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Hi guys, guess who is back. I know, I know that I still have to complete my other ff but this idea just popped up in my mind and I really wanted to share it with you. I am blanking out on my other ff so I am taking a break with that one. Coming to this ff, I hope you guys like this and you will be happy to hear that I will post updates really quick so you won’t have to wait. Enjoy and please tell me if you liked this or not. Warning, this update is really long….

She throws her head back and moans louder. “Yes…Yes…Sanskar.” He was cursing and calling her name, both of them almost mindless. Out of control. Because it feels that f**king good. She screams his name, and then he knows that she is coming. God, how he loved her voice. And then she is contracting all around him-her legs against his thighs, her hands on his shoulders-all clenching stiff. And he is there with her.
“Swara, Swara…f**k…Swara.”

He thrust up again and again and they came long and hard. His head falls against the pillow by her side. After the spasms died down, his arms come up around Swara, bringing her chests together and her head against his neck. He could feel her heartbeat start to return to normal. “God, it gets better every time.”
Now she was smiling and said, “You too? I thought it was just me.” He caressed her head and said sweetly, “No, I feel that too.” They both looked at each other and suddenly, Swara got up and hurried to put her clothes back.

Sanskar got confused and said, “Where are you going now? It is just midnight.”
She said while putting her pants, “Ragini will kill me. Remember, I have an interview and you know how she is. She has to make sure that I get enough sleep so I can kick some ass in the interview tomorrow.” She took her handbag, kissed him, and then got out of his dorm room. She hurriedly went to her dorm and saw her roommate, Ragini, sitting and reading a novel. She looked at the figure that is sitting on her bed doing something on his laptop. She smacked the arm of that figure with her handbag and said, “Get up from my bed, Laksh. I hate it when you sit on my bed knowing how much I get irritated.”
“I am not getting up. Your bed is too soft for me to abandon it just like that.” Laksh said without making any move. She looked at Ragini for help but she did not want to get between best friends.

“Ragini, ask your boyfriend to get up from my bed. I need to sleep.” Swara was literally begging her and but she did not pay any heed. When she saw Ragini being indifferent, Swara looked at Laksh and whispered, “if you did not get up from my bed in 2 minutes, I will tell about the ring that you are hiding from her in your closet.” Laksh stared at her wide-eyed and quickly looked at Ragini hoping she did not hear what Swara said. Swara said checking her watch, “1 minute and 20 seconds left.” Laksh quickly got his stuff out of his bed, he quickly straightened her sheets and went to sit on the carpet floor, muttering “And here, I thought you are my best friend.” Ragini looked at them confusedly and suspiciously asked, “What secret she has on you that made you listen her?”
Laksh got nervous and stammered, “ Noth…nothing, Ragini. I just love her and that is why I listened her.”

