Selfless – Swasan ff (Few Shots) 22

Thank you so much for all your comments and I am really sorry that it took a long time for me to update this part but I kinda got busy. So, this is the second last part of this ff and I hope you guys liked this ff. Here we go with the next chapter… 🙂

They were in the car going to Swara’s house in New Jersey. They were back and Sanskar could see how nervous she was but he couldn’t make fun of her as he himself was terrified.

“This is my first time doing all this. What if they don’t like me?” Sanskar said and Swara smacked his arm.
“You are saying like I do this everyday. I ask a guy to come join me so that he can ask my parents for my hand in the marriage. Hey mom and dad, this is the guy I love and can you please accept him. You dumbass, I am more nervous than you.” Swara said sarcastically and started chewing her cheeks.

“Sorry but what can I do?” Sanskar said.
“How about if we do this tomorrow? Let’s just postpone this.” Swara said in a hopeful tone but she knew he will say no. She promised him that when they will be back home, the first thing they will do this is ask her parents’ permission.
“No way, we are here already. Let’s just go and get this over with.” Sanskar said and they were standing outside the door deciding who will ring the doorbell. He rang it and stood behind Swara. They were fighting when her mom opened the door.
“Oh Swara, how are you? We all missed you.” She pulled her in a hug and they went inside. He also hugged her parents, as they knew him before. He was here plenty of times but not like this.

“Dad mom, I have to tell you something.” Swara said nervously and it scared her parents. She asked him for some help but he started drinking water avoiding any eye contact. She decided that she will kill him after this drama.
“Don’t tell me you are pregnant.” Her mother asked her in a panic voice whereas Sanskar threw the water out from his mouth. He choked on water and her dad asked her mom to shut up.
“Mom, no. I am not. Can you please stop thinking the worst?” Swara said and pleaded for Sanskar to jump in but he was adamant.
“I love Sanskar and I plan on to marrying him.” Swara said in one breath and closed her eyes. Sanskar closed his eyes too and was waiting for a slap or a punch from her father. Everyone was silent and when they both opened their eyes, they saw her parents smiling. They were confused as hell.
“Sharmishta, look at their faces. They look so scared like we are going to drop a bomb on them.” Shekher said and started laughing and her mom joined him.
Sanskar muttered, “If you said no for our relationship, it will be nothing less than a bomb.”
“Well son, I don’t plan on saying no for your relationship.” Shekher said and caressed Swara’s face. Saying that they both were shocked was an understatement. How could her parents agree so easily?

“Why are you looking at us like we are some hawks? We are your parents and we just want to see our child to be happy.” Sharmishta said and Swara had tears in her eyes.
“I thought you wanted to choose a guy for yourself for me.” Swara asked her parents.
“Well, we did want to but we saw you getting sadder day by day these past few months. We both knew that this was some guy problem and we wanted you talk to us by yourself. But you never did and now we know who the guy is. I can’t be much happier to know that it is Sanskar.” Shekher said and Swara just hugged him.
“We are not monsters who will keep you away from your happiness. You never disappointed us, Swara and you never will. I trust in your choice and I trust him too.” Sharmishta said and caressed her cheeks.

“Thank you so much, uncle aunty. I promise that I will keep your daughter happy.” Sanskar said and hugged both of them. Swara was just so happy that she couldn’t say anything. She misunderstood her parents and now, she was feeling so guilty.
“You better because if you didn’t, I will kill you.” Shekher said and hugged him. All of them smiled and Sharmishta asked both of them to clean up for dinner.
Swara was in her room drying her hair before going downstairs. She was so happy that now, there is no problem lying in between their marriage.
“Well, someone is so happy.” Sanskar said leaning on her door.
“What the hell are you doing here? Mom will come anytime and then, she will kill you. Go downstairs for dinner, I will come in sometime.” She said in panic but he closed the door instead of listening to her. He pulled her close and kissed her.
“Sanskar…” She moaned in between his kiss, which made him crazier and tightened his grip on her. After sometime, they broke the kiss and looked at each other.
“I can’t believe what just happened. I told my mom and she already started planning our wedding. She is coming tomorrow to talk with your parents and then, everything will be settled.” Sanskar said and hugged her. She smiled and took a deep sigh in relief.
“I still can’t believe all this. I have to tell this to Ragini and Laksh first.” Swara said and they both broke their hug when they heard Sharmishta calling them for dinner.

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  2. It’s good they accepted early .I thought at least they will ask for sometime to accept their relation. Anyway actually I heared like this sucessful love stories around but not with this story line.

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    1. Ishanita Gupta

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      well Sanyaaa.. u know what u r rit? soo take her comment in a positive way n try to improve ur writing since u r 99% perfect..but after improvement just think dear . just think.. !!
      u also we love u lot..*hug..

      a very Happy New Year to u both.. !

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    amazing episode…. it’s so lovely that I m enjoying my day….just 5 minutes made this day special….
    n I’m enjoying the last day of the year…. n I hope you too are enjoying…..
    Happy New Year…..
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