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Thank you guys for such lovely comments on all the three ff’s that I wrote. It just made my day so I appreciate you guys commenting and please keep doing that. By the way, my other ff “Love is Stupid” would not be posted until later and I am really sorry for that. Until then, enjoy this ff…

“Swara, I don’t want you to regret it the next morning.” Sanskar softly whispered.
“But, I won’t.” Swara pulled him in another kiss but Sanskar stopped her in the mid.
He put her on bed and pulled the blanket over him. He kissed her forehead and said, “Good night, Swara. Sleep dreams.”
Then, he left the room and went into his. He kicked off his shoes and threw them across the floor. It was getting harder for him to stay away from her when she was feeling the same way as him.
“I can’t do this anymore. I can’t not love her. She is my life and I cannot live without her but at the same time, I can’t tell her how much I love her.” Soon he dozed off too.
Swara woke up with a bad hangover and quickly she stood underneath the cold shower. Then, she suddenly remembered their kiss. Oh god, how will she face him? He does not love her and she being the stupid had to fall for him. “It hurts to love him so much and to stay away from him. I can’t do this anymore, I will tell him today how much I love him and I will fight the consequences after. I can’t live without him and I will convince my parents too.” She quickly got ready and went outside dressed in a suit. She was looking for Sanskar all over the palace but she couldn’t find him.
“Hey Laksh, did you see Sanskar today?” Swara asked him worriedly but he nodded in a no. “I am going to tell this moron about my feelings but he is nowhere to be found. I hate him but I love him too. f**k, I am blabbering now.” Swara said and Laksh started laughing hard. He pulled her in a hug and was happy that finally, she will tell him.
“Actually, I saw him going to the pool in the morning. Maybe, he is still there, but don’t tell him that I told you. He strictly told me not to tell anyone about his whereabouts.” Swara nodded and ran towards the pool. There he was swimming looking hot and s*xy and she saw some girls looking at him, no actually drooling over him.
“Sanskar, get out now.” Swara yelled to which all the girls ran from there. Sanskar was startled by her anger and thought that now she will crush his heart by telling him that she doesn’t want to see him anymore. She would probably blame him for the last night as she was drunk than him.
“Swara, not now. We will talk later.” Sanskar said going back to his swimming.

“If you did not get out of this pool in 2 minutes, I surely will jump into the pool to talk to you and then I will get sick. And then only you know that how bad it is when I get sick.” Swara said trying to emotional blackmail him and it worked. But he thought that she is really angry, as she is ready to jump in the pool. He got out and dried himself with the towel. He wore a shirt and asked her what happened? She did not say anything but dragged him with her. Everyone was looking at them and that embarrassed Sanskar. “Swara let go of my hand. Everyone is watching us.” But Swara didn’t pay any heed to him. On his way, he saw Laksh winking at him and he got more confused.
She dragged him to her room and locked the door. “What the f**k are you doing?” Sanskar asked her in anger but in actual he was scared. He imagined himself in Rohan’s place and a shiver passed through his spine.
She moved closer to him but he stepped back. They both were moving until the wall stopped him. She put both her hands on either side of him and tried to seduce him. “Look, Swara. Last night, you tried to lure and asked me to kiss you. I did not do it myself but you asked me to so I did. Please…” He closed his eyes but sensing nothing happened, he opened his eyes and saw Swara sobbing on the bed. He quickly sat on the floor in front of her and said, “Please don’t cry. I can do anything but I can’t handle woman crying and you know that. Crying women scares me and now you are scaring me. What should I do? Should I call anyone? Maybe Ragini or Laksh? Please stop crying.” He did not know what to do. He hates when women cry because he never know what to do.

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