Selfless – Swasan ff (Few Shots) 3


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They both drank like hell in the bar and went back to their dorm so that they don’t get in trouble from Ragini. Only they knew how much Ragini hated drunken people and now they were the one who were drunk. Laksh decided to drop Swara to her dorm and he will sleep with his other friends. He did not want to face Sanskar right now; he knew that if he did, he might just kill that bastard. Laksh held Swara’s hand and gave her the mint to lessen the smell. They both opened the door slowly and peeked in to see what Ragini is doing. Laksh was resting his chin on Swara’s head and they both were leaning on the door. When suddenly, Ragini opened the door and they fell on the floor hard. Swara and Laksh screamed as Swara hit her elbow too hard and Laksh’s back started hurting. Ragini was standing with her hands on her hips. She looked really pissed at them and they were trying to make their best innocent face.
“Where were you guys? Look at your phones and see how much worried I was. And Swara, it was your interview and you did not even tell me how did it go?” Ragini was really angry with them and why won’t she? They were two of the three people that she cared the most. The third one was of course Sanskar. When they both looked at their phone, they noticed 50 texts and 70 missed calls. Shit, they are in big trouble now.
“I am sorry, Ragu. This Laksh na, he asked me for the party as I got the job.” Swara meekly said and noticed Laksh’s death glare on her but she ignored it like a pro. For a second, Ragini’s expression changed to excitement but it was just there for a second. As the next second, she took the baseball bat and beat both of them. They were running all over the room screaming for help.
“Did you hear from them yet?” Suddenly, Sanskar was inside the room looking at the messed up room. Ragini called him to ask if he knows about them and he got worried if Laksh even found Swara. He could not stay in the room doing nothing so he went to Ragini to ask if she got any information. But when he got inside the room, he saw Laksh and Swara laughing. When they noticed him, Swara got tears in her eyes and Laksh made a fist as if he will attack Sanskar anytime. Swara held Laksh’s hand and nodded in a no. Sanskar saw the whole thing and it was hurting him like hell. He wanted Swara to hurt him like he did to her but he knew better. Swara will never do that and this was hurting him more tearing his heart into million pieces. Ragini was confused with all the tension building in the room.
“What am I missing?” Ragini asked all of them but no one dared to open their mouth. “So now you will hide things from me, I knew that I just came in between your friendship and I was right.”
Swara could not see her like this but at the same time, she cannot tell her what happened. “Oh stop your melodrama. Sanskar and me fought over a silly thing and when I told Laksh about it, he got angry with Sanskar. It is not a big deal, we will solve it and you know Laksh is possessive about things like these. That’s it.” Only Swara knew how hard it was to get his name out of her mouth. She wanted to cry so hard, so hard that there is no pain left. Laksh muttered, “Not a big deal? What the f**k?” But thank god it was just audible to Swara and she tightened her grip over Laksh’s fists. Sanskar was feeling so guilty that he turned to leave the room.
“All of you fight like kids. Sanskar stop right there, you will not leave the room until you sort your problems with Swara. I and Laksh will leave the room to give you guys some privacy.” Ragini said, as she really wanted them to get together again. She grabbed Laksh’s hands and dragged him out of the room. Laksh warned Sanskar and looked at Swara. She assured him that she would be fine with him.
When the door closed, Sanskar took one step forward leading to Swara taking one step backward. Seeing her not wanting to be touched by him, he took a step back too. “Swara, I am sorry. I can’t tell you how guilty…”
She interrupted him and said, “You cheated on me. You ditched me, how can you? I know that there was no love,” Swara gulped hard on that word but continued, “between us but there was trust. I trusted you and you messed everything up by sleeping with Kavita. How could you? This one act of yours can mess up all of our friendship. You could have at least given me a hint that you wanted to end whatever was between us but no, you just gave me a surprise when it was supposed to be the happiest day of my life.” By now, she was crying.
“I am a jerk, Swara. I don’t even know what to say right now. I didn’t want to end all of our friendships and I was stupid to pull off that stunt. I am guilty of whatever I have done.” Sanskar could no form the words as he was on the edge of bursting into tears. His heart was breaking in million pieces seeing Swara’s state but now, he couldn’t undo whatever he has done.
“I hope it doesn’t break all our friendships. You cheated your girlfriend not your friends. I will try to make Laksh understand and we can be friends. But don’t expect anything from me anymore because I am ending whatever is between us.” By this time, alcohol was consuming her head and she was about to fell unconscious that Sanskar held her. Swara was trying hard to get away from him but she couldn’t fight in this drowsy state. “I hate you, I hate you…” She was repeating these words again and again. He was crying by now but he put her on bed and took off her shoes. How could life change this much in just one day? Last night, he was removing her clothes to make love to her and now she wants nothing with him. He pulled the blanket and covered her. He pecked her forehead and whispered, “Good night, Swara. Sweet dreams.” He just stared at her peaceful face for what seemed like an eternity and then, he couldn’t stop pecking her lips for the last time. And then he left after wiping his tears in case Ragini sees him. He already hurt two people and now, he did not want to hurt Ragini. He was thankful of them that they did not tell Ragini. Fortunately, he did not see either of them on his way to his dorm and he just fell on his bed cursing himself.

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