Seed of love in the path of revenge Episode 2


Episode 2
They arrive at the bhalla house when suddenly the police came
Police inspector
Mr Raman bhalla
Everyone pointed to Raman
Police inspector
You are under arrest for attempt of rape
Everyone is in shock and drag him
Everyone rush
Young Raman is saying to preetika
What happened why are you crying
I am pregnant
It can’t be possible as we are not married and god knows whose child it is
Preetika is in tears
Fb ends
Raman bhalla you blamed my mother for having an affair and not accepting your relationship with her now wait and watch what I do with you
This is all a start

Police station
Everyone is running trying to bail Raman out
Raman states
I don’t know what you are talking about I had no relationship with anyone
Con stable
All criminals say the same
When suddenly a news headline flashes
Indian business tycoon Raman kumar bhalla arrested
Reports state that he raped a young girl and so does the girls statement
How and who did this
This is all a fake
I never did any such thing
Aryan in heart
Now you will know how it feels to be falsely blamed
The same way you blamed preetika aunty

Another headline flashes
London business tycoon manik malhotra and wife preetika rao who have been in coma for 5 years passed away few minutes ago their elder son adarsh malhotra was gone to the washroom when this incident happened
Everyone is shocked
Pre cap
Aro identity reveals
Intro of adarsh

Credit to: Barbie

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  2. Lovely ff barbie???…..keep going…..but why you are not updating the next episode…..I’m waiting for your next episode….and this episode was very short so please try to post longer episodes….want more Arra scenes????…..hurry up…..your ff is very unique so please keep it up????????

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