Seed of love in the path of revenge Episode 4

It was a sad dusky morning in the bhalla house .adarsh had stayed there
Dadi was watching the news when a headline popped
Raman kumar bhalla who was accused of having a relationship with model preetika rao and gotten her pregnant and reportedly at that time declined that relationship but now a video has been received which proves to be true here is the video
I love you preetika rao would you do the honor and be mine
I love you to
Raman picked up the glitter and poured it into her forehead and said now you are. Mine forever and they consummated
Everyone was shocked
Dadi started crying
So yeh sach tha and we all blamed insulted preeti for no reason at all
Yes dado this is the truth preetika aunty was innocent and yes she was pregnant but with Ramans child
Did you know this???
Yes I knew this
Now you are having fun mr Raman kumar bhalla I can’t reverse what happened with my mother and father but can bring them to justice
How old are you
Yes I’m your daughter the daughter whom you didn’t call your own and I will surely get you punished for putting my parent in coma
But I didn’t do anything
You pushed mom from cliff and dad fell while saving her
It was an accident , she was clinging on so I had to push her
Preetika is clinging to raman saying u can’t do this to me
Raman pushed preetika and she fell from the cliff and manik who saw this tried to save her but in vain
Fb ends
I don’t care and tell this to the police
During that time the police officers came and said
Mr Raman kumar bhalla you have been proven guilty in the push and run case of preetika rao
Everyone was shocked
Will Raman be released
Aditya confronting aro about his feelings for her

5 year leap
Aro a super model and singer
Aryan a business tycoon and singer
Coming to India

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