Swara set her handbag on the side table and muttered, “Yeah, right?”
Ragini said, “Why don’t I believe you? You guys are like Tom and Jerry who can’t even eat without teasing each other and now you are telling me that you love her.” She raised her eyebrows like she smelled some conspiracy.
Swara jumped in Laksh’s defense. How much she hates him but she knows that he is her best friend who is going to propose her other best friend cum soul sister. Laksh has been with her since she can remember like her big brother, so she said “Ragini, forget it. You know him, he gets afraid with even a little mosquito. Why to scare him with your big eyes? He would not be able to sleep tonight.” Ragini chuckled knowing that Swara will leave no stone turned in teasing him. Swara made a apologetic face to Laksh but he gave her a death glare saying I-will-see-you-later.
“Right, Swara. The same way you get scared when someone catches you with a smell that clearly shows how much you just enjoyed having s*x with my roommate.” Laksh stuck out a tongue and Swara choked. Oh, how much she was embarrassed at that. Ragini chuckled again enjoying their silly fight. With popcorns in her hand, she would have had a perfect movie feeling but sadly, there was no movie and no popcorns in her hand. Swara smacked his arm and he slapped her forehead.
Sensing their physical fight was about to start, Ragini interrupted, “Guys, just go back to sleep. Swara, you have an interview tomorrow so you have to look your best and Laksh, you go to sleep too. I will see you tomorrow.”
Laksh and Swara who were enjoying this silly fight of theirs stopped fighting. Swara took her nightclothes and went to the bathroom to give them a little privacy for the goodbye. Laksh gave her a peck on her lips and caressed her cheek. “I love you,” Laksh said and Ragini’s heart just jumped from her mouth. Even though, she heard these words a hundred times now but she will never get used to it. She again pecked his lips and said, “I love you too.” And then he bid her goodbye, went to his room where he saw Sanskar already sleeping. He and Sanskar had a special bond as they both were more than roommates and best friends. He always wanted Swara and Sanskar to be in relationship but Swara being Swara did not want to upset her parents choosing her life partner as her parents were a little conservative when it comes to marriage. Therefore, Swara did not want to fall in love so her heart does not break. At the end of the day, her parents will choose her life partner for her. And she labeled her and Sanskar’s relationship as “f**k buddies.” He was so disappointed with Swara and Sanskar but he knew that there was some spark between them that they could not see. When it comes to Sanskar, Laksh was still confused. Sanskar portrayed himself as indifferent towards Swara naming their relationship like that and always said, “Stop it, bro! She does not want a serious relationship and what’s better than that. Her and I are enjoying our life, let’s just leave it on that.” Laksh went to sleep in no time and on the other side, Ragini and Swara too.
The next morning, Swara got ready for her interview with the man that she always looked up to. Dr. Smith was a cardiologist and he was looking for an intern to pass the torch to and she wanted that job so bad. She was preparing for this day since 4 years and now this day was here. So why was she nervous as hell? Why her every vein in the body was shouting for some help? She got ready in a pencil skirt and with a jacket on the white shirt, looking as professional and s*xy as she can. She put her hair up in a loose bun hoping to impress him with her professionalism and her intelligence. She once again looked in the mirror and when she got satisfied, she took her handbag checking if she put all the papers that she needed. Ragini came and hugged her wishing her good luck. Even Laksh came early in the morning to wish her luck. Ragini secretly took a picture of this epic moment and stored a memory of them hugging in her phone so that she can tease them after. She was about to go but Sanskar came all of a sudden. She smiled in relief seeing Sanskar but Laksh and Ragini were laughing seeing Sanskar with shorts and messed up hair. It looked like he didn’t even brush his teeth yet but Sanskar cared less. He kissed Swara and wished her luck. He knew how important this interview was for her so he wished her luck. Swara smiled and went to take the interview.
Dr. Smith: Dr. Swara, I am really impressed by all your work and the dedication that you showed. I see in your file how you went to Nicaragua to help the people there with hygiene.
Swara: Thank you, Dr. Smith. I can confidently say that Nicaragua was one of the best experiences I had.
Dr. Smith: I am really impressed. So, are you free from the next week?
Swara: I am sorry. Dr. Smith.
Dr. Smith: I mean if you really need this job, why not start it soon so that I can retire early too.
Swara: You mean I got this job.
She was trying so hard to hide the enthusiasm but she knew she failed when she saw him chuckling.
Dr. Smith: It would be stupid of me not to appoint you.
After this interview, Swara was on cloud nine. She finally got the job of which she was dreaming since she got in the medicine school. She thought how everyone will be so proud of her especially her parents. She called her parents and told them the good news. Shekher and Sumi were so happy that they were ready to distribute sweets to their neighborhood even though they lived in New Jersey. They were so proud of her and why won’t they be? She was the only daughter of them and she never disappointed them.
After her conversation with her parents, she quickly went to her college. It was the last semester of their school and now, everyone was getting ready for the jobs that they wanted to work in. Ragini and Laksh got their dream job and Sanskar too. Swara was the last one and now she was the happiest person. Now she understood why Sanskar was throwing fits when he got his dream job. She decided to go to Sanskar first to tell him the good news. She turned the knob of the door but what she saw snatched her breath right out of her lungs. Sanskar was laying on the bed where he was busy f**king another girl. Her tears blurred her vision and she took the support of the table right beside her. That alerted Sanskar and when he looked up, he saw Swara standing with tears in her eyes. He cursed under her breath and quickly got up from the bed guilty. She saw the girl and it was no shock to her that it was that same girl who flirted with Sanskar every single day, Kavita.

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