Sense of belonging to love (KKB) Chapter 13

Pragya “Do you remember me?” Abhi “How can I even forget you when you are always with me both in my heart and mind!” Pragya “How did you remember me?” Abhi “Does it matter now?” By saying that he pulled closer to him leaving no space between them. She was stunned by his move and she was lost in his eyes that showed passion and the senses that made her lose herself. Abhi “You are lost in me! But I am not lost in you!” Pragya “What you mean?” Abhi “I mean I am losing myself and you are the reason for it! I hate you for that!” With that words his grip was getting tighter which was getting painful to Pragya. Pragya “NO!!!!!!” She woke up from that dream by yelling a very big NO!!
Pragya, Oh no! What a scary dream was that? What if he knows the truth? Will he do like what he did in my dream? I am scared now but I don’t have a choice and if I never do this then how can I change him?

Abhi, I made her confused by my hug and then my fake fall. Yes! I did it once again! But what is the point? I am just making her confused with her feelings. But this is not what I want! I want to know who is she and how she knows about me! How to do that?

Pragya went shopping and came back to Abhi’s house. Abhi “Shopping ah?” Pragya “Ya! Can’t u see?” Abhi “What you bought?” Pragya “Of course clothes! And one more thing that I want to try on u!” Abhi with curious look “Try on me?” Pragya responded with excitement “Yes yes!” She took out it from the bag and Abhi was shocked seeing that. Abhi “Are u crazy?” Pragya “Since long time and please! please! let me try on you and I have no one to try this on!” Abhi pointing Pragya who was holding it “ You don’t have any other thing to buy rather than this?” Pragya “No yaar I never bought this! It was free gift and I just want to try on you!” Abhi “It’s not try but you are going to attack me with it! Boxing gloves is a free gift? What kind of shop is that?” Pragya “All that I don’t know but please let me try! Please! Please!” She was keep on nagging him with please and he had suddenly had an idea. Abhi “Ok stop your pleases! It’s not pleasing to hear pleases so many times!” Pragya “So can I try?” Abhi “Haan!” He came closer to Pragya making her lost in her senses. Pragya “ Not so close! One step backwards!” Abhi “Hmm looks like you are expert in this!”
Pragya smiled weirdly and said “Nothing like that…just….” Abhi “Ok start! Not so hard! Remember that I am not your punching bag!” Pragya nodded her head in response and punched Abhi’s stomach. He pretended to fall onto the ground!

Pragya, Am I that strong that I made him fall onto the ground? Abhi cried in pain and Pragya was shocked by that. Abhi “I will tell Purab that u are trying to kill me!” Pragya panicked and said “No! Listen and please don’t cry for this!” Abhi was keep on crying in pain and hearing that Robin came rushing to him. Abhi “ Robin! You see your di made me like this! I think I am going to die! Your boss is going to die! Who will pay you now?” Robin found it so dramatic of his boss and he was lost for words.
Pragya “Robin call the doctor!” Abhi, What doctor? No! Somehow manage it Abhi! Robin was about to leave and Abhi said “Pragya! Are u the boss or me? Robin give me your hands so that I can stand up!” Pragya “Wait! I also help you!” Abhi smiling inwardly was thinking, That’s what I want!
Both made him to stand up and Abhi place his hands around her shoulder. Abhi “Robin you bring ointment to my room and Pragya will help me bring to my room!” Pragya was getting tensed as his touch was making her lose her senses in all ways. Pragya, It can’t be like this! Is he acting? I just punched him lightly and he is reacting too much for it! Abhi purposely never left his hands around her shoulder all the way to his room. In between he was giving moans of pain which only irritated Pragya. Pragya opened the door and asked him to go inside his room to rest. Abhi “Why don’t u make me lie on the bed too?” Pragya “How can I?” Abhi with a pout “Friend! I am in pain! Please!” Pragya couldn’t deny and made him lie on the bed. Abhi “Thank you friend!” Pragya smiled hesitantly and was about to leave the room. Abhi “Friend! Ask Robin to come faster!” Pragya “Ok!” Pragya left the room thinking, why is he always calling her friend so many times.
Flashback ends

Abhi, Not enough Abhi! More is needed to know who is she! She is disturbing me day by day! She reminds me of my past….She reminds me of my memories…Memories that made me a man of love! Memories that meant life to me! Memories that magnified my life….Memories that made my moments of love….Memories that always made me mesmerized of my love…..Tanya!….Why does Pragya reminds me of her?
Pragya, I know Tanya was your past and I don’t know how much I can be your present but she is also a part of me which makes me come after you….not for your love but for your life! But I know that if I get your love then my life will be only filled with love. Will it happen?

Abhi hugged his pillow and looked at the direction of empty wall in his room as if there was something missing there……His missing memories of the person whom he loved crazily……

Abhi, I don’t know why I feel connected to Pragya just like Tanya! Why is this so? Am I just imagining? But then why did she told that lines that I have written for Tanya! Could it be a coincidence? How can coincidence be so exact to my past feelings? Now Pragya is my problem and solution for all my confusions! I need to find solution before it’s too late!
Abhi took out his diary (different from the one that Pragya had read in the earlier chapters). As he flipped each and every page, his drop of tears filled those pages…..Abhi, I don’t have the courage to read each and every page in detail….I don’t want to get lost in my past which was filled with lovely craziness…He closed the diary and kept it close to his chest.
Abhi, Whatever Pragya does reminds me of Tanya….Why?? I really want to know why is this so!!!
Pragya, I know I need to tell him why I am after him but….what if he gets mad on me after knowing the reason? Let me tell him when the right time comes and I hope before that nothing bad happens……Even if something bad happens I won’t leave him and that’s my untold promise to him…..It’s because he is my everything now…..

Pragya said softly by looking at his photo “You are my everything Abhi!”

Abhi felt as if Pragya calling him. Abhi, Why does she have to call me? I am just thinking too much and all about her! This is not at all right! I am scared I will lose myself and admit to her that I love her! I can’t and won’t let it happen at any cause….

Pragya, It’s not about losing my senses to him….It’s about losing myself to him…..

Abhi “Ma! You know Pragya?” Abhi’s Ma “Yes! I know her and not only me… your dad also knows her very well!” Abhi turned to face Pragya who was hiding her face using duppata. Abhi just walked off in anger towards his room.

Ok guys just remember this precap and I am really lost in so many assignments and I am not sure when I can update again! Diwali time but still I have loads of assignments to be done. So I can’t assure u all when I will be back. Will try to update a short one during weekend. I am badly missing reading ffs here but I have no choice as I always reach home late and end up doing assignments…..And to everyone who commented in previous updates! Thousand times Thank you! Bye and Take care! Hope u all liked this one! I already thought the ending for this so this is a more focused ff compared to the last 2 ffs which was like haywire! Thank god for that! Do let me know what do u all feel and if any doubts pls tell me too! I will try to reply u all either in updates or comment section. Advance Diwali wishes! Have a safe and fun-filled Diwali! Did I forget anything? Oh god! I wanted to tell something but I forgot again! Ok once I remember I will just state it in the comment section….

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