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“Let’s go then.” Sanskar took his wallet and keys of the car and opened the door.
“Where?” Swara stood confused.
“To the market to get all the things you need.” Sanskar said not knowing what she wants.
“You are going with me?” Swara asked in confusion.
“Yeah,” Sanskar said in the same tone.
“Won’t the workers be missing you?” Swara said sarcastically.
“Now what does that supposed to mean?” Sanskar leaned on the door.
“Well, I noticed how you are keeping yourself so busy that you don’t even have time for us.” Swara said still frustrated on how Laksh asked him to handle things when they were having their perfect moment.
“Oh no, it’s ok. Other people are here to help them and I am not letting you go alone knowing how you strive to do many adventures when you are outside alone.” Sanskar said sarcastically and he was trying to keep himself busy so that he doesn’t run into Swara again and again.
“It’s not funny. Now let’s go, I have other work to do other than fighting with you.” Swara said and walked outside of the door. He closed the door and waited for Swara. “I am waiting now.”
“Whom are you waiting for?” Swara stopped walking and asked.
“Don’t tell me that you are going out like this?” He pointed at her clothes still controlling him from kissing her.
“What is wrong with these clothes? They look new to me.” Swara said looking over again.
“I am not going with you like this and also, it is kind of chilly outside.” Sanskar said and Swara realized what he meant. So, she quickly went inside and changed into a huge sweatshirt and jeans with sneakers. She got her handbag and they both went to the market. It took Swara 2 hours to do shopping and she didn’t let Sanskar pay any bills.

When they were on their way back, Sanskar asked, “What are you doing with so much stuff?”
“It is a bridal shower, you stupid. It takes a lot more but I brought gifts from home so I will work with only this much stuff.” Swara said.
“So who is helping you?” Sanskar asked her
“Of course you.” Swara casually said and he stopped the car.
“Wait, what?” Sanskar asked her but Swara did not look at his eyes.
“You are going to help me as I don’t know anyone here.” Swara said with her puppy dog eyes.
“I hate when you make that stupid face,” Sanskar said and started the car.
“So you and me will do all the work and then, we have to invite her cousins to the shower. Then you get out and we all are going to enjoy.” Swara said excitingly.
“What will I get in return?” Sanskar smirked.
“Whatever you want.” Swara said and completely regretted it. He is as naughty as she is and last time she said, he made her his servant for the whole day. “Wait, no. I take that back.”
“No, I like that idea.” Sanskar grinned remembering how she was begging for him to stop ordering the last time.
“I don’t want to be your servant again.” Swara quickly said but he shrugged her shoulders.
“It’s my choice.” Sanskar said and stopped in front of the palace.
They both collected the shopping bags and went to one of the halls to decorate it. They both told Laksh about the surprise bridal shower for Ragini and he send some workers to help them out. They both started working and after an hour Swara was feeling so hungry. She quickly sat down and thinking what to do. She could feel Sanskar hungry too so she told him that she would come in 5 minutes. She arranged food for everyone who was working for this party and asked all of them to sit down. Everyone sat on the floor happily and even Swara sat with them too. She signaled Sanskar to come and pat on the space on her side. He also sat with her and all of them started eating. He could see how much she was enjoying and he knew that she was hungry because she ate so much. After the lunch, they all went back to their work. After three hours, the hall was turned into a Tiffany bridal shower. It looked so pretty and Swara hugged Sanskar in excitement. She thanked him for his help and then they both went outside. Swara went to Ragini’s room to get ready and Sanskar went outside to go check if anyone needs him.
“Wear this and come out in half an hour.” Swara ordered Ragini making her confused.
“But where are we going? This is such a pretty dress, why am I wearing it?” Ragini looked at the beautiful blue gown and asked her.
“We are going to my friends’ birthday party. She invited me so I thought to take you too.” Swara said making an excuse.
“Did anyone tell you before that how bad you are at lying?” Ragini asked.
“No, why?” After realizing what Ragini said, Swara defended, “But I am not lying.” Ragini continued to stare at her until she gave up and said, “ I can’t tell you but just get ready.”
Swara closed the door and quickly went to get ready.

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