Seed of love in the path of revenge Episode 3

Episode 3
Everyone was in a sudden shock
All were sad and had a common expression except aro she was like her oxygen pump was taken from her aryan went to her
Aro relax it could be that this news is false
Aro in tears
Mumma , papa
Everyone was in shock
Aro relax
Sheetal told aro that her phone is ringing
Aro realised and pick up her phone it was adarsh
Adarsh.. Mishti
Aro ..
Is the news true
Adarsh… Yes it is and we are coming to India for mom and dads funeral
Aro and aryan broke in tears
Though aryan wasn’t their child preetika and manik had always treated aryan as their own son
In that time police had released Raman on
Raman ..
Aro why are you crying
Aro is unable to say anything
What your problem very rudely ) aren’t you happy destroying her life
Behave yourself
I didn’t do anything but why is she crying
Why shouldn’t she cry as manik malhotra and preetika rao were her parents
Everyone in shock
How is it possible .she only had one daughter and no elder children
Irritated adarsh is her adoptive brother and arav and chavvi her brother and sister
Raman in shock
Everyone return home
When door bell rang
It was an ambulance from that ambulance two dead bodies were coming one were maniks and other was preetikas and an hot dashing guy WAs coming out of it aro went hugged the guy saying bhai
It was adarsh
The dead bodies were out of the ambulance every one was in the shock
Adarsh , aryan and aro were in tears when Raman remembered something
I love you preetika rao would you do the honor and be mine
I love you to
Raman picked up the glitter and poured it into her forehead and said now you are. Mine forever and they consummated
Another memory
Young Raman is saying to preetika
What happened why are you crying
I am pregnant
It can’t be possible as we are not married and god knows whose child it is
Preetika is in tears
Fb ends
Raman is in tear and thinks
That day was my biggest mistake and I should have accepted my fault
Funeral is taking place
Aro in heart
My revenge has
gotten stronger and I swear on myself that I will make you suffer as much as you made my mother suffer , you broke all her relations . And If I don’t do this in this month I will kill myself
Pre cap…
Plan 1
CCTV footage of the day Raman and preetika consummated revealed to all
Everyone shocked

Aryan to aro
Time has come that truth be revealed all allegations on preetika aunty would be removed
Next scene
Aro attempt to suicide

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