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“Swara, what are you doing here? Let’s go, Laksh and Ragini are asking for you.” Sanskar said after finally finding Swara. She was helping Ragini’s mom with all the gifts.
“Sanskar, just hold on a minute. I just have to do this before we go.” Swara said by pointing her eyes to all the gifts. Sanskar was confused as these gifts were already on the right place. He held her arm and made her face him.
“Hey, what is wrong? You look so pale and tensed. Did something happen?” Sanskar said concerned. She was definitely looking pale and looked like she was going to cry anytime soon.

“Nothing, I just…” She tried to straighten her face but Sanskar knew something was wrong.
“Tell me, Swara. What’s wrong?” Sanskar caressed her cheeks showing her his concern. She hugged him and took deep breaths.

“I heard Bua ji’s talk with Ragini’s mom accidently and…” Swara said and took a deep sigh again. “She was taking auntie’s advice on your marriage with her daughter.” Swara said and she was frightened. She already felt what it was like to be away from Sanskar and now, she got so much happiness that she didn’t want to lose. It was too precious. Sanskar let out a chuckle and rubbed her back.

“Oh Swara, you scared the hell out of me.” He said and pulled back from the hug. He looked at her eyes and promised her, “I promise Swara that we will get married with each other and I will not leave you until you yourself ask me to.” She did see honesty in his eyes and smiled. She knew that she didn’t have to worry about him, he loved her and she loved him.

“I will never ask you to leave.” Swara said and again hugged him.
“Good for me because then, you are stuck with me for your whole life.” Sanskar said and hugged her back.
“I am more than happy.” Swara said and pushed him. “Now, let’s go and get through this wedding without tears.” Then, she hurried over to Ragini and looked back at him and winked. He smiled and gave her a flying kiss without anyone’s notice.
The DJ announced the girls’ side performance and all were ready. Swara and all the girls danced at the song, “Nachde ne sare” when everyone joined them at the end. Even our couple and Sanskar joined them. Sanskar and Swara danced with Laksh and Ragini. It was a fun night for all of them and then, the DJ played all the Punjabi songs for everybody to do Bhangra. Everyone’s feet were hurting like hell but they all were happy that they enjoyed with all their heart. Laksh and Ragini were beyond happy to see their families getting along and enjoying.

Till morning 3, everyone was in the party drinking and dancing. Everyone left as they all had to get ready for the marriage that day so that they can get enough sleep. All four of them left to their room to change and after 5 minutes, Sanskar came in Swara’s room and lay on her bed while she was in the bathroom removing her makeup. When she got out, she smiled to see him already sleeping. He was really tired and exhausted like her. She quickly set everything and lay besides him. She put her arm around him and cuddled against his body. He also held her tight and soon they fell into a deep slumber sleep.

The next day,
Everyone was in a hustle; no one took a deep breath since they woke up. But why would they? It was the most awaiting day for everyone and especially for our lovely couple: Ragini and Laksh. Laksh hadn’t seen Ragini since the previous night and now she was getting ready for the marriage. Swara was with her the whole time, as she didn’t want to miss her best friends’ wedding moments. On the other side, Sanskar was also busy with all the decorations and handling Laksh’s nervousness. It was going great and the moment came when Laksh was sitting in the mandap waiting for his bride. When she came under that flower shed, it was like someone snatched the breath out of his lungs. For a second, he forgot how to breathe and he realized that he would do anything to keep that smile on her face. He would go to any extent to make her happy and it was his one and only purpose of his life. He didn’t notice when Ragini made such a big impact in his life but he knew that now, he will not left any stone unturned to make her his happy wife.
On the other side, Ragini was nervous as hell. How would she handle all the responsibilities after marriage? Would she be able to prove as a good wife who can handle things like a perfect does? But then she looked at Laksh whose eyes were lit up seeing his love of the life and she felt relief instead of nervousness. She loved him so much that she would lay her own life for him. Does he love her like that? She was sure that she knew the answer. In these past few months, Laksh did nothing but assure her that he will give her a perfect life with full of love and happiness. He was a perfect Greek God and she still didn’t know how could he love her so much. But now nothing matters as they will take the vows and be together for their rest of the life.

When they were taking the vows, Sanskar was just noticing Swara and was thinking that soon he will be in Laksh’s shoes and how he will take the same vows to Swara. She was looking breathtaking tonight and he couldn’t stop thinking her naked underneath him but he wasn’t sure about there future yet. She was wearing a blue and pink saree with her hair in a bun and on top of that, there was a rose in the bun, which was compelling him to pull it out and make her hair loose. He slid his arm on her waist to make sure that she knew how much she mattered to him and pulled her close. He knew that now he doesn’t have that courage to leave her. She was everything to him now and he would make sure that she becomes his as soon as possible.
Contrary to that, Swara was thinking something else. Would she even have this lavish wedding with her parents’ blessings? She knew that her parents would eventually agree for their marriage but she was just scared for the between part when she will have to go through the phase of convincing. Does she have that kind of strength and patience to deal with all the emotional stuff and would it be worth something at the end? But when she felt his arm on her waist, she couldn’t help but blush. She couldn’t help but think how could that simple gesture mean so much to her? Is she going crazy in his love or is she imagining everything? Her legs were like a jelly and she didn’t want to do anything but kiss him. When she looked at the lovely couple taking vows, she leaned on Sanskar’s shoulder and took a deep sigh. How long? How long will it take for them to reach that stage when they will marry each other? Wait, what? Does Sanskar even want to marry her? He just confessed his love and she is probably crazy to even think to the marriage extent.

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