SELFISH! ( Chapter 2) ( Kanchi or SANveer)

Hello everyone! Thank u for the Great comments❤️ So let’s continue
Sanchi sleeps Thinking about The Question.
Sanchi wakes up by A Knock on the door.
Sanchi: Who is this At Midnight and she groans.
Then She openes the door and sees Veer there.
Veer bends Down And says Come back to my life ( just like in the show)
Sanchi Frowns And says No. please go back And closes the door on him. Sanchi starts Crying? Veer Finally opens the door and hugs Sanchi. But Sanchi pushes him back.
Sanchi: Thinks About Kabir And her Mission. Thinks about Her love….

Sanchi: Veer I Just can’t…
Veer: please Sanchi I’m soo Sorry?
Then Jaya comes and Says Hello to veer. She whispers In Sanchi’s ear. Beta think about Who loves u and trusts u like you should be… Don’t think about who u love. Think about ur mission as well…
Sanchi nods and jaya walks away. Sanchi tells Veer she needs time and veer nods His head sadly and Goes Out. Sanchi is really confused. She Calls Kabir But Kabir dosent pick up. She calls the second time and Kabir picks up.
Sanchi: Sir… I….

Kabir: Sanchi Im really sorry For Not Trusting u! My Idol is a murder. I’m so ashamed.
Sanchi: It’s ok. My days are Just off.
Kabir smiles.
Kabir: Sanchi I’m coming to ur house
Sanchi confused.
Sanchi: why Sir?
Kabir Smiles

Kabir: Call me Dr. Kabir
Sanchi smiles
Sanchi: ok but why ru coming?
Kabir grins

Kabir: it’s to make ur days Better! I have an plan.
Meanwhile Veer Has an plan as well! Who’s plan will Sanchi use. Who will be the pair. ???? Find out soon! Byeee

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  1. Hope the pair is kaanchi……. Update soon

    1. Sanveer

      Thanks for Commenting Amnaa! The pair will be revealed in next chapter! Stay tuned!!

  2. Priyanshipp

    I hope it’s kaanchi nd rest is ur’s choice dear. Interesting episode. Post soon.

    1. Sanveer

      Thanks dear. This chapter Was supposed to Reveal the pair but I Had some Issues with telly updates?so I had to Make My Chapter shorter. U will know the pair in next episode!

  3. Sanveer

    Everyone this chapter had lots of errors. I’m sorry about that

  4. Aafiya

    It was awesome… Hope for Kanchi.. Post soon… Take care…

  5. Amazing epsd dear nd really hp 4 kanchi..

  6. Amazing one…. Hope for sanveer

  7. Anee

    Wow Amazing Sanveer

  8. Anu88

    Awesome episode yaar……… please yaar make it kanchi ff…… u lots dear

  9. Niyaaa

    Awsome yaar nd same here hope for kaanchi.. ?? loved it post nxt asap.. bye tc??

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