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Alright guys, I know that you are not liking the plot and I am really sorry for that. But I wrote the whole thing already and I really cannot change it. I am sorry again and I hope that you guys forgive me for this. Just keep reading and comment….

“You have no idea how much I am regretting every second. It is hurting me more than her. How can I love her so much? It is like I am drowning in water without a life jacket? And she is the only life savor that can pull me out but she won’t.” Sanskar said and Laksh could see how much he was hurt. Laksh was so angry that he did not even hear Sanskar’s side of story. Tonight, when Ragini told him. He was ready to break their relationship but before he could do anything, she made him understand and he finally could see everything clearly. She also reminded him when he did something like this. Well, Ragini was in relationship with someone else but when she broke off, Laksh was there with her. She had his shoulder to cry upon and when he kissed her. That mere kiss turned into a wild one and then they were making love to each other. But when Laksh saw Ragini talking with her ex, he assumed that they got back so he pretended that he was on call with one of the girls who was dying over him. But in reality, Ragini was ending things with her ex so that she and Laksh can be together and he completely misunderstood her. Thank god, he didn’t do anything stupid with that girl or it would be impossible for him to convince Ragini.

He could see himself in Sanskar’s shoes so he said, “I am really sorry, bro. But now, we have to convince Swara so that you guys can be together.” Sanskar could see that he was already planning something so he interrupted his thoughts.
“No, we are not doing anything like that. Remember, her parents will never agree with our relationship and you know how much she loves her parents. If somehow she started loving me, it will be really hard for her to choose between her parents and me. And I don’t want to put her in any of these situations.” Sanskar said and went back to fill out the application.
Laksh was in awe and thinking how much he loves Swara. He has to do something but then he knew that he’s right. So, instead he said, “Ok as you wish. But will you be okay?” Laksh asked to confirm.
“Yeah, I will be fine. She is already leaving next week so I just have to be away from her for the next 2 days. And then we both will leave on our own ways. I can’t believe that I love her and I can’t be with her.” Sanskar said and looked at Laksh. Laksh hugged him and said, “You’ll be fine.”
“Hmm. By the way, congratulations. When am I hearing wedding bells?” Sanskar said and smacked his arm.

Laksh scratched his head and said that they told their parents and now, they are finding a date for their wedding. Sanskar was very happy for his best friend but then wandered why couldn’t Swara’s parents was like their parents? And then he shoved that thought away and went back to his work.
“Well, you are going to be the best man for my wedding so you will get the first invitation of my wedding?” Laksh said casually but he could see Sanskar’s wide eyes. “Now, don’t go mushy over me. I thought you knew that you will be my best man.”
“I am honored, thanks man.” Sanskar said. He was truly happy that Laksh made him his best man.
“Let’s go for drinks.” Laksh said but the Sanskar said, “Are you sure? Ragini just said yes to you, you sure you want to break your engagement in an hour?” Sanskar teased him.
“Oh shut up. She won’t mind, at least I hope not.” They both left to have drinks whereas Swara and Ragini were enjoying their night by planning their wedding.
“Would you be my maid of honor?” Ragini asked when they were selecting bridesmaids’ dresses.
“Urrggghh, yes, of course. Oh my god, I am going to be your maid of honor. Awe, thanks Ragini.” Swara hugged Ragini, she was so happy and Ragini chuckled.
“Oh my god, I have so much work to do then. I have to plan Bridal shower for you then.” Swara got worried of all the planning that she will have to do. “You have to tell me the second you get news for the wedding date so I have some time for planning.”
Ragini was so happy that Swara was excited for her. “I will, now you go to sleep.”
These two days went really fast and Swara bid bye to all of them. Sanskar was holding his breath while biding her goodbye. He did not want her to leave but he had no choice. After she left, he went to his room and packed his bags too. He was going for a two-day vacation to clear his mind so that he can concentrate on his job after he comes back. He also bid bye to Ragini and Laksh and went to Porto Rico for the vacation.

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  1. Deeksha gupta

    Awsm…. n who said we r nt likingvd concept ?

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  3. No dear its nyc, every person have have their own way to deal with things,
    Coming to swara she was just having s*xual pleasure from sanky and she herslf was confied her limits, this was completely give and take relationship from her side, so why only blame sanky or only swara

  4. Nice dear update soon and please blossom love between swasan

  5. Loving this story sont you dare to say that we are not liking it ??☺☺

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  7. Awesome ?

  8. Mica

    Sanya.. if we are blabbering something regarding to story, it doesn’t mean that we don’t like it, we love to analysis the story or the role itself, in the serial even we love to talk about Swara/ragini/sanlak or whatever the role’s action than cvs rite ?..
    back to story.. oh God, this stupid Laksh, how can he compare his situation to Sanskar’s cheat..uuugghhh, really i hate him to the core, more than my hatred to Sanskar now..

  9. Mahjabeen

    Awesome dear??

  10. Niku

    It’s awesome…..n yeah we r liking it …..
    C?? I comment na….??
    Don’t underestimate ….kk dear

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    Awwwww sanskar u are tooo innocent
    Hope destiny unites u both

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