SELFISH! ( Chapter 1)

Hello everyone! I’m soo happy to be back! The reason I wasn’t Posting is because of the current track in the show! Now the track is clearing up and I decided to post again! I’m posting My new ff with the pair … I will tell u guys soon! But u may remember! ( New teaser) Hope u enjoy!

Sanchi: My identity Is Out! I’m out of The hospital! Veer…. never supported me. Sanchi starts crying
Jaya comes and sees Sanchi crying. She Hugs Sanchi to make her feel better.
Jaya: Sanchi are u crying because of Veer? Answer me?
Sanchi stops crying.
Sanchi: yes… I love him and He never supported me.
Jaya: My Sanchi.. beta he doesn’t deserve u! He doesn’t love you! If he did he would trust u! And Sanchi Isha told me about Kabir! He seems to love u truely
Sanchi Sighs.

Jaya: Sanchi try ur best to stay away from Veer. He is just like his father.
Sanchi Gets angry.
Sanchi: Maa please don’t say anything about him!
Jaya smiles
Jaya: u love him truely but he dosent and she pats Sanchi’s shoulder and walks away
Sanchi thinks and thinks. Does Kabir Love Her truely And Veer… dosent? Then She Goes to sleep thinking about the question. Guys I know this didn’t have SANveer or Kanchi scenes but I decided to start this ff this way. Should I continue? I’ll post soon❤️

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  1. Anee

    off-course continue it dear…and wellcome back..dear good to see you.

    1. Sanveer

      Thanks dear? good to see u too

  2. Ashnita456

    Yes dear u should continue this. It’s amazing pliz post next asap.

  3. Niyaaa

    Awsome yaar… continue this..pst nx asap

    1. Sanveer

      Thank u! Love ur ffs❤️

  4. Continue it…

    1. Sanveer

      Thanks dear

  5. Anu88

    So so beautiful promo yaar…… please yaar make it kanchi ff…….love u dear

    1. Sanveer

      Thank u! Love u too! And The pair…. Ur Wish might Come true?

  6. Seems interesting…continue soon…

    1. Sanveer

      Thanks Sanjukta?

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