Selfless – Swasan ff (Epilogue) 24

Thank you so much guys for all the lovely comments and as you asked, I am giving you guys an epilogue because you guys have been so good to me till now. This epilogue is for all you guys who have been supporting me since I started and I hope to get tons of comments for this. Please please please comment on this epilogue and I promise as this is the last time I am uploading, I will reply to all your comments. So here we go 🙂

The whole day today has been a hustle and the cherry on the top would be that my stomach is killing me. It’s my fourth month but it hurts like hell. I hope nothing is wrong with our baby and to make sure, I thought to go to my gynecologist before I go home.
“Well, everything looks perfect to me. We can do some blood tests to make sure about the baby.” The doctor continued and I sighed in relief, “You just have to take care of yourself more which I am sure you will because of your husband.” We both laughed as whenever Sanskar was here with me, he would ask so many questions from her. She would get irritated and I was flushed with embarrassment. “By the way, where is he today? I am surprised that he didn’t join you.”
“Well, he doesn’t know that I am here. My stomach was killing me so I thought not to worry him with unnecessary problems.” I said and she nodded. She was still concentrating hard on her screen.
“Do you want to know the s*x now?” She suddenly asked and I was shocked.
“But isn’t it too early?” I asked in a worried tone.
“No Swara, it seems like your baby is too curious.” She smiled and I nodded. “It’s a boy.” My baby boy, oh my god. She finished her work and gave me the sonogram pictures.
I went home after work but no one was in the living room. I went upstairs to the nursery room and there, I saw Sanskar changing the diaper of our baby girl, Mia. They both are my life and now, our baby boy will join our family. My happiness knows no bounds. Our life is as perfect as Sanskar promised during our marriage. It’s been 3 years of our marriage but I still cannot get used to him. He makes everyday of my life special. I just stood at the door watching them without making any noises. I wouldn’t want to miss this dad-daughter talk. Did I tell you guys that he talks nonsense with Mia who is just 1 year old?

“You know, your mama is beautiful and she gave me such a cute gift as in you. She made me a better man and gave you to me. And now, she is pregnant again so you will get a sibling. But right now, you gotta help me out with this diaper,” He was trying so hard to make her still but she was kicking her legs and speaking baby words, “Mia, be still baby or how else would we make you clean? You know, you are going to be a big girl and have to fight this world. We are going to make you join a karate class so you can kick everyone’s ass,” he coughed at the taboo word and said, “Scratch that, you have to beat the guys who will tease you. We both will go to the karate class tomorrow and will register you in that class. I am not taking any chances with my princess, are you with me?” He did his job and was playing with her. He is such a child when it comes to Mia. I mean who makes his one-year-old daughter join a karate class. I will never understand him and his made up dad responsibilities.
I went downstairs to the kitchen and starting going through our mails. After fifteen minutes, he came downstairs and back hugged me.
“What happened? You got late today,” he asked me
“I went to the gynecologist for something.” I told him and suddenly, his face turned into a worried face from a happy face.
“Is everything okay? You actual appointment is day after tomorrow, isn’t it?” He was worried clearly
“Nothing wrong. I just went to her for something that you won’t understand. By the way, she assured me that everything’s fine and our baby and me are both healthy.” I said and kissed him. He sighed in relief and kissed me back passionately and with so much love. His every single kiss lits my whole heart and I start getting butterflies in my stomach like it’s the first time he kissed me. When we broke the kiss, I remembered the pictures that the doctor gave me. I got out of his grip and he frowned like a child. I went to my bag and took out the pictures to give him. He took it confusedly and raised his eyebrows in confusion. I urged him to open the envelope and when he looked at it, there was nothing in his expression to give away.
“What about these pictures?” he asked me and looked closely.

“Look again and closely,” I told him and he again looked.
“Is that a p*nis?” He asked and I busted in laughter. Are you kidding me? When I looked at his face again, I thought he was going to cry.
“We are having a boy.” I told him and kissed him again. If it was up to him, he would have so many baby girls roaming our house. He told me once that he wants girls just like me and it melted me. He never fails to surprise and makes me fall in love with him again.
He picked me up and twirled me around. He kissed me again filled with so much love. He held my hand and went towards the door. He unlocked it and stepped into the font yard and yelled, “We are having a baby boy.” I bet that half of the world knows that we are having a boy. He’s such a child but this is not even half of what happened during Mia. He literally picked the doctor up and yelled that we are having a girl in the hospital. Everyone in the hospital knew that it’s a girl and then, he called every single person he knew to tell the news of our girl. These little moments are what I cherish. He’s everything I wanted and much more than that.
He closed the door and picked me up and said, “I love you so much.”
“I thought you might want to tell this to the world too by yelling.” I teased him and he grinned.
“I just did,” he said and kissed me long and hard. Life can’t be perfect than this. Him, Mia, and now our baby boy.

Thank you for all the support and please comment… 😉

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