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“Where the hell were you? I was looking for you all over. You are my maid of honor so you have to have some responsibility like how Sanskar is doing for Laksh. You, Swara, are not fulfilling your responsibilities.” Ragini angrily said and Swara busted out laughing. Sanskar and Laksh joined them and Swara straightened her back sensing Sanskar right in front of him.
“What happened, darling? Are you jealous of boys’ side preparations?” Laksh back hugged her and said that in her ears. Oh boy, he provoked two women who were not going to leave him.
“I am not being jealous. I was just warning Swara about how she is so careless. Since she came here, she is a little lost.” Ragini said scrutinizing her face but Swara covered up well. Even Sanskar was sensing something different in Swara but he could not pinpoint on what? Swara averted her gaze and tried to come up with something but Sanskar staring her made her feel self-conscious.
“Well, we are the best so it is natural that you guys feel jealous.” Sanskar said tried to lighten up the mood.
“Oh really. Let’s see. How about a little competition of dance in the lady sangeet? Let’s see who is the best?” Now
Swara came back with a bang.

“Yes, Swara. Now you seem like a true maid of honor.” Ragini said and gave her a hi-fi.
“Yeah sure, so are you ready to loose?” Sanskar took a step forward and pointed at her with his finger.
Swara smacked his finger with hers and said, “You are the worst dancer I have ever see. How come you put this confident self in front of me?” Swara said and Ragini started laughing. Sanskar and Laksh gulped hard and tried to come up with something but Swara and Ragini flipped their hair and left them alone scared.
“Why would you say that we are the best?” Sanskar punched his shoulder.
“What the hell, bro? Be confident and we will win.” Laksh tried to cheer him up but even; he knew that Swara dances really well.
“We need a really nice choreographer who can put up with the worst dancers like us.” Sanskar said and Laksh agreed. They both were about to go when Swara came again to him and whispered to them, “Guys, do you want some tips for dancing well?” They both nodded like kids and there, she wanted to kiss Sanskar’s pout but controlled and said, “Go to Google and search how to learn dance in a week.” They both pulled their phone out of their pockets and started searching but when they heard girls laughing behind them with Swara, they understood that Swara was making fun of them.
“You…” Sanskar warned her and he ran behind her. Ragini and Laksh winked at each other and Laksh gave her a flying kiss. She blushed and went with the girls. On the other side, Swara was running and Sanskar behind him. She was standing behind the chair and still laughing. “You can’t get out from here without me catching you. And then, I’ll teach you some steps of how to dance.”
Swara started laughing and stuck out her tongue, “Oh come on, Sanskar. Where is your sportsmanship? I can smell the sadness of a looser from you.”
“I am going to win and you will loose,” Sanskar said unsure of himself. Man, he did not even know how to dance.
“What are you thinking, Sanskar? Oh sorry, you are probably thinking of how to face me after you loose. It’s ok, I still talk to people who are losers.” She winked at him and ran from there. Sanskar got shocked seeing the real Swara back. She was so open to him like before. He just stood there confused while Swara slipped out.

The next morning,
Should she go in or should she not? After debating this for 15 minutes outside his door, she decided to just barge in. She opened his door and loudly said, “Sanskar, I need a favor.”
But the scene in front of her shocked her. He was standing in front of the mirror combing his hair but what shocked her was he standing there in just a towel. His still wet body made her thirsty.
“What the…” Sanskar quickly turned towards Swara but she turned the opposite way and closed her eyes.
“Sorry, I should have knocked before barging in like this. I should go.” Swara was about to close the door behind her without looking at it but Sanskar stopped her.
“Hey, Swara. Wait a minute.” Sanskar quickly put his clothes on and asked her to turn. To be on a safe side, she opened her one eye and when she saw him fully clothed, she opened her eyes and sighed in relief. But he was looking like a Greek God in black shirt and jeans. His bare muscles were calling to her and his wet hair was dripping. On the other side, she was still in her shorts and a tank top. He was so close to lock the door and have his own way with her. His bed was so close to her that he wanted to pull her and just kiss her and then make love to her.
“I need a favor,” Swara finally said and sat on his bed. He took a deep breath and asked her what?
“Well, yesterday when Ragini was yelling at me for not being a good maid of honor, I realized that I haven’t even threw a Bridal shower. It is my job to do it so I was wondering if I get a car and a driver, I can go to the store and then just shop for things needed for the perfect bridal shower.” Swara said and looked for an answer.
“So what do you want me to do?” Sanskar said crossing his arms.
“You moron, I am asking for a car and a driver. Didn’t I just say that?” Swara said impatiently.
“But it’s 7 in the morning and no driver is available for now. They all went to pick some guests from the airport.” Sanskar shrugged his shoulders and went back to grab his phone.
“But I am hosting the shower tonight. How am I going to decorate everything if I don’t have any stuff?” Swara put her chin on her hands and started chewing her cheeks again hinting that she is in a deep thought.

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