Sense of belonging to love (KKB) Chapter 10

Pragya, He fainted? That too by seeing me? I thought he likes white colour as he mentioned in the diary but he fainted as if he saw a ghost!
She went near to him where he fainted and was lying on the floor. Pragya made him lie on her lap. Pragya caressed his face and thought, how cute he looks! Stop Pragya you should wake him up first! Always admiring him and even in this time!
Pragya gently placed him on the floor and went to the kitchen to bring water. She came back and sprinkled on his face and still there was no response from him. Pragya, what is this? Am I that scary that he is still unconscious? I took about 3 hours to get ready just for him! Even Robin said I am looking pretty as an angel! But this man still fainted by seeing me….Where is this Robin? Why is he taking so long to place his things in the room? But now what do I do? She came closer and thought why not I kiss him? Yes I have seen in some movie when the hero kisses heroine then she wakes up! Here it is just the opposite way but it’s ok…..

Pragya moved closer to him and she was about to kiss and then moved back again. Pragya, Where do I kiss? His lips! Oh no! What if he gets mad at me after knowing that I kissed his lips. Let me think first on where to kiss….Lips or cheek? Cheeks first as it’s the safest and if still there is no response then I shall do it on his lips. She slowly moved closer to him and made him to lie on her lap and kissed his cheeks. Pragya, Huh? Still no response? Is he sleeping? So now I try on his lips! Oh God please save my LF!

She now positioned herself such that she can kiss his lips without moving him from her lap. Abhi just then opened his eyes when she was closing her eyes and coming close to him to kiss his lips! Abhi yelled “What are u doing?” Pragya was taken aback and he quickly moved from her lap and looked at her in shock. Pragya “ Are u ok? I was helping you…You know u fainted and I even sprinkled water on your face. But u never responded and I tried the movie method of waking u up!” Abhi “Movie method?” Pragya “Haan it is where the hero will kiss heroine when she is unconscious….” Abhi “So u kissed me!” Pragya “Yes! On your cheek and was about to kiss on your….” Abhi “Lips!” Pragya childishly nodded her head in response. Abhi “Stand up!” Pragya stood up and he was also now standing up looking at her. Abhi “Leave all this as I seriously don’t have anything to talk about this! How did u come here?” Pragya “ Oh I came to see my fiancé who is your friend too….” Abhi was now even more confused hearing that. Abhi “My friend and he is your fiancé? Who is that?” Pragya “Purab!” Abhi “What? Purab is your fiancé? How is that possible? And when did this happen?” Pragya “Yesterday!” Abhi “Huh? You are making me totally confused…I just talked to him earlier and he never told me anything!” Pragya “He also never told me anything that this is your house….” Abhi “And u still kissed me despite being his fiancé?” Pragya “It’s just a kiss na…I just thought that I kissed my baby…” Abhi “Baby? Do I even look like a baby to u? Which baby is so tall?” Pragya “AB! Abhi Baby is like that!” Abhi “I am going to slap u before u blabber something else….I am leaving to my room now!” Pragya gave a sad pout face and said softly “Sorry baby…I won’t talk anymore…” She turned back not facing him. Abhi now did not know whether to laugh or being angry with her….

Abhi, What is she trying to do? Is she really telling the truth? Purab is engaged to her? When did this happen? What is this craziness of her? I really don’t know what is going to happen now!
Pragya, I lost my senses again when he is around me and how do I tell him now that I am here for him? He will not accept it as he does not belong to me. I feel I only belong to him but his sense of belonging is towards something else that I can’t reach out to. Pragya was still standing there and Abhi moved up the steps and looked her from the top. Abhi, How long is she going to stand like this? Never mind let her do what she wants…If I tell her something then she will do something crazy again.
Pragya, What will happen tomorrow? I also don’t know but before he gets mad at me I have to tell him the truth of his sense of belonging. Will I be able to tell that? I am not sure……..

Look at my eyes which only tells the ways to sense and feel you……It never tells lies as it only lies on you and your truth of life……

I can only upload this one for the time being and the other ff has slipped into underproduction now. It will need some time for the production and manufacture of ideas. Hope u all can understand as my brain is always facing this problem.This is what happens to an engineering student who studies and thinks about production and manufacture of pharmaceuticals and end up waiting for production and manufacture of ideas too.

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  1. What kind of twist yar this..pragya is purab finacee it lie or true…any way pragya feelinj is superb i lyk abi cute jealous..

    1. Maya

      Thank u Rajesh! Truth or lie, it lies in the nxt update. Pls wait for that!

  2. Reshma_Pradeep

    It’s soooooooo CUTEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!Loved it!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Maya

      Thank u Reshu for loving it!

  3. Hahaaaa so funny maya sissy production, manufacture….. i too faced this during my engg ???lovely abhigya ❤❤????pragya’s antics??keep rocking eagerly waiting for ur nxt update sissy ????❤❤??

    1. Maya

      Thank u Mokshi sis for enjoying it! Haha u too faced it! So its a universal problem, i thought it only happens to me!

    1. Maya

      Thank u Lucky!

  4. Lovely episode???. Pragya’s movie method was just????? waiting for ur next update

  5. Saranya24

    ??semma akka i jst loved it muuaahh?????

  6. Asmithaa

    superb.. i dont know dii from where do u get this lines…

  7. B_Ani

    very nyc. sorry for the late cmnt and i didnt cmnt on the previous one too. sorry.
    i loved it. pragya is so childish and innocent yaar. i love it. is pragya really engaged to purab or not? if not how come she knew purab and that he is staying with abhi?

  8. Lol pragya’s movie method?? its like sleeping beauty but in this its sleeping AB ??? awesome episode!

  9. It’s really soooooooooooooooooo cute pragya n sooooooo cute n crazy pragya…

  10. Its soooo cute maya dhi..waiting for next

  11. Wonderful update di…loved it to the core…pragya is so cute…l really loved today’s epi….really awsome……take care di…love u…keep writing…

  12. Mukundraj

    really nice

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