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He quickly sat on the floor in front of her and said, “Please don’t cry. I can do anything but I can’t handle woman crying and you know that. Crying women scares me and now you are scaring me. What should I do? Should I call anyone? Maybe Ragini or Laksh? Please stop crying.” He did not know what to do. He hates when women cry because he never know what to do.
Suddenly, Swara slapped him to make him stop talking. He got shocked and put his hand on his cheek.
“How can I fall for such a big idiot?” Swara said and started sobbing again.

“Did you just call me an idiot?” Sanskar got angry but after a second, when he realized what she said, he didn’t move, as he was that shocked. “Wait, what did you say?”
“I love you, idiot. I love you so much that it hurts and you don’t love me. You kissed me last night because I begged you to. I shouldn’t have crossed my limits, I knew that you can never love me.” And the next second, he kissed her so hard and with so much passion that she forgot everything. They were on her bed with Swara under him still kissing. His hand was underneath her shirt caressing her bare back. Her one hand was clenching her hair and the other one was on his back pulling him more close. They broke the kiss when they were out of breath. He put his forehead against hers and his one hand was caressing her cheeks which were flushed with pink color.
“I love you, Swara. I loved you since the beginning but then I messed up everything so that you could stay away from me. You have no idea how much I controlled myself seeing you in your s*xy shorts or dresses or hell even in suits. I wanted to f**k you since you came here but I controlled myself so that I don’t scare you away. I love you, Swara. I can’t live without you.” Sanskar finally confessed after what seemed like an eternity.

Swara was on cloud nine and she hugged Sanskar like that. She started crying again and this time, Sanskar said, “Oh god, please don’t cry. I should probably call Ragini or Laksh because I don’t know how to handle you right now. Please don’t tell me that you are still drunk from last night or I would kill you.”
“You are the biggest jerk and I don’t know why I love you so much.” Swara said wiping her tears.
“I love you too even when you act like a crazy person.” Sanskar said and pulled her in one more kiss.
Suddenly, Sanskar broke the kiss and confusedly looked at her. On the other hand, she was more confused of why he pulled himself from the kiss.
“Now don’t tell me that you changed your mind of loving me,” Swara said with the pout which broke Sanskar’s thoughts for a minute and urged him to kiss her again. But he had to clear his mind with all the thoughts that were going into his mind.

“Swara, never think that I can stop loving you. I can go to any extent to get you now when you love me too and you have to trust me on it.” Sanskar said sincerely and he just poured his heart in front of his ladylove. Swara saw that honesty in his eyes and tears came in her eyes. How come she got so lucky that she got him as her partner who loves her so much?
“Then why do I sense a “but” coming in your sentence?” Swara said frowning, as she knew that there was something going on in Sanskar’s mind.
“Swara, I did a big mistake that day and there has not been a single second when I have not regretted it…” Sanskar wanted to clear this with her now but she interrupted in between.
“Sanskar, shh. I have forgiven you for that at that time only. It was all my mistake of how I named our relationship that time. That time, we both did terrible mistakes and I have thought about this since I realized that I fell for you. But now if we want to move on, we have to forget our past bad memories so that we can build our beautiful future.” Swara cupped his face and assured him that he has nothing to feel guilty for.

“But I was so wrong. I broke your trust and I don’t even know why you still love me or how could you forgive me so soon? I was such a moron that I hated what I felt for you. I ruined everything and now, you are ready to forgive me. How could I get so lucky that I got you?” Sanskar said and looked at Swara. He still couldn’t figure out all the questions but Swara said something that answered all his questions.

“Well, I read somewhere that if you love someone, you don’t only love his goodness but also, you love all his vice and all the stupidities.” Swara sincerely said and then just kissed him with all her love and passion. Sanskar got tears in his eyes and he equally reciprocated her kiss. It was a kiss of passion, pain and hope for the future.
When they broke the kiss due to out of breathe, she saw his eyes wet. Sanskar quickly wiped them without letting her notice but she did notice and started making fun of him.
“Aww… Dr. Sanskar Maheshwari is crying like a baby.” Swara pulled his cheeks and he frowned.
“What the hell, Swara? Sanskar Maheshwari never cries.” He said with a grin but Swara smirked.
“True. It was just that my eyes were teary and my vision got blurry. I must have misunderstood.” Swara said with a smirk and pecked his lips.
“See, I told you I don’t cry.” Sanskar said and started kissing her nape whereas she closed her eyes feeling his touch after months.

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