Selfless – Swasan ff (Few Shots) 4

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On the other side, Ragini was trying to calm Laksh up but he could not. He was so damn angry that he yelled at Ragini, “Just shut up, Ragini. Not everything is perfect and shiny that you think it is. Stop with your positive thoughts and leave me alone.” The last thing he wanted was no to yell at his love but he did and now he was feeling sorry by seeing tears in Ragini’s eyes. Didn’t he love this thing about her that how positive she is even in the worst conditions? But now he just took out Sanskar’s anger on his love. He quickly hugged her and Ragini wiped her tears. She knew that something was bothering him and she was not angry at him for yelling at her. He took her face in his hands and kissed her. Whenever he is with her, he just forgets about everything. He loves her too much but right now, he is worried about Swara. Tonight was supposed to be the night when he proposes his love and make her his forever but Sanskar messed up everything.
“I love you, Ragini.” Laksh said in between kissed and Ragini smiled. “I love you too.” She said and they both went back to their make out session.
“I should go check on Swara.” Laksh said and Ragini nodded. “I should too check on Sanskar,” Ragini also said and hugged him. He controlled himself to not to tell him that she is worrying about a jackass who cannot remain loyal in the relationship. But then he just nodded and went to Swara. He saw her sleeping and kissed her forehead and whispered, “I will make everything fine, don’t worry.” He set her blanket a little and called his friend to see if he can crash on his bed rather than risking killing Sanskar.
“How did it go?” Ragini asked Sanskar and saw him lying on the bed. He got up immediately and wiped his tears. “Hey, what’s wrong?” Ragini asked worriedly.
“I messed up everything.” Sanskar said and buried his face in his hands.
“What happened?” Ragini asked him but he did not know what to say.

“I love her,” Sanskar confessed and saying it out loud made his heart break into more pieces. It just made everything real, shaking him to come to reality. “And now she hates me.”
“Well I knew from the beginning that you loved her but why she hates you?” Ragini casually said ignorant of the reality. Sanskar was shocked at how she knows he loves her before he himself realized that he loves her truly.

“Promise me that you will not abandon me like they did.” Sanskar was worried that he will loose everyone in just one day. Ragini got worried but just nodded. “Last night after we had you-know-what,” Ragini understood what he was referring to so she encouraged him to go on, “I realized that I couldn’t live without her, and that I really love her. But suddenly she got up making an excuse that you will be angry. When she took off, I remembered that from the very beginning, she clearly told me about her priorities. She told me not to develop any feelings and I was really happy. What else could a guy want except a relationship without any feelings involved? It was going good but then, I fell for her and that was the biggest mistake. I knew that she has an ability to break my heart. When she will leave me, she will break me. Sometimes, I thought that she feels the same and sometimes, it feels that I don’t hold any part of her heart.” He buried her face like this talk was killing him. But Ragini just listened to him and gave him time. “So after when I wished her luck for the interview, I knew that I am going to break up with her but it was hard for me to do it. I did not want to tell her that she is the one who should be blamed. I cannot let her blame herself for my condition. So, I did something that I shouldn’t have done. I met Kavita on my way back to dorm and she tried to seduce me. I was so angry at myself and on Swara that I dragged her to my room and kissed her. We removed each other’s clothes but then I couldn’t move ahead. I was getting flashes of Swara and then, Swara barged in. I swear Ragini; I haven’t had s*x with Kavita. It was just a stupid kiss and I am regretting it.”
By now, he was crying and Ragini just gulped hard. She just slapped Sanskar and started crying. She was getting worried for Swara but she was angrier with Sanskar at how he dealt with things. She was feeling pity on Sanskar but he should not have handled things like this. “You should have talked to me about this. We could have find another way but you always act in hurry and now, everything is messy.” Ragini was so angry.

“I know, I am the stupidest person in this world. I am feeling so guilty but you know how I don’t have any control. I love her so much that it hurts me, she is consuming me and the fact that she will never love me hurts me even more. But at least, she will not blame herself; she has someone to put blame on. I cannot believe how this all turned out.” Sanskar said and then started crying. Ragini hugged him and both of them cried.
“I cannot believe that they did not tell me,” Ragini shook her head and cried. They did not even trust her but she knew that they wanted to protect her. She loved all three but now, she was in a position to choose. She cannot do this so she planned something. “Don’t tell them that you told me about all this and don’t think that I forgive you. I am really mad at you but I know why you did what you did. So now go back to sleep and we will think of something tomorrow.”
“Ragini, promise me that you won’t tell them anything. I don’t want Swara to feel pity on me.” Sanskar begged and she nodded.
“I am really happy that you love her,” Ragini slapped his forehead and closed the door leaving him alone with his thoughts. She went back to their room and saw Swara sleeping. She cried seeing her and soon, she dozed off.

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