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The next morning,
“Urggghhh… This is so annoying.” Swara said in her sleep and took a pillow to cover the noises coming from outside. Swara put her face and nuzzled in Sanskar’s neck. Sanskar got irritated by Swara’s continuous movements and turned his face the other side.
“Swara, stop moving.” Sanskar said and tried to sleep again. He already came back so late and now he got only 3 hours of sleep. He didn’t want to wake up so early but Swara was making it impossible for him to fall asleep.
“Shut up, Sanskar. I can’t go to sleep because of these loud noises.” Swara said and hugged Sanskar from behind and whispered, “Can you please go and check?”
“Are you kidding me? I am not going outside, if they noticed that I am coming from your room they will take this whole palace on their head. You have no idea, some of Ragini’s aunt is so conservative that she will throw us out.” Sanskar said and Swara could pinpoint his overdramatic tone but somewhere, she knows that he was saying right.

Finally she got out of bed after a lot of courage and went to open the door. She was shocked to see the scenario in her front. Ragini was leaning on her door trying to suppress her laugh and when she followed Ragini’s gaze, she noticed that Laksh was doing sit-ups and the lady was standing on top of him counting his sit-ups. Laksh’s face was so funny that she herself chuckled without even knowing what is going on. And then she realized that the lady was Ragini’s conservative strict aunt who is really scary looking with all the makeup.

Ragini noticed Swara standing confused so she moved to her side and wished her Good morning. Swara raised her eyebrows asking what is going on to which Ragini chuckled.
“Nothing yar, last night this stupid Laksh thought to push his luck and came to sleep with me.” Ragini started reciting the story but then she noticed Swara’s playful smirk. “Oh, give me a break. Nothing happened between us, we just cuddled and slept. But this morning, out of nowhere, Bua ji (her conservative aunt) decided to show up in my room and started knocking on the door.

I woke up and woke Laksh up too. We both got scared and Laksh went to hide in the bathroom. When I opened the door, Bua ji just barged in and started to look for him. She was cursing him that how can we share 1 room before our marriage? And then she found him and now you know the rest.” Ragini started laughing slowly hinting at Laksh’s situation. Swara joined in and Laksh noticed both of them laughing. He gave them a death glare saying that he will see them later. Swara felt a little bad for him so she went towards Bua ji to save him.

“Good morning, Bua ji.” Swara joined her hands and Bua ji smiled and blessed her.
“What happened, Bua ji?” Swara innocently asked her whereas Laksh was begging her to save him from this monster aka Bua ji.

“Nothing, beta. This Laksh slept with Ragini last night. God knows what happened in that room last night. Our reputation is ruined.” Bua ji said exaggerating everything whereas everyone in the hall gave her an unbelievable look.
“I am telling you Bua ji nothing happened. By the way, if something would have happened, then what is the problem? I am marrying Ragini anyway.” Laksh said confidently and that was it. Ragini and Swara hit their forehead and thought that he’s gone now.
“Look he is not even repenting. I am so done with this man. God knows why my brother is letting him marrying our innocent Ragini.” Bua ji said by catching his ears whereas Laksh screamed in pain. Ragini innocently looked down whereas Swara and Laksh gave Ragini an unbelievable look on her acting.
“But Bua ji, me Ragini and Laksh together spent the night in Ragini’s room. And then, I went back to my room early morning so that I can change and everything.” Swara made up a lie trying to save Laksh and she succeeded. Bua ji asked Laksh and Ragini If Swara is saying the truth and they both nodded.

“Ok then if you are saying this, Swara beti, I believe you. Or else I wouldn’t leave this Laksh today.” Bua ji said and left from there and trio took a sigh in relief. But Bua ji stopped in middle and turned to ask them, “But where is Sanskar? I haven’t seen him since morning.”
“Sleeping in his room.” Swara said.
“Helping the decorators.” Laksh said
“Shopping for some things.” Ragini said.

They all said in unison and Bua ji got confused. “He is only one then how can he be in 3 different places?” She looked at all of them suspiciously and put her arms on her hips. Now they are in big trouble.
“Vohh…” Swara was trying to come up with the lie but Laksh saved her this time.
“What, Swara? He’s still sleeping? Ragini and I asked him last night to help the decorators this morning and shop for necessary thing. He is so lazy. But Bua ji, we all slept late last night as we were practicing for tonight’s dance.” Laksh said a complete lie with fumbling here and there but hey, the last part was true. He didn’t even know that if he was making any sense or not.
Bua ji was not convinced fully but bought their lie. “Don’t call Sanskar lazy. Since he is here, he is helping all of us so what happened if he is sleeping a little late. Don’t you dare wake him up, you got it?” Bua ji warned them and they all nodded in frustration. How come she loves Sanskar who is the biggest idiot in between all four? But she finally left and they all took a sigh in relief.

“What happened, guys? I couldn’t even sleep fully because of all your loud noises.” Sanskar leaned on Swara’s room door and yawned while scratching his hair.
Trio gave each other a playful smirk and Sanskar noticed them having that stupid smirk signaling him that something is cooking in their head. They all ran to him and pushed him on the floor. Swara and Ragini got a pillow and started beating him. Laksh just started kicking him with his legs.

“What the f**k, guys?… Ok stop it… Oh god, dude it’s hurting… ahhh… I am gonna kill you…” Sanskar was begging them but they didn’t pay any heed to him. Soon the room was full of pillow feathers and they all settled on Swara’s bed leaving Sanskar in pain on the floor. Trio laughed hard seeing his condition.
“What was that for? I couldn’t have done anything in just 2 minutes.” Sanskar said finally getting up and lay on the bed again.

“Nothing, we just didn’t like your peaceful face.” Laksh said and gave a hi-fi to Swara. Ragini frowned a little and went to Sanskar. She pacified him and smacked Laksh’s arm.
“What was the need to kick him with your legs?” Ragini asked Laksh angrily.
“Stop defending your best friend and yourself. Even you were enjoying yourself beating him.” Swara said and winked at Laksh.
Ragini asked sorry from Sanskar and they all busted in laughter. Ragini and Laksh left the room and Swara crawled on top of Sanskar. He caressed her cheeks and pulled her in a kiss. In no time, Swara was underneath Sanskar clutching his hair to pull him closer if that’s even possible. Sanskar had his arm wrapped around her waist and his other hand was caressing her bare thighs.

“I think we should get ready, today is Sangeet.” Swara said in between the kiss whereas Sanskar was smirking. Her hands were saying just the opposite of whatever she was saying from her mouth. Her hands were on his ass now and he pulled his shirt out. Now he was bare chest and her one hand started feeling his perfect built abs.
“I don’t think so.” Sanskar said and started giving open mouth kisses on her neck. She was just moaning his name and enjoying his touch. Suddenly, Ragini knocked on her door telling her that everyone was asking for them and then she left.
“See, told ya.” Swara said and gave him one last kiss.
“I hate this place. No one is ready to give us a moment for privacy.” Sanskar said and frustrated put on his shirt. He pouted and she stood on her toes and gave him a light kiss full of love. They both looked at each other in love and Swara then pushed him out of her room.

“Now go and get freshen up.” Swara said and closed the door. She smiled wholeheartedly reminiscing their moments. She was so happy after such a long time but then, her parents thought came in her mind. She got nervous on how to tell them about Sanskar but then she decided that she would not worry about this until she goes back to New Jersey. She shoved all the thoughts on the back of her head and got ready for the dance practice.

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