Sense of belonging to love (KKB) Chapter 12

Abhi, If she knows everything about me then why is she still after me? There must be a purpose for this! How can I know that? Hmm…Shall I ask her directly? No! Let her tell itself and now it’s my turn to make her confused! Yes I will make her confused to the extent that she will forget her craziness! Come on Abhi! Enough of being affected by her antics! Now it’s your turn to make her reveal why she is after me!

Abhi made his plans to make her confused and how will it happen? Let’s see!

Pragya was now cooking in the kitchen with Robin. Robin was her friend now and she always talks to him about all kinds of things although he never reply that much. Abhi, From when did she even start to use the kitchen and that too cooking with Robin! Does she even know that Robin is still unmarried? Why is she always hanging around with unmarried men? First it’s me and then now it’s Robin! Abhi! No don’t think like that, Robin is so young and he is like a brother to Pragya…Ya wait let me check what are they doing as her voice is so loud in laughter!

Abhi was shocked looking at Pragya pulling Robin’s cheek! Abhi yelled “What are you doing Pragya?” Pragya turned back and answered “Cooking!” Abhi “Ya cooking cheeks?” Pragya “How to cook cheeks? Are u out of your mind?” She said that by busily kneading the dough mixture. Abhi “Robin! You go to my room and get my phone!” Robin left from there and Pragya asked “Huh? He was helping me! How can u ask him to go now?” Abhi “Ya I saw that just now! You are playing around with him by pulling his cheeks!” Pragya thought to herself, so he is jealous….that’s sweet…let me make it spicy now! Pragya by then finished kneading the dough now faced him and said “What’s wrong in that? He had cute cheeks and I just felt like touching it! I even asked his permission and he said ok! Robin is so handsome and if he is a bit older then I would have…..” Abhi “Stop it! And don’t talk to me anymore about your feelings!” Abhi left from there with full of anger. Pragya was taken aback by his words. Pragya, He expect me not to talk to him anymore! How is that possible? Maybe I had just added too much spice just now….Now what do I do?

Abhi, Damn it! She is just making me…..never mind! I am not going to talk to her and that’s it!
Abhi now sat in the living area and was reading newspaper. He was filled with anger but at the same time he want to see what was her reaction to his anger. Pragya walked slowly from the kitchen with full of worry in her eyes. She looked towards him who was holding the newspaper and hiding his face. Pragya, He is so angry until he don’t even want to show his face and now what will I do without seeing his face?

Abhi was secretly looking at her through a hole in the newspaper. Abhi, So she is sad for my anger! That’s what I want and she deserve it! Wait! Where is she now? I just saw her standing there and then now she disappeared!
He quickly placed the newspaper down onto the table and looked around for her. Abhi, I was looking at her only then how did she vanish like this?
Abhi was now looking towards the kitchen and thought maybe she went back to the kitchen. He was walking towards the direction of kitchen and that’s when he heard her sound of bangles behind him. Abhi, She is just behind me! Why is she silent?

Abhi turned back to look at her and saw her holding a signboard saying PTTM! By Pragya….
Abhi, Huh? What now? Why she always make me to think what is her short forms?? I know ATM but what is this PTTM?
Pragya, Can he see what I wrote? And why does he have to wear shades at home? How would I know whether he can see? Let me move in front a bit….
Pragya moved in front a bit holding the signboard. She made sure the signboard is very near his face. Abhi “Are u going to hit me with this now? Move back!” Pragya moved back and was still holding the signboard that was covering her face. Abhi pulled it from her and threw it away. Pragya was shocked and was keep on looking at the signboard on the floor with her mouth widely opened.
Abhi “Close your mouth if not I will send the signboard inside it!” Pragya closed her mouth and looked at him. Abhi “What are u trying to do? Can’t u leave me alone in peace for a while?” Pragya “ May I talk?” Abhi “It’s not my pleasure but still u have to explain why u did all this just now!” Pragya “ You are the one who said don’t talk to me anymore and I just wrote asking u to talk to me for that! Why u can’t read that?” Abhi “ U wrote that? U just wrote PTTM and how would I know?” Pragya “Please Talk To Me! That is PTTM!” Abhi looked at her, unable to control his laughter he just hugged her. Abhi “You are so funny! Whatever it is PTTM! Ok?” Pragya was lost for words and she was just standing still while he was still hugging her. He broke the hug and said “Hey friend! Let me go and freshen up and then we would have lunch together. By the way Purab said he would come on skype today!” Pragya was still standing motionless and Abhi just walked passed her.

Abhi, Yes! She is confused with my hug! And that’s what I want but she is too adorable when she is confused!
Pragya, What happened just now? Did he hug me? I thought he never hugs anyone and suddenly how did it happen? It was a nice hug but how can he just hug like this? He could have told me right before hugging! Now what do I do?
She looked at the signboard on the floor and kicked it. Pragya, It’s all because of this! I hate you!

Pragya punched Abhi’s stomach and he pretended to fall onto the ground! Pragya, Am I that strong that I made him fall onto the ground? Abhi cried in pain and Pragya was shocked by that. Abhi “I will tell Purab that u are trying to kill me!” Pragya panicked and said “No! Listen and please don’t cry for this!”

How was this? If it’s crazy then more is on the way, if it’s lame then I have to think of something else….Thank u everyone for reading and enjoying it! Glad to see silent readers commenting! I would love to reply everyone like how I used to do from the start. Hope I can do that once I am free from projects and tests! Thank u all again and take care! Bye and see u all in next update! I know it’s a late update but can’t help it as I have a test on Monday!

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