Selfless – Swasan ff (Few Shots) 6

I am really sorry guys if I am disappointing you with the story line but just bare with me. Anyway, thank you so much for all your comments, it really means a lot to me. Please keep commenting and here we go with the next shot…

“Ooppss.” Swara said and hide behind the wall. He was controlling himself but then he couldn’t. It was paining him not allowed to touch her or not to f**k her when all his dick wanted to be inside her and hear her sweet and loud moans. How her nails pinched his back whenever he thrust inside her harshly. Oh God, he shoved those thoughts away and concentrated on Ragini and Laksh. The last thing he wanted was to break their relationship and he could sense that they were fighting over him. Suddenly, Swara looked behind and seeing him so close, he swears that he saw desire in her eyes. He was sure that the same thoughts were going inside her head and he was right. Swara wanted to make love to him again but then stopped herself, cleared her throat and said, “They are not fighting anymore.” He looked behind her and she was right, they both were smiling and Laksh was saying something to her. Now it was sure that they were not talking about him or else Laksh wouldn’t be smiling. They both were getting tired so he asked the waiter for the table. They both sat a little far from them and watched them closely.

“Will you marry me, Ragini?” Suddenly Laksh got up and asked Ragini. She was overwhelmed by his loud proposal but then she knew, that he wasn’t good with the cheesy lines ever. She was so happy that she couldn’t even form a yes from her mouth. She just nodded and he took the ring out. She was shocked with a beautiful ring and she hugged him. He slid the ring on her finger and then kissed her long and passionate.

Sanskar saw Swara sighing dreamily all happy and then, he got sad and angry on himself. All he wanted to do right now kiss her and then be inside her so to tell her how much he loves her. Why did he fall for her so hard?
Laksh and Ragini started to eat their dinner and talking happily. So Swara took this as a sign and said that they should go. They both were on their way back and he could sense how happy she was. How could someone be so selfless? She was being so happy with her best friends’ engagement that she forgot her worries. She was truly a gem and whoever will marry her will be the happiest person. He wanted so bad to be that person but he did not deserve her.

“You want to go and grab something to eat on the way. It is already dinner time.” Sanskar said hoping for a yes.
“Yes, please. I am starving.” Swara was smiling and looked at her phone. What’s wrong with her? How come she is so casual with him like nothing happened? He wanted to shake her up and ask her that she never felt anything like he did with her? But he didn’t, as he didn’t want to loose their friendship. This life sucks.
They went to Chipotle and ate their dinner. Then, they left from there so that they can be home before Ragini and Laksh.

Sanskar was resting on his bed trying to fill out some of the important papers for his job. Should he do it? The hospital he was going to work in is like half an hour away form Swara’s, how will he stop himself to see her everyday? This is never going to work. When suddenly Laksh came in and walked towards him. Sanskar got a little scared as that punch was so hard that he still can feel the pain.
“Look Laksh, I am really sorr…” Sanskar tried to say something so that Laksh stops in his way when he got the biggest shock. Laksh hugged him and apologized.
“Sorry, dude.” Laksh said but Sanskar couldn’t hear anything. Wait, what the f**k?
“Laksh?” Sanskar was unsure of what was going on in Laksh’s mind. “Look, dude if this is some kind of a joke then it is not funny.”

Laksh smacked his arm and said, “Ragini told me everything and she made me understand what you are going through. Seriously, you are worse than me. Why would you do like that? Be a man and solve everything like a man.” Laksh laughed and sat on his bed.
“What the f**k, dude?” Sanskar threw a punch on his back.

“What? You love her and now you are afraid that your pretty little heart will break if you hear a no from her. And that’s why you did that act. By the way, how did you get this stupid idea in your mind? Like seriously, dude.” Laksh laughed really hard.
“Yeah, the same way you were scared when you proposed Ragini today. What if she said no today? Then what?” Sanskar asked by raising his eyebrows and Laksh stopped laughing. He knew he was right but still, he didn’t pull this stunt like Sanskar did.
“Sorry, dude but still why did you do that?” Laksh was serious and Sanskar sat down and passed his hand through his hair.

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  1. Deeksha gupta

    Awsm ….witing fr nxt …

  2. Nice part

  3. Vyshu10


  4. Mica

    aahhh i hate Laksh, why he is soo easy to forgive Sanskar and justified what he did..huh!
    whatever turmoil inside Sanskar’s heart, cheated Swara still unacceptable, no matter what!
    He said that he deeply in love to Swara, but somehow he still able to flirt to other woman ? he even didn’t drunk those time. what kind of love he has ?
    Sanskar doesn’t know word “faithful”
    we can’t say that they didn’t in any relationship..even if it’s just about physical relationship (f**king buddy) .it’s still a relationship, the deal was, there isn’t emotion involve.
    but still, it’s need a trust and faith,
    Laksh, you disappointed me, really!!!

    1. Mica

      and Laksh think that Sanskar was right ? being afraid to propose his lady love but cheating on her..gooosshhhhh.. what is this !!!!

      1. Arshaanya

        I totally agree wid u mica…
        In last chappy ragini was lyk dis n here laksh… i didn’t expctd dis from him…
        How easily they r taking dis thing…
        He was angry so he was going to f*ck kavita… dey were naked… idun knw y evryone r frgvng him so easily… wenevr he wil get angry he wil do d same… huh not liking it..
        Sorry sanya if i hurt u bt cnt see sanskar frgvn so easily

      2. Mica

        Arshuuuu…. ha.. you are rite…how if it is happen next time ? whenever he angry on Swara, he so easily cheat her.. uh god!..
        about Ragini.. i can’t blame her fully, she is Sanskar best friend, and she still said that she can’t forgive him, she just try to set everything rite, according to her.
        but 1 question, if only, it is Laksh who cheating, does she will forgive him too ?

        sorry too to Sanya, but i disappointed to Laksh, not to the author 😀 😀
        i will let the author with her fabulous idea, here i can curse the role… YAY!

  5. nice..continue

  6. Simi


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  8. Simin

    Hmm sanskar has a reason

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