Selfless – Swasan ff (Few Shots) 9


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“Ahh, the lovely couple is here to pick me up. I am honored.” Swara teased them to which Ragini blushed and Laksh slapped her forehead. They all were catching up with what happened in these two months and they noticed that Swara was missing something and she was lost in some thoughts.
“What happened, Swara? Where are you lost?” Laksh asked her worriedly but she said nothing and smiled.
They all reached Jaipur and Laksh was getting her luggage outside of the car when she noticed Sanskar working with a decorator. He was looking like he was yelling at the decorator for doing something wrong. She saw him wearing a white kurta and he was looking insanely hot and handsome. She could not control herself to go to him and just kiss the hell out of him. But when he looked at her from far, his eyes lit and he smiled genuinely. Right then, she realized that she was heads over heels in love with him. The world spun around her and now, everything was clear. How come she realized it so late? He came running to her and hugged her. Laksh and Ragini smiled seeing Sanskar so desperate to feel her against him. They both joined in the hug and all laughed. Swara did not want to break the hug but this time, Sanskar broke the hug. He could not control himself not touching Swara but if he stayed one more second there, he would kiss her right there in front of everyone. He turned towards Laksh and asked him to help him with the decorator.

“Ragini, I am going to steal your Laksh for an hour. This is his marriage and he is enjoying whereas I am tensed with all the responsibilities.” Sanskar dragged Laksh from there and he was whining. Swara just stared at Sanskar until he disappeared form her view and found Ragini noticing her.
She quickly turned her gaze and smiled. “Ragini, I am tired and exhausted. Please get me to my room so that I can take shower and look good for tonight’s function.” Ragini laughed and took her to her room. “Where are your rooms? So that I can barge in anytime I want.” Swara and Ragini laughed.

“Well this is my room and Laksh’s room is right beside me. You have no idea how hard it was to convince our parents, Laksh literally fought with all of them for this room. You should have been here to see all this.” They both laughed and walked ahead. Right beside his room, this is Sanskar’s room.” And hearing his name, Swara’s breath got caught in her lungs and she realized that she held her breath until they did not pass his room. “And finally, this is your room. Right in front of Sanskar’s and so close to mine.” Ragini got her to her room and left her to settle in. After closing the door, she laid on the bed and started crying.

“I am so stupid, why the hell am I crying? God, I love him and of course that’s why I am crying. He doesn’t even love me and today, he was so indifferent when I got here. I hate this that he will be right in front of me for a month. I couldn’t control myself today then how will I do it for the rest of the month.” She cried more and more. “I am an idiot. I should control myself or else I will be in big trouble. I can’t disappoint my parents and if I tell him about my feelings, he, being the kindest person, will accept me by pitying on me. Swara, you should stop thinking about him and just put up a smile and get through this one month.” She took a deep sigh and went to take a shower. She changed in a simple suit and got outside. She did not know where to go so she just roamed in the palace. The beauty of the palace astonished her that she didn’t even realize that she was lost.
“Good job, Swara. It hasn’t even been an hour and you are already lost.” She turned around and when she saw Sanskar passing out from the hallway, she called out to him. After hearing her voice, he stopped taking in the sweetness of her voice. He missed her like hell in these 2 months. He turned around and saw her in the suit looking so beautiful and her hair was still wet. He just took a sad sigh and put on his best smile.

“What are you doing here?” Sanskar asked her shocked.
“I am stupid and now I am lost.” Swara stopped right in front of him trying to make her breath back to normal.
“Let’s go then. Even I have to change into something decent. Literally, I am wearing this kurta since morning.” Sanskar started walking and Swara caught hold of his arm. He looked at her confusingly but started walking when he realized that she just did this out of her habit. She wanted to touch him so badly but she didn’t want him to know it. So, she put her arm around his elbow and started noticing the paintings.

“It is so pretty, isn’t it?” Swara was in awe and Sanskar couldn’t help but steal some moments to stare at her face.
“It is. So how is your job going?” Sanskar asked her.
“I love it. I made so many friends and they all are so nice.” Swara said but quickly added, “But I miss all you guys.” They both looked at each other but Sanskar was the first one to break the eye lock. “How is yours going?”
“It’s okay. The hours are insane but I am keeping up.” Sanskar shrugged her shoulders and they both got to their rooms.
“Here you go.” Sanskar said and smiled. He turned around to go to his room but Swara was still standing there staring at the door, which Sanskar just closed.

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