason why I was staying here and still u are telling like this!” Ram “ Haan she is always like that and will u only hug your Ma and not your Dad ah?” Abhi “Of course I will hug my Dashing Dad!” By saying that he hugged him too and realized that he never introduce Pragya who was standing at a corner. Abhi “Ma! Dad! Look there it’s Pragya and she is Purab’s fiancé!” Shanti ma “Are u kidding? How can she be Purab’s fiancé when he is already married!” Abhi was shocked and said “What!!!When did this happen?” Shanthi “ Just recently and he left India to get married. He never told u that?” Abhi was very confused now and Shanthi walked towards Pragya and gave her a warm hug. Shanthi “I missed you so much and it’s pleasant to see you walk with him holding his hands just now…..” Abhi “Ma! You know Pragya?” Abhi’s Ma “Yes! I know her and not only me your dad also knows her very well!” Abhi “How is that possible?” Shanthi “ How can we not know our bahu?” Abhi “What are you saying? I am not married to her!” Shanthi “Relax! You are going to marry her soon and she is already our bahu from the moment we decided that she is the one for you!”

Abhi, So she was fixed by my Ma to get married to me! No wonder she knows about me! It means she researched about me and know about my past. All the while she was acting and telling lies that she is Purab’s fiancé!

Abhi turned to face Pragya who was hiding her face using duppata. Abhi just walked off in anger towards his room. Abhi’s parents were shocked to see him with anger and they heard a loud sound as he slammed the door. Pragya “Aunty! He still don’t know that I am his fiancé and I was about to tell him today everything…..But you had rushed into it…” Shanthi ma “ Oh I see…I thought you would have told by now….but it’s ok I will make him understand later! He is now very angry!” Pragya “Angry at me?” Ram “ Not really! Angry at all of us!” By saying that both of them laughed and Pragya couldn’t believe that they were laughing at Abhi’s anger. Pragya “He is angry and why are u laughing Aunty?” Shanthi ma by trying to stop her laughter said “ No….whenever he gets angry he would slam the door!” Pragya “ But what is there to laugh about? Everyone in anger does that right?” Ram “ But not everyone slam the door to the extent that it would have cracks!” Pragya “What??” Shanthi ma “Yes and we are used to so many cracks in his door and every time we have to call the carpenter to fix his doors….” Pragya “He is hurting himself……” Shanthi ma “ You are so caring that he would have hurt his hands while slamming the door right?” Pragya looking sadly said “Haan….” Ram “No worries Bahu! He never uses his hand to close the door in anger! He uses some metal rod!” Pragya “Metal rod? And why is that so?”

Shanthi ma “Pragya! You are asking so many questions all about him and not how was our journey! By the way we are very tired now! I will tell u everything later about the metal rod! I know you love him and I also know that he won’t accept that too! What you know about him is more than enough to change him. I know how you know him closely as u have told me before…..but he is a closed book and u must open it to get closer to him….” Pragya hugged Shanthi ma with tears and said “ I am very sorry for bothering all of u!” Ram “You are not at all bothering us and if u tell like this then it’s bothering to us!” Pragya broke from the hug and Shanthi ma wiped her tears. Shanthi “You are just like her in worrying for small things and he will slowly understand how he is closely attached to you!” By saying that Abhi’s parents moved their way towards the room.

Pragya, I am not completely like her….Yes she is someone who made me believed that I can live but parts of her is present within me….That is what he must know….

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  1. Abhi’s Mom and Dashing Dad are ???? … Abhi’s Anger LOL !????? Waiting to read the rest of metal rod story !????? Aweeesomeee twist it was ???! Take Care didi ?! Happy Diwali !?

    1. Maya

      Please wait little longer to know the metal rod story as more important things are there to be revealed in the upcoming updates! Thank u for the wishes! and enjoying the update too

  2. Saranya24

    Omg hw many twists akka my head is spinning to tell rest of truth abt tanya anyway loved it love u loads????

    1. Maya

      Sorry for making your head spinning sis! But I myself never thought this as a twist haha! Soon u will know about her!

