Selfless – Swasan ff (Few Shots) 18

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She and Ragini with other cousins of Ragini completed their practice. They were so confident that they would win, as there was no way that the boys’ side will win. And they were absolutely right as the dance boys’ prepared was a disaster. Their choreographer already quit at midnight, as she couldn’t take them anymore.
On the other hand, Sanskar and Laksh decided to give up and tell the girls about this. All the guys came up to the girls for the compensation.
“Ragini, can you come here for a second.” Laksh said with so much love that she couldn’t say no. They both left while Swara and the other girls were looking at the guys with suspicion. After five minutes, they both came back and Laksh gave the guys the thumbs up saying that the work is done.

“Swara, let’s just not have this dance competition. You know they are already losers, let’s just not insult them in front of so many people.” Ragini said begging Swara and others to stop this competition whereas Swara saw all the guys’ head down with so much innocence. She felt a little bad for Sanskar as only she knew how bad a dancer he is.
“Okay…” Swara just said this when all the guys started giving each other hi-fi and started going away in relief but stopped when they heard Swara, “but on one condition, they all have to become our servant for one whole day.” The guys were shocked and looked at Swara begging but she gave Sanskar a wink.
“Ok, it can’t be that hard,” one of Laksh’s cousins said but only Laksh and Sanskar knew what that meant. They both enjoyed the last time when they made Swara and Ragini their servant and now it was their turn. They are gone! Sanskar just rubbed his shoulder and started going away. All the girls laughed and went away planning about tomorrow.
After few hours,

“Sanskar, stop banging on the door. I will not get ready sooner if you don’t stop doing that.” Swara said while setting her hair. She was taking so long to get ready for the sangeet but it was justified. I mean, she is the maid of honor and it’s her best friends’ wedding.
“Swara, it’s been an hour since I am standing here. Literally, just put some clothes and come out or else I have a way to get the spare key in just a minute of your door.” Sanskar said impatiently. He was looking so charming and handsome in his black kurta and pajama with his hair in a mess. He was tapping on the floor while saying that. They have to be there in less than 15 minutes and she is still getting ready.

“Sanskar, you know what? Now I see how you get the spare key because I am not letting a moron like you in my room right now.” Swara was still struggling with her hair and Sanskar was being a distraction, which was frustrating her.
“Ok sorry, take your time. But just come out before the function ends.” Sanskar sarcastically said and started laughing. And this time the door opened.
“You, Sanskar Maheshwari, have no idea how hard it is to decide what to wear or not. Men don’t even have a fashion sense, they just put on…” Swara was getting irritated but when she got succeeded in putting her hair in a messy bun, she opened the door. Sanskar was just looking at her from head to toe. Man, was she saying something to him because he was just lost in her beauty. She wore a simple golden and black lehnga with big earrings and a smoky makeup. She was looking so s*xy and at the same time so cute that Sanskar just couldn’t open his mouth. Sanskar just took a deep sigh and tried to listen what she was trying to say and he got shocked. “I am going to get married to someone.” Swara said by folding her arms.
“Wait, what?” Sanskar literally yelled in shock.
“Oh, thank god. You are still here. From last 10 minutes, I am standing here yelling at you and you don’t even care to listen what I am saying.” Swara said and went back to her room to look for something and he followed her.

“Well, it’s not my fault. You are looking so s*xy and tempting that I am having the change of plans.” Sanskar said by slipping her hand under her bare belly. She blushed and got butterflies in her stomach. She turned and said, “Well, you are looking quite a dapper yourself.” She caressed his cheek with her finger in so much love and the same love he was portraying in his eyes.
“Well, we better should go because I don’t want Laksh to kill me and go to jail before his marriage.” Sanskar said but still, he didn’t move an inch. He closed their inch gap and was about to kiss her when she interrupted.
“Stop, we should go. As much as I want this to continue, I don’t want to get late either and I have to see if Ragini got ready or not.” Swara got out of his grip whereas he pouted. She found her heels and wore them in hurry. She saw him looking all hot and s*xy and the thought he was just hers still gave her butterflies. She quickly pecked his lips and ran towards Ragini’s room. Sanskar smiled and went to Laksh’s room.

Ragini was looking so pretty in her heavy pink lehnga with her hair in curls and little makeup. Whereas Swara was looking s*xy and all, Ragini was looking like a perfect traditional and beautiful bride giving off happy vibes. Swara hugged her and they both went outside. On the other side, Laksh was wearing a silver kurta pajama and he was looking hot and s*xy too. Sanskar and Swara brought them together and left them for their grand entry. They both walked in the hall with hands held together and looking at each other with so much love. Laksh did some dance steps with her and everyone showered their blessings. People were dancing and drinks were going continuously. It was like a perfect loud Indian wedding that everyone dreamed of. Laksh whispered “I love you” to Ragini and she whispered the same. “By the way, I am not letting you wear these type of clothes after our wedding, it really covers those beautiful and s*xy curves.” Laksh said teasing her and she blushed so hard.
“You are disgusting, Laksh.” They both laughed and from a little far, four eyes were watching this couple having a sweet talk. Of course, it was Swasan.
“They look perfect together, I just wish that they stay like this forever all happy and smiles.” Swara said by crossing her fingers. Sanskar just stared at her and kissed her forehead. “Me too,” Sanskar said before going towards the guests to greet them.
Swara watched him go and whispered, “And us too forever.” Then, she smiled and went towards the happy couple to snatch Ragini away. The DJ announced the first couple dance of the about-to-be wedded couple.

Ragini and Laksh lightly but romantically danced on the song “by your side” and just lost themselves.
“I really cannot wait to get out of here after our marriage when you are officially mine so that I can make love to you without anyone watching over us.” Laksh whispered in her ear and she just smiled and put her head on his chest. She really cannot stop herself falling more and more for this guy. He fulfills her every demand without her even telling him.
“Laksh, promise me that you will stay like this always.” She just wanted to be with the guy who she fell in love with and wants to remain like this always.
Laksh pulled back and looked at her eyes, which were shimmering in tears and were on the urge to get out. He said holding her waist more tightly and laid his other hand on her one cheek so gently showing her his love, “Ragini, I love you and I really cannot tell you how much. It’s like I don’t have more space in my heart left and the sad part is that the heart is not flexible or else I would have stretched it more and love you more.” Laksh said and smiled whereas Ragini chuckled.
“I feel the same way.” Ragini said and they were brought back in senses when they saw all the couples joining them in the dance.
“Oh god, its gonna be 2 long days.” Laksh exasperated and took a deep sigh. He put his both arms and closed the distance with them. Ragini rested on his chest enjoying this dance. She was cherishing all these moments so that she can store them in her heart and just remember them whenever she wants.

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