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“I am going to go crazy by the end of this month.” She did not know how to get outside of the palace so that she can get some fresh air. But she did not know the way so she waited for Sanskar to get out. She went to her room and let the door stay open so she knows when Sanskar get out. She decided to unpack her clothes until he gets back. After 20 minutes, his door opened and he saw Swara busy in dragging the luggage out of her way. It looked heavy and Swara was struggling with it. He did not know if he should help her, he knew that he was just pushing his own buttons by being so close to Swara but he couldn’t help.
“Here, let me help.” Sanskar offered and Swara’s heartbeat was running wild as he was just right behind her.
“Woah, this luggage is heavy. Did you put stones in your luggage?” He joked and they both laughed. After putting the luggage aside, he asked her, “What are you still doing here? The function is about to start.”

“Actually, I was waiting for you. I don’t know how to get out. This palace is like a maze.” Swara said.
“Oh well, you will get used to it.” He held her hand and they went outside without even realizing that they were holding their hands. As soon as they got out, Ragini pulled Swara aside and they both started dancing. Sanskar was just staring at her laughing and dancing.
“Bro, what are you doing in there? Let’s go.” Laksh dragged him and went to the bar.
Everyone was enjoying when Sanskar noticed that Swara wasn’t there with Ragini. She might have slipped out somewhere as the people can easily intimidate her. He took two beer bottles and went in search for her. He went towards the pool and there he saw her rubbing her arms trying to keep her warm. She was deep in her thoughts as she was doing that thing with her cheeks in between her teeth whenever she is lost in thinking. He went behind her and put an arm around her offering beer. She smiled knowing that it was Sanskar so she accepted it.
“It’s so peaceful here.” Swara said sipping in the drink.

“It is.” Sanskar said looking at her and she could smell that he had too much of a drink.
“You should stay away from Ragini, right now. You smell like you just poured tequila all over your clothes. Sanskar scratched his hair and grinned. That’s it for Swara. Seeing him like that, she wanted to kiss him, wanted to feel him without the barrier of these clothes but she somehow controlled herself.
“Yeah, she will kill me but I am careful around her.” Sanskar smirked and she smiled. They sat on the grass when Swara leaned on his shoulder. They both were drinking beer and sat there in the comfortable silence cherishing this moment. Neither of them spoke and neither of them had an urge to speak. But Laksh ruined this moment of theirs by his voice. He was looking for Sanskar so they both parted and Sanskar got up. They both went towards him and asked him what happened?
“Sanskar, you have to help me out here. Rohan had a lot of drinks and he is now doing that drunken drama. If Ragini saw it, she will kill me. Please go and handle him and in the meanwhile, I’ll keep Ragini away.
Sanskar ran from there and Swara just stood there frustrated with Laksh. “You are impossible,” Swara muttered underneath her breath cursing Laksh.
“Now what happened to you?” Laksh asked her and she got tears in her eyes. “Hey, I am sorry. Did I do something wrong? Did Sanskar say something again?” She nodded in a no and then he said, “Then, why are you crying?”
“I don’t know.” Swara said in between her sobs and continued crying.

“What the f**k is wrong with you, woman? You don’t know why are you crying?” Laksh got irritated.
“No I know why I am crying but I don’t know what I am crying in front of you.” Swara said confused by herself and Laksh was confused as hell
“Just tell me why are you crying?” Laksh asked her.
“Because I love him.” Swara sat down and started crying. Laksh thought he did not hear anything clear so he sat beside her and caressed her hair.
“What?” Laksh asked again to make sure what he heard was right
“Moron, I love Sanskar.” Swara said and hugged him.
“So should I be happy or sad?” Laksh asked her not knowing what she wanted to hear from her.
“I don’t even know myself. I can’t control myself when he’s around me. “ Swara confessed and looked at Laksh for an answer.
“Oh, it happens a lot with me. I can’t seem to control myself when Ragini is with me. It’s like I just want to make love to her 24/7. At least she is the sane one in this relationship who can handle me well.” Laksh said and smiled thinking about Ragini.
“Now what should I do?” Swara asked her.
“Just tell him.” Laksh said casually.

“No way, I am not doing anything like that.” Swara defended herself and just leaned on his shoulder. Laksh nodded and then said, “So control yourself for a month and then you will go to your way and he will go to his own way.”
Swara gulped hard and said, “But I love him.”
“What do you want me to do then?” Laksh said but what he really wanted to say is that Sanskar loves you too. Just tell him and then figure out together how to tell your parents. But then, he thought this was not his place to say all this and he wanted both of them to figure out together.
“What am I even talking about? It is your marriage and you should be enjoying. Here I am telling you my problems.” Swara said, she stood up and then asked him to get up too. Talking to him about her problems did not help her at all so she figured that she would solve it by herself.
“You never felt like this before but instead, you shared every little secret of yours and now you are shutting everyone out from your life. Don’t do that, Swara. I can see how much these problems are eating you from inside so my advice to you is fight these problems instead of just shoving them inside your big and selfless heart.” Laksh caressed her head and then went from there. He left her alone so that she can figure out what she has to do. Indirectly, he told him to tell her feelings to Sanskar and now its up to her.
Swara just sat there for some more time to clear her mind before she meets Ragini.

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