Seed of love in the path of revenge Episode 1


Episode 1
The scene starts with a plane arriving at Mumbai airport a girl wearing a white fancy dress with leggings walking outside the plane with a handsome hunk wearing blue jeans and white shirt
The girl
Finally aryan we are here on our first step of our mission
Yes mishti the thing you were waiting for for 5 years have finally came . It’s time for our revenge it’s the start of their bad time and our good time
Yes you are correct now let’s go your family would be waiting for us
Aryan smiled and they started walking outside the air port

Out side airport
A old women wearing a Punjabi suit ( that is dadi she is the most closest to aryan )
Oye khoteya Come quickly my aryan is coming from London for the first time in five years
Uff ma .you were not even that excited when your own grandson was coming from London and for that orphan you are…
Chup aryan is my own grandson and if any one doesn’t accept him as their own then I don’t care
Sheetal ma is correct aryan is my own son
Sheetal in a quiet voice
Yah sab usko apna lo or uske sabkuch dedo mere adi ki to kisi ko fikr hi nahi hai
Mom dadi is correct aryan is my own brother
Suddenly dadi saw aryan and screamed

Mera bacha agaya
Aryan came running and hugged dadi Raman and adi and was about to sheetal but she stopped him
He quickly composed himself and introduced aradhya
Dadi yeh meri best friend aradhya hai aur yeh hamare sath reh
Friend or girlfriend
Dadi quickly shushed her up and said no problem
Aradhya send hello and smiled slightly

Time for our plans stage a
Raman is arrested
News flash death of business man manik malhotra and preetika aro who have been in coma for 5 years
Aro and aryan In shock
Who is manik
Why is Raman arrested

Keep reading to find out more

Credit to: Barbie

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  1. i love to see aradhya bcz aradhya face looks like my lover. her name is lipi. nw she cant talk me with since 1 week. i miss her so much.

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