Selfless – Swasan ff (Few Shots) 13


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She just wore a black dress and loosened her hair. She got out of the room when Rohan bumped into her.
“Hey, beautiful.” She could see he was drunk so she tried to ignore him.
“Will you please excuse me?” Swara said but he against blocked her way.
“But you are looking so s*xy that I want to sleep with you.” Rohan said in a drunken state.
Sanskar was passing by but he noticed Rohan misbehaving with Swara. He leaned on the door and counted, “1,2, and 3…”
Just then, Swara kicked Rohan in his groin and he shouted in pain. Even Sanskar felt a little pain but then saw Swara still kicking Rohan.
“I am getting late and here you are trying to flirt with me. You moron, idiot, dickhead…”

Sanskar quickly ran and stopped Swara from kicking him. “Leave me, Sanskar. I am already tensed about the surprise and here this moron is trying to flirt with me.” Sanskar picked her up and signaled Rohan to run. He ran like he was saving his life from this bloodthirsty woman. “Idiot spoiled my hair.”
Sanskar made her stand on the floor and chuckled. “Is it okay now?” she combed her hair with her hands and asked Sanskar how she was looking. Then, he noticed her from head to toe. She was looking s*xy as hell and he doesn’t blame Rohan to flirt with her.
He moved towards her ear and huskily whispered, “s*xy as hell,” After saying this; he went outside leaving her blushing.

She took Ragini to her own bridal shower and seeing the decorations, Ragini got happy. Everyone was enjoying too much and Ragini couldn’t ask for better. She hugged Swara so tight and they all enjoyed her bridal shower. They played so many games and in between, she noticed that Ragini’s cousins drool over Sanskar. They watch him swimming early in the morning only wearing shorts. Swara was so jealous but then, she thought that they are not his type so she just smiled. They all drank without Ragini of course and danced. It was one of the best nights they had and Ragini was so thankful to Swara.

Even Sanskar and Laksh were enjoying with their friends drinking and talking about girls. Everyone returned to their rooms but Swara and Sanskar bumped into each other. Swara fell into his arms and they both were on the floor having a beautiful eye lock. Sanskar broke it first and helped Swara to get up. She moved towards him in a drunken state and seductively, moved her finger on his cheeks.
“Swara…” he closed his eyes feeling her other hand on his flat stomach, which was on its way down.

“Kiss me, Sanskar.” His eyes were open wide and he looked at her biting her lip looking at the floor. His dick again stood like a commander but he controlled himself, as he knew that she was drunk. He could actually feel his balls weeping in her presence. He took a step back but Swara was right there with him. She took a step towards him and pulled him close. “Please…”

That’s all it took for Sanskar to loose his control. He pulled her tight against him and gently pressed his lips on hers. He swiped his tongue over hers and a groan rips from his gut as it has waited all his life to come out. A burst of passion released from both of them like they have never known. They have waited for two months for a kiss just like this. She run her hands up his T-shirt and warms herself over his skin. He pulls her in tight, and she jumps up on his waist, wrapping her legs around him as if he was a life raft-her lips never leaving his. They both were indulged in their ecstasy that they didn’t even realize that they were in Swara’s room-the hard-on blooming in his jeans could attest to the passion they were feeling.

A series of soft groans emit from her and it takes everything in him not to ride his hands up her dress’ zip and pull it down-not to take her greedily on her bed, if she wanted him to, and something told him she more than wanted to. She reached down and played with the button of his jeans, and he caught her hand in flight.
“No,” he whispered, dotting her lips with a kiss.
“Yes,” she pants trailing her molten lips to his ears huskily.
“Swara, please no” he left her hand and looked in her hungry and desperate eyes. She put her hand on his hard on and whispered.
“Someone might disagree,” she teased him.

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