Selfless – Swasan ff (Few Shots) 2


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She quickly shut the door so loud not ready to face Sanskar. He just cheated on her and how could he? Even though they were not in love but they built some trust between them and now Sanskar crushed that trust by f**king that b*t*h Kavita. She paced faster to reach her own dorm not ready to be seen crying from anyone.

“Swara, stop please.” She turned to face him who was wearing his shirt quickly. He ran up to her and said, “Swara, listen to me. I am sorr…”
She did not let him finish and said without looking him in his eyes, “Please, not now.” Sanskar could feel her begging not to talk to him so he felt right not to push her. He knew that he crushed her but he could not be the “f**k buddy” of hers. She was cracking the wall he built around her heart and he would not allow her to do that. This was the time where he stops pushing himself not to feel what he has started to feel for her.

So, he just nodded and she quickly turned around and started to walk. Wait no scratch that, it was more like she ran. In the midway, Laksh caught her and quickly held her arm and went to Sanskar who was still standing there guilty.
“I am ready to propose her tonight. I can’t keep up with this secret anymore.” Laksh looked at both of them and he got confused. He asked Sanskar raising his eyebrows but before Sanskar could answer, Swara quickly interrupted.
“Oh my god, I can’t wait to hear a no from Ragini.” Swara teased him trying to cover up any tension from her face. When she saw the color draining from Laksh’s face, she quickly said. “Sorry, sorry. You know how much she is head over heels in love with you. I promise you that she will say yes.” She laughed.

Laksh smacked her arm and said, “ You gave me heart attack, Swara.” But Sanskar did not say any word seeing Swara laughing. He knew how hard it was for her to smile but that’s why he was falling for her. She was so selfless and kind. She did not even tell Laksh about his betrayal yet. Oh, shit Sanskar thought. Laksh is probably going to their room where Kavita was lying naked and he knows that Kavita was a b*t*h and she will not leave their room so soon.
“Wait, how did your interview go?” Laksh suddenly asked which reminded Sanskar.
“I got the job,” Swara tried so hard to keep the enthusiasm but she was failing. Laksh picked her up and twirled her; he was on cloud nine learning that she got her dream job. How much Sanskar wanted to do that but now, he probably lost that right to even touch her?
“Put me down, you moron. I gotta go and tell Ragini now.” Swara said and quickly went from there. She needed to break down now or she will die pretending that nothing happened. Sanskar just stood there and did not notice Laksh already going towards their room. “What the f**k?” Laksh cursed seeing Kavita naked on Sanskar’s bed and this caught Sanskar’s attention. Laksh quickly shut the door and punched Sanskar’s face hard.

“f**k, dude.” Sanskar muttered trying to subsidize the pain.
“You deserved that, jackass. How could you cheat Swara?” Laksh said ready to give him a punch again.
“Laksh, listen to me.” Sanskar said but Laksh punched him again for treating his best friend like that.
“You will not show your face again to me if you want to live.” Laksh warned him and ran behind Swara to find her. Now, only Swara was his priority and he went from there. Sanskar went to his bedroom and asked Kavita to get out.
“Let’s just finish the work we started, Sanskar.” She held up her arms trying to seduce him but he said, “I told you to not to go far. I am done here so just get the f**k out.” He raised his voice and opened the door. She knew that she is not going to have any luck with him so she quickly dressed up and kissed him and ran. Sanskar wiped his lips and went to take a cold shower to get rid of all the feelings he was feeling right about now.

On the other side, Laksh found Swara crying miserably behind the wall where no one comes. He knew that she would be here as this was her place. He quickly hugged her and she hugged him tight trying to get rid of the pain form her heart. He just caressed her hair and tried to soothe her with his words but it was of no use. After what seemed like an hour, she broke the hug and wiped her tears. He could see her pain, which was reflecting in her eyes. He just wiped her tears again and soothed her.
“I am fine, now.” Swara said and smiled.

Laksh’s heart was breaking to see her in this state but he could do nothing unfortunately to ease her pain. Only he knew how he controlled himself from kicking Sanskar’s ass but he knew that Swara will not be happy when she learns that he punched him twice.
“If it makes you feel better, I punched Sanskar twice and so hard that he will have a bruise for at least 2 weeks,” Laksh said and Swara looked at him and chuckled.
“It did, thank you.” Swara smiled and Laksh felt a little better.
“If I knew that it will make you smile than I would have killed that bastard.” Laksh tried to lighten up the moment but Swara got sad.
“Don’t do that, please. And don’t you dare to touch him again.” Swara said and smacked his arm.
“He deserved much more and why the hell are you defending him after his betrayal.” Laksh got angry but Swara hugged him.
“No, Laksh. I don’t want you to get in trouble. This is our last semester and then we all will be on our own ways. So let’s just leave it like this. And please don’t tell Ragini. He is her best friend and I don’t want her to hate him. He is our friend first, then a jackass moron who pulled this kind of a stunt.” Swara warned him but she knew that he did not pay any heed to her.
“But…” Laksh was going to say but Swara interrupted again. “Promise me, Laksh.”
“Fine, do whatever you want to but don’t let that idiot come in front of me or I would just kill him? Then don’t blame me whatever happens after that.” Laksh said and she nodded. “Let’s go for a drink and don’t spoil your mood because of that jerk. You got your dream job and this calls for a party.”
Swara got up and said, “Let’s go.”

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