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Thank you guys for all the beautiful comments and I hope you guys are liking this ff. I know that you guys are probably angry at me for justifying Sanskar’s attitude but I don’t know I just went with the flow. I am sorry!!! Here we go with the next update

The next day,
“You got to propose her. Yesterday, I kept you busy with my problems but today I am not going to come in between you and Ragini.” Swara said angrily. He was being so stubborn that she wanted to kill him.
“Are you insane? It is not the right time to propose her.” Laksh said and started walking again.
Swara ran to meet his pace and said, “Please, the semester will be over and then, imagine if she finds someone else other than you.” Swara said trying to push the buttons she knew that would convince him.
“No way, she cannot find anyone else.” Laksh said but then not sure about this. He turned to face Swara and raised his eyebrows, “Will she?”
Swara shrugged her shoulders trying to suppress her smile, “It is possible. When Sanskar can do this, then why can’t she?” Soon the sad thoughts consumed her and she got sad. Laksh got angry and put his hands on her shoulder.
“Are you okay?” He asked and she tried to smile again.
“Of course, I am idiot. So now, are you going to propose her or not?” Swara asked trying to change the topic. Truth be told, she was not okay at all. But the thing that she was more confused with how much it was hurting her. She did not love him than why is it hurting her so much? Or does she love him. She was confused and the pain was killing her.
“Okay, I will but what about you? You have to help me.” Laksh said and got excited.
“YASS, I am in.” Swara jumped and hugged him tight. They both laughed and went to make this night special for Ragini.
After sometime,
“Ragini, wear this for today’s date of yours with Laksh.” She held up a beautiful black dress but Ragini was not in a mood to go to a date after all this.
“No, Swara. I am comfortable in this dress only. Why the hell are you getting excited, it is not like this is my first date with him?” Ragini put her hands on her hips and suspiciously asked her.
“Just wear this and get to the car. He is probably waiting for you. And my lips are sealed so I cannot tell you.” Swara said excitedly and left the room. Ragini got ready in the dress and went downstairs.

She saw Laksh wearing all formals and he held out a rose for her. She took it and smiled confusingly. Then he held the door of the car for her and he drove away. Swara sighed in excitement and decided to see with her own eyes what is going to happen. But how? The first thought came to her mind to go ask Sanskar if he wants to go with her but then she quickly shoved it in the back of her head. After a while, she found herself outside his door thinking whether to knock the door or just barge in like she did when she got the biggest surprise. Then she decided to just knock the door to be on the safe side. She was about to knock the door when Sanskar quickly opened the door calling her name. She was confused about how he knows that she is here but then kept the thought aside. He was so happy to see her but then got sad.
“Let’s go.” Swara pulled his arm and started walking.
“But where?” Sanskar asked her and she told him everything. He too got excited but then he saw he was wearing a gym shirt and shorts. She was getting intimidated with his strong muscled and his well-toned chest. But she controlled herself thinking about betrayal.
They both got in his car and drove off. It was an awkward silence but Sanskar broke it and said, “Swara, actually…”
“Sanskar, we cannot forget the fact that first, you are my friend. You cheated on your girlfriend not on your friend so now we are friends. I am trying really hard to preserve our friendship, just bare with me.” Swara said smilingly but she knew that it was all a lie. She was hurting deep inside.
“Thank you, Swara.” Sanskar tried to smile but nothing came out. He was angry on her that how could she just move on. It means that she does not have any feelings toward him. But then he thought it was for the best. They reached the restaurant and looked at how Laksh and Ragini were fighting like kids. Swara decided to go and stop their fight but then, Sanskar held her hand and stopped her.
“Where you going?” Sanskar said.
“To stop their fight, you idiot.” Swara said confidently.
“You are an idiot. What will you tell them that you are following them?” Sanskar said and then, she stuck out her tongue. He swears that his dick just responded to her this act of seduction and the worst part is she didn’t even know what she was doing to him. He wanted to take her down right now and make love to her but he knew that he couldn’t scare her away now.

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  1. Deeksha gupta

    Awsm …

  2. Mica

    waaa… i love this kinda misunderstanding..
    well, they both (mostly Swara) try to stick with her own rule, but she even doesn’t understand that everything is change….
    and Sanskar, his misunderstanding thought lead him to hell.. oh god

  3. Arshaanya

    Not happening for me…
    How can u show dem dis normal specially swara aftr wat all hpnd??
    U r justifyng sanskarz doings ???
    Sorry if i hurt u bt i didn’t expctd dis will hpn in ur story… actly i cnt digest dis fact how easily swara frgt evrythng n bhvng lyk dis

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    Awesome yarr loved it

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    Hmmm confused about feelings

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