  3. Hai Maya prags solratha patha…tanya body la edho parts pargs vachirukanga athunala Ava urioda irukara mathiri iruku….apadi irundha Tanya is dead that’s conformed but what happened to her….really going interesting…..

    1. Maya

      Irukalam like what u said and parkalam what happens next in the story and naan ivalvu thaan solla mudiyum Varsha! Sorry for that and Thank u for your analysing!

  4. Reshma_Pradeep


    1. Maya

      Thank u Reshu for loooooooving it!

    1. Maya

      Thank u Lucky!

  5. B_Ani

    awesome. sorry cudnt cmnt in de previous one dear. it was rocking as usual and i dont have any guesses for who could pragya be to abhi. waiting for the mysteries to unfold dear. now i am losing myself i this.
    love u, tc and post soon.

    1. Maya

      Arrey Ani sis no need to be sorry for this as everyone is busy with work and studies so no worries yaar! Please don’t lose yourself in this if not how would u continue to read haha Love u and tc too!

  6. Prathi

    Hey so Pragya is Abhi’s fiance wow!! Nice twist keep rocking CS

    1. Maya

      Twist ah? I am not sure why u all think that way but if that is so then let it be! Thank u!

  7. Thankiewww so much for ur update sissy ????Abhi’s mom and dad lovely sissy ❤❤??awsm lovely cute update ❤❤????pragya s abhi’s fiancee ????cuteness overloaded???? abhi’s cute anger ????loved to the core sissy❤❤❤keep rocking eagerly waiting for ur nxt updateeeee❤❤????????

    1. Maya

      Thank u for so much cuteness in your comment! It makes me very happy sissy!

  8. Interesting yaar

    1. Maya

      Thank u Minu for finding it interesting!

    1. Maya

      Haha you are shocked ah? Thank u!

  9. Hi …I knew abi had no parents,so where did this come from.did pragiya lose her memory as well ?

    1. Maya

      I had replied to your doubt in the next update! Hope u read that!

  10. SavitaVidya

    hoo yeee Amazing. Dashing Dad! ;-*

    1. Maya

      Thank u Savita Vidya! Is there a shorter way to address u? Like Savita or Vidya?

  11. Both updates were ????????????????????? Brilliantly Brilliant…

    1. Maya

      Thank u for finding it as BB! Keep reading whenever u are free!

  12. Im his chasmish

    Wowwwwwwww pragya’s fiancé is abhi……. . Luv u didi

    1. Maya

      Thank u Karthiga! Luv u too sis!


    Oh maya dear.. i didn’t think that pragya is abhis fiancee.. I thought something different.. it was really nice twist… I really liked this.. I am reading all your updates without failure.. but not commenting like that… I will say it once again.. as till now.. from where.. that means.. from which I started to read your writing.. I have seen your writing style… but this ff is something really different from what you did till now.. I don’t why I think so.. but it’s really too good ff.. thanks a lot for always bringing something different

    1. Maya

      Glad that u liked this Haritha! It’s my pleasure u reading this without failure dr. You find this different in terms of writing….I am not sure may be it could be and I myself don’t know why is that so….Thank u for reading my writings…I am not sure whether if it’s different but if that is so then I am happy!

  14. Awesome?????? loved it❤️❤️❤️

    1. Maya

      Thank u so much Aliza!

  15. Nice one

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      Thank u Lucky!

  16. Great one.Advance diwali wishes dr?

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      Thank u Maha for the wishes and comment!

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      I am also excited to drip into your magical comments! Keep reading sia!

  18. LakshmiSiva

    Suga realy awesome epic Suga. U rocking. waiting for nxt one.

    1. Maya

      Thank u for feeling that I am rocking Lakshmi!

  19. Awesome episode yaar it’s really interesting eagerly waiting for next part…

    1. Maya

      Thank u Durga for finding it interesting!

  20. Lovely epi di….today’s epi was awesome..l really loved it..please keep writing…take u di..

    1. Maya

      Thank u Ashika sis for the lovely encouragement and take care! Love u too sis!

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