Selfless – Swasan ff (Few Shots) 16


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Suddenly, the phone call disturbed their sensuous moment and Sanskar cursed under his breath whereas Swara chuckled.
“What, Lucky?” Sanskar barked on the phone in anger.
“Stop your romance in the room and come outside. This is my wedding and you are my best man. Start realizing your responsibilities and come for the dance practice. This choreographer is here and literally, she is eating my brain. I don’t even know what was the need to flaunt in front of Swara that night.” Laksh said in the same anger and Sanskar admitted that he did a big mistake.
“Ok, I am coming but you will have to pay for this,” Sanskar looked at Swara who was still on him playing with his shirt buttons.
“Yeah, we can deal with that later but right at this moment, just get your ass here.” Laksh said in anger and cursed when the choreographer called him. He cut the phone right then and went for the practice.
“I gotta go right now but I promise that I will complete this soon.” Sanskar winked at her and got up from the bed leaving Swara sitting on the bed.
“But where are you going? Do they need me too?” Swara said getting her dupatta.
“It’s all because of your stupid bet. Swara, how about if we stop this competition and we can go ahead with whatever we were doing now?” he said it huskily and started moving towards her. Sanskar hoped that Swara listens to him but he knew her. She will never loose a chance to tease him and Laksh with their dance moves.
“Mr. Maheshwari, stop right there. This competition is on and the girls’ side will win for sure.” Swara said and quickly ran out of the door. He scratched the back of his hair and left for the practice.
When he entered, he saw that the girl who he assumed to be the choreographer was yelling at Laksh for something. Laksh saw Sanskar and gave a sigh of relief.
“Oh look, who is here? Mrs. Braganza, meet the best man for my wedding Sanskar. And Sanskar, she is our choreographer Mrs. Braganza.” Laksh quickly ran to him and thanked him for coming at the right moment.
“Oh dear, you are so handsome.” Mrs. Braganza pulled him in a big hug and he gulped in fear. Oh god, this is going to be a long night.
“Alright now you guys come to your position.” Mrs. Braganza pulled out of the hug and started giving them their dance lessons for the sangeet which by the way was the next day so they only had 24 hours.
On the other side, Swara joined all the ladies where they were enjoying drinks and music outside with the bonfire in between. She sat beside Ragini all happy and smiled.
“Stop smiling that much, your cheeks will crack.” Ragini said teasing her.
“Oh shut up,” Swara smacked her shoulder.
“May I know what is the reason for that biggest smile of yours?” Ragini said obviously getting curious.
“Me and Sanskar patched up and cleared all our misunderstandings.” Swara said happily.
“Oh my god, I am so happy.” Ragini pulled her in the hug all happily
They both laughed and started chatting with all the others sitting there.
It was late night so they all went to sleep, as they all have to get up early the next day to see the preparations for the sangeet.
Swara went to her bed and changed into shorts and tank top. She laid on her bed all happy thinking about Sanskar and fell asleep. It was probably 3 in the early morning when she felt some movement beside her on the bed. She moved a little but smiled in her sleep when she felt that it was Sanskar. He kissed her on the forehead. “Good night, princess.” Sanskar whispered in her ear and covered her waist with his hand. She moved back close to his chest and they both cuddled and fell asleep.

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