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When they completed all the rituals and were declared husband and wife, they took the blessings of all the elders and suddenly, Laksh picked his bride in his hands and ran for the car which awaited them at the door.

“Laksh, put me down right now. Everyone is looking at us, please.” Ragini said shocked and embarrassed by his antics. How could her? He was so shameless.
“What the hell, dude? Can’t you just wait for sometime to go to your honeymoon?” Sanskar said chuckling at his best friends’ action. He was so proud of Laksh that he did that in front of everyone but still, he was being shameless now.

“Oh God, he is so shameless. Look, he couldn’t even wait for some longer. Kids these days…” Bua ji said and everyone chuckled at her. Even Ragini’s parents were shocked but not afraid. They knew that she chose the right guy for herself and they couldn’t choose any better.
“I am sorry but I can’t wait any longer.” Laksh yelled over his shoulder and Ragini blushed. Before her put her in the car and run away, she noticed Swara giving her a flying kiss and wiping her tears. Now, Ragini just wanted to attend their wedding so that she could see her best friend happy. And then, they drove off leaving everyone behind. She started hitting him for being so shameless and laughed in between wiping her tears.

“Everyone will be talking of us. You are a moron, a shameless moron.” Ragini said exhausted by all the rituals.
“I told you that we should do a court marriage but you wanted to do this proper traditional wedding. Now when your conditions are done, you cannot stop me. I love you Ragini and I plan on making you feel that love for the rest of your life.” Laksh said and kissed her hand. They went to the airport for their honeymoon to Paris and changed from the heavy clothes and went to start their new journey.

Now back to the palace, everybody departed to their rooms. Sanskar pulled Swara to his room and kissed her fiercely with full of love and passion. Swara was so still taking in everything and slowly, she melted into his arms. She tilted her face to give him more space to do whatever he was doing. He tasted so right, cinnamon and champagne. Her hands were on just the right part of his body and she was arousing him. She could feel him hard against her stomach and she felt heat coming from her. She was burning in desire for this man who stole her heart in a moment. Her knees fell weak and Sanskar took her in his embrace. He took them to his bed and fell where Swara was underneath him. Sanskar’s mouth was on her neck and he was working his hands to remove her jewelry. In a swift moment, his kurta was on the floor with her jewelry. He removed the pallu of her saree with her blouse.

They both turned and now, Swara was on the top. He unclasped her bra and his hands were everywhere. The room filled with their moans and they both were lost in the ecstasy.
The next morning when she saw Sanskar sleeping with his hand on her bare waist, she felt that she was living a dream. She just couldn’t take her eyes off of him. She had everything she wanted in her life, a perfect job, a perfect family and now, a perfect man. She caressed his cheeks and he opened his eyes. The first thing he saw was the face of his life in front of him with her hair messy and swollen lips. How could his life be so perfect?

“What are you thinking?” Sanskar asked pulling her more close and kissing her.
“Just thinking how more perfect life can be?” Swara said and responded to his kiss.
“Hey, that is my line.” Sanskar smiled in between the kiss and he could feel her actually blushing. That was the most perfect sight he ever had seen before; her cheeks getting pink and her nibbling her inside of the cheeks.
“So now, what’s the plan? They both left to their honeymoon and everyone is leaving today. Where are you off to after this, Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari?” Swara said and puling him more close.
“When do you have to go back to your work?” Sanskar asked her.
“In five days. Why?” Swara asked him in confusion.
“Well, I was thinking that we could go spend some days far away before handling your and my parents. What say?” Sanskar asked him in excitement and full of hope but Swara was beyond shocked. Did he just ask her about vacation?
“You mean, a vacation?” Swara asked still in shock but Sanskar noticed a little tiny bit of excitement.

“Well yes if you put it like that, we can call it a vacation.” Sanskar smiled which made Swara lost in thoughts. “Now what are you thinking? Your expressions are strange and it’s telling me whatever you are thinking is not in my favor.”
“Well, I was just thinking about my parents.” Swara said and when Sanskar didn’t say anything, she continued, “I thought to let them know about us before we you know…”
“Ms. Swara Gadodia, are you implying that we should ask them about our marriage?” Even though Sanskar said this in his playful remark, Swara took it totally the opposite way. She thought that he is not ready for the marriage yet and she understood but then why her heart broke into pieces? Their best friends got married and she thought that now maybe Sanskar will start thinking about their future. But she guessed that she was wrong. Maybe Sanskar needed a little more time for all this.
“No…no, I mea… mean if y… you don’t want…to” Swara couldn’t let herself say the thing she wanted to say without stammering as she felt a little pain in her heart.
“Hey Swara,” Sanskar said and cupped her face with his big hands. He knew what she was thinking now and he was stupid enough to let her insecurities surround her again, “Swara, look at me. I plan to spend my rest of the life with you and only you. You are the one for me and I can’t let you go away from me this time. I want to grow old with you and want to see you without teeth.” Sanskar said and she smacked his chest but he continued, “I want to see our grandchildren and throughout all this, I want you to be on my side. I can’t think of all this without imagining you with me. So, you are stuck with me and I don’t know how many more times I have to say to you but I want to marry you, Swara. But before that, I have to ask your parents’ permission because I know how much their blessing means to you.” Sanskar said and when he looked at her eyes, he saw the tears and immense love in her eyes. She was so happy and content after hearing his confession and she could see honesty in his eyes. She nodded and kissed him again. They both were engrossed in their kissed and Sanskar asked her again, “So, should I take that as a yes for the vacation?”
“I don’t know. Only if we can go to London for that vacation?” Swara said and smiled. She was on top of him and caressed his cheeks.
“Then London it is.” Sanskar said and pulled the comforter over them.

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