Sense of belonging to love (KKB) Chapter 11

Thank u everyone for reading and supporting! Thank u to both silent and non silent readers….Surprise is here with a secret revealed in this update! Maybe this update could be boring too! So read it at your own risk!
The next day
Abhi woke up and he knew she is still staying in his house as he heard someone’s footsteps towards the guest room at night. He did check who was that and saw her in his guest room.
Abhi, I wonder what is this 2 Ps (Pragya and Purab) are trying to do? Whatever it is I have to talk to both of them today! Pragya and Purab! Did they just decide to be together just because both their names start with letter P?
Abhi with that thoughts went to take a bath and saw his room. Abhi, The room is still in a mess. Let me go and call Robin to clean this up!
He went to the kitchen where Robin was and asked him to clean his room later when he leave the house and also informed him that make sure his mobile phone is in general mode as he don’t like shouting aloud to call him.
Abhi went back to his room and was shocked to see Pragya waiting for him with a rose. Abhi, Oh no! Now what she is trying to do?
He walked nervously towards her. Pragya now was smiling and blushing at the same time. Abhi “Why are u here?” Pragya with stammering said “I…am…as in You…for…you….Pro…” Before she could finish Abhi interrupted “ Program! Yes I have a program now and bye Pragya! I will talk to u and Purab later!” By saying that he left his room by almost running away from there.
Pragya, What is this? Program? It’s Propose! I want to propose him! Pragya! You are also stammering at this moment! I wanted to propose him with this rose but he just ran away! Now what can I do?
Abhi, Great Escape! If not her proposal would have made me a puppet! First she said she wants to express her feelings to me in restaurant…then she said Purab is her fiancé and now she wants to say she is proposing me! What is this? So confusing! Let me call Purab now! Only he can clear my confusions….
He called Purab “ Purab! Is Pragya your fiancé?” Purab “Haan Abhi and she is there right? I ask her to stay there for few weeks! I never inform her that it’s your house….She is alone and I also don’t have anyone so please take care of her. I will be back after few weeks as I am going to London for some business matters”. Abhi “ Ok but how did all this happen so fast? As in one day you had made her fiancé? And does she love you?” Purab “No she never loves me and that is a long story Abhi! I will tell you once I come back! Until then take care of her!” Before Abhi could ask further Purab had ended the call.
Abhi, Huh? So he knows that Pragya doesn’t love him and still he wants to marry her! Does he know she loves me? I think he doesn’t and that’s why he didn’t mind her staying at my house….It’s getting very complicated now because of her craziness. Now I have to check what she is doing at my room!

Abhi wanted to see what she was doing in her room so he stayed outside the room and hide behind the door to look at her secretly.
Pragya with the rose she was holding, touched Abhi’s wall size photo and started to say the following lines in a pleasing way…..
Do you know my love is you?
Do you know my life is you?
Do you know my love starts with your life?
Do you know my eyes have love for you?
Do you know that I know your life is love?
Abhi hearing that was shocked. It means she knows everything about me! How is this possible? This lines are what I have written long time back. It means she is after me knowing everything about me. Abhi walked away from there in shock and while walking he told himself, Do you know I wish to keep you as the rose in my heart? But I can’t and I won’t.
Abhi went inside a dark room in the house and took some photos and remembered what he said before, Look at my eyes which only tells the ways to sense and feel you……It never tells lies as it only lies on you and your truth of life……
Abhi threw away the photos and cried to himself by thinking, Truth of life! There is nothing like that and everything is fake! Whatever I felt and sensed was all my imagination. I shouldn’t have thought too much about her at that time. Now I am slowly feeling the same way for Pragya! How can I make the same mistake again and again? Where is my control of life? Why am I like this?

Pragya still in his room looking at his picture, I know you are still lost in your own sense of belonging towards her. I am only here to clear your lost feelings….But I myself never knew that I will be lost in your feelings….I really feel you make me lost in my feelings for you…..I don’t know why it happens to me like this when you are near me. I turn crazy for you….I lose my senses for you….I lose my comtrol….I know all this is the side effect of love….But does love belongs to me? Does your love belong to me? I am not sure what belongs to me until now…..Hope I know that soon…..

Abhi, I can’t let this happen! I love her but I won’t tell her! Things will get worse if I accept her love and I have already enough of my lost feelings for the person I lost completely in my life. Life was love for me but now Love is not in my life and I will do anything to make sure love is away from my life!

Pragya showing a signboard to Abhi saying PTTM! Abhi, What now? Why she always make me to think what is her short forms?? I know ATM but what is this PTTM?

So the surprise I was referring to was both do love each other! But what is Abhi’s past that makes him lost and Pragya trying to make him clear from that? How did Pragya know of his past and how she is involved in that? Please Wait for the upcoming updates to know all this!

Now it’s appreciation time:
I would like to thank and appreciate other ffs writers for making my mind stress free. Let me do this first now. Surbhi! As always all your updates are high in scenes, emotions, and masti! I love it to the core and I don’t have words to appreciate it. Srimathi! You are always special in the description of emotions! Saranya sis! Reaching 60 and advance wishes for that and always giving fantastic episodes! Vaishali sis! Take care and eat more fruits and vegetables to increase your immune system against fever! And your update was beautiful as the title with increasing my eagerness in what will happen next. Ani sis! Fantasy story writer! Keep rocking! Suhani sis! How dare u said we will be sad for your comeback. That’s hurting when your writings are interesting! Asmitha sis! Your writing is filled with awesomeness! Krishnani! I have never really commented that much in your ff but it’s absolutely awesome! Haritha! Interesting stories always with suspense which is very interesting. Princess Krisha! Where are u? Princess Madhu! Where are u too? Hope to see both of your writings soon. If both of u all are busy then concentrate on your work first, all of us will wait for your arrival! After all work is more important…..Prathi! Missing your One shots badly as it always flies me off to some stress free world! Trisha! Keep rocking with rocking updates as they are always very awesome! Ok I think these are the ff writers who made me feel wonderful through their writings! Thank u all! And keep rocking!
Ok I think I used the word awesome so many times haha but it’s really awesome is the word that I want to express what I felt while reading the ffs!

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