Selfless – Swasan ff (Few Shots) 23 (Last shot)

First of all, Happy New Year guys!! I am really sorry that it has taken me so long to update this last part but I kinda got busy. I tried so hard but I just couldn’t type it up.. Btw, your comments made my day just so you know and I am counting on every single one of you to comment on my last part.. Here we go with the next and the last part 🙂

Everything was settled. Their marriage date was fixed and Ragini and
Laksh were so happy with the news. They still have two months in
between for all the preparations. Days were passing by and all
returned to their routine work. Sometimes, Sanskar used to visit her
in her hospital as it was just half an hour ride from his work. It was
going perfect and the wedding date was coming sooner.
“Hey, Swara. Get ready tonight as we are going somewhere.” Sanskar was
planning a surprise for her so he called her to get ready tonight.
“But where are we going?” Swara asked him in excitement.
“It’s not that important. Just wear something comfortable.”

said and cut the call. She was so confused but she was excited to
spend sometime with him. She just wore a shorts and sneakers. He said
to wear something comfy and what would be more comfy than this, right?
He put her hair in a ponytail and waited for him inside her house.
Suddenly, the bell rang and she opened the door. She got so angry
after seeing Sanskar all ready in a suit looking dapper. She then
looked at herself who looked like a mess. Seriously?
“What the hell, Sanskar?” Swara said and kicked him with her sneakers
on his leg.
“Ouch, Swara. What are you doing?” Sanskar said rubbing his leg.
“Look at me and look at yourself. You are wearing a formal suit and I
am wearing causal shorts. Couldn’t you tell me to wear a dress
before?” Swara said and stormed in her house. He laughed at her and
just picked her up in a bridal style.
“Aunty uncle, we are going.” Sanskar yelled telling her parents that
they are going and without listening to her angry words, he put her in
the car and he got settled in a driver seat.

“Stop the car, right now. I will change in 2 minutes, please. I feel
so out of place.” Swara said hopeful but he just nodded in a no. “You
moron, idiot, dumbass, stop the car right now.” But still no use.
“You look like a Greek God in your suit and I look like a girl who
just woke up.” Swara said and Sanskar laughed at that.
“I should feel a little complex standing next to you. You are looking
so hot in your shorts and it took everything from me not to take to
your bedroom and make love to you” Sanskar said and looked at her. She
blushed and stopped talking.
“Are there a lot of people where we are going?” Swara asked him.
“No, just me and you.” Sanskar said.
“Ahh well, then that’s good.” Swara smiled and enjoyed the ride. He
stopped the car in front of some restaurant and looked at her.

“Ok, don’t freak out and just go with the flow. I am crossing my
fingers at this and please don’t spoil this.” Sanskar said which
confused her.
“Oh Sanskar, I am going to kill you now. If you’d let me change back
home, I wouldn’t kill you. But now everybody is going to look at me
like I am a clown or something.” Swara said and gritted her teeth in
“What? No. Its just you and me here and maybe some waiters.” Sanskar
said and opened the car door. They both went inside and she was
shocked to see such a romantic place. It was all decorated with roses
and the light was dim. It looked so romantic and she knew what was
going on here. He was going to formally propose her with a ring.
“Did you like it?” Sanskar whispered in her ear and she nodded.

“Well, I thought that you are a girl and you would want a formal
proposal so here we go.” Sanskar said and when she turned around, she
saw him on his one knee. Oh god, it’s happening. Even thought they
were getting married, a guy kneeling on his one knee proposing a girl
was a perfect proposal. He took out a velvet box and when he opened
the box, she saw a perfect diamond ring.
“Swara, I love you and I can’t tell you in words how much. Just take
my word on that, okay?” Sanskar asked her and she nodded. “Well I
remembered this speech but now, I forgot. God, I can’t even remember a
word. Will you just marry me?” Sanskar said impatiently and on top of
that, his knee was hurting.

“If I say no, what would you do?” Swara said by crossing her arms.
“Then I would just do this.” Sanskar got up and pulled her close and
just kissed her.
“Did it change your mind?” He whispered between their kiss and when
she nodded, he picked her up in his arms and twirled her around. He
put her down and slid the ring in her finger.
“I love you so much, Sanskar and thank you for all this.” She told him
and hugged him.
“I know, I am the best.” Sanskar said flaunting himself and they both laughed.
“Just because you have the best company.” Swara gave him her witty response.
“Couldn’t agree more.” Sanskar pulled out of the hug and led her to
the dinner table. They were all ready to begin the next chapter of
their life and hoping that chapter will just bring happiness and love,
nothing else.

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