Selfless – Swasan ff (Few Shots) 8


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Both Laksh and Ragini were sad but they did not do anything.
“Laksh, I can’t see them like this anymore. I can assure you that Swara loves him but she is just confused and then her parents. The last thing she wants is to upset her parents.” Ragini said resting on his shoulder.
“Yeah, I know. I saw love in her eyes for him the day it all happened. Maybe this separation will make her realize how much she loves him.” Laksh said entwining their fingers together.

“If that happens, maybe we can get them together during our wedding. And we will also help her parents understand.” Ragini looked at him and they both kissed each other. He picked her up in the bridal style and took her to her dorm. “Laksh, what are you doing? Put me down, anyone will see.” He just smiled and opened the door. As soon as he closed the door, he kissed her hard. And they were on bed making love to each other in no time.

After the s*x, he said, “I can’t believe that we are going to get married.”
“I know, me too. I love you so much, Laksh.” Ragini said and kissed him again.
“I love you too.” Laksh said and they both fell asleep in each others’ arms.
After an hour, Ragini woke up and saw his love sleeping with a smile. And then she looked at the time, she got shocked.
“oh shit, Laksh get up.” Ragini shook him.
“Ragini, stop it.” Laksh said and pulled her more close.
“If you want to miss your flight, then I am more than happy to sleep.” Ragini sarcastically said but Laksh got up all of a sudden.

“Ragini, you just saved my life. Thanks, love. I gotta go now.” Laksh got ready and bid her bye with a peck on her lips. She smiled and went to sleep again. Her flight was the next morning so she had time.
Leap of 2 months,
In between these two months, Swara and Sanskar were going to their work but it was dull. They both missed each other like hell. They didn’t contact each other at all in these two months. Swara still wasn’t sure of her feelings but she surely was feeling something that she didn’t want to. She got a call from Ragini and picked it up in no time.

“Hey, Ragini. What’s up?” Swara asked her.
“Well, you should go and ask your boss to give you a leave of a month because I am getting married in 25 days and you have to be here for every function. After all, you are my maid of honor.” Ragini said and Swara screamed out of her lungs. Her bestie was getting married.
“Ok bye, now. I am going to ask him right now and I am booking the first flight tomorrow morning to India.” Swara said excitedly. She was so happy that she is going to India and it is going to be a destination wedding in Jaipur. She got a leave for a month and now she was packing her clothes fast.
“Mom, where are you? Help me with this stupid packing.” Swara yelled and her mom came in fast putting fingers in her ears.

“Stop yelling, Swara. And learn to do packing, what will you do when you go to your in-laws and you have to do packing without my help?” Sumi said and shook her head but Swara got sad and thought of Sanskar. Wait, why is she thinking of Sanskar on the name of marriage? She shook her head and did her packing.
She was standing on the airport excited to see Ragini and Laksh who were coming to pick her up. She was also feeling nervous to see Sanskar as she heard that he reached a day before her. She saw Ragini running towards her and they both hugged so tight. Swara noticed Laksh just behind her and she hugged him tight too. She missed them so much in these two months.

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