Selfless – Swasan ff (Few Shots) 21


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They were in the plane and Swara was explaining to their parents about how she wanted to go London for some alone time. They understood and asked her to take care which somehow, shocked Swara. She was looking forward to a more heated argument and precautions that she had to take but it was none of them. Thank god it wasn’t this hard. Here, Sanskar was doing something on his phone and totally was engrossed in it.
“What’s up with you? You look a little strange yourself.” Swara asked him seeing panic on his face.
“Nothing. All of a sudden, my mom decided to marry me to the girl who Ragini’s mom suggested. Remember that day, you told me about Bua ji’s daughter? That one.” Sanskar said and shrugged his shoulder trying to seem as nothing important but Swara could totally see panic on his face.
“Should I be worried?” Swara asked him in a worried tone but Sanskar cupped her face.
“No, there is nothing to worry about. I agree that I don’t sound convinced myself and I sure am tensed but I will convince them. They will understand me and I can guarantee you that.” Sanskar said and assured her to which she nodded. She leaned on his shoulder and took a sigh. He called his mom and asked her what is all this?
“Hey mom, I just got your text. What’s going on?” Sanskar asked her to which she replied that they got a marriage proposal for him, which was nothing new. He was neglecting all those proposals as somewhere, he also had a hope that Swara will be back to him but he didn’t tell anything about her to his parents.

“Mom, stop looking for girls for me.” Sanskar finally said to which his mom replied, “But I can’t see you unmarried for so long. If there is a girl in your life, than tell me. I will get you married with her but take a decision soon.” His mom was tired of listening to his no for every proposal. After all, she is a mom too who wants to see his son married.
“I love a girl and that is all I am going to tell for now.” Sanskar said in one breath whereas Swara’s breath got stuck in her lungs.
On the other side, his mom was beyond shocked and happy. “Really? What’s her name? What does she do? Do I know her? Give me her parents’ number and I’ll talk to them.” His mother was so happy and he started laughing at her.
“Mom, you gotta put break on all your thoughts. We first have to talk to her parents and convince them. You do know her and she is only your Swara.” Sanskar said and kissed Swara’s cheek to which she didn’t say anything. She was still shocked on how simply Sanskar told everything to his mom.
“Oh my god, I knew it. Oh I love that girl and she is perfect. I can’t wait now. Do everything fast and tell me so that I can go to her house and ask for her hand for you. I am so happy, for the first time in your entire life, you made a right decision. I am so proud of you, my son.” Her mother couldn’t control her happiness and Sanskar said bye to her before she starts planning their wedding.
“See, I told you. She is so happy that you are becoming her daughter-in-law. I wouldn’t be shocked if after marriage, she forgets about her one and only son.” Sanskar winked to which Swara smiled and said thank you. One problem was solved and now they just had to convince her parents.
These four days of vacation in London with Sanskar was just perfect. They enjoyed so much together. He made her feel so special in just these four days and she was so sad that it was finally over.

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