I see you again , b*t*h ( chapter 1)

Hello friends , im new writer here . this is my first update here . first of all , im not someone with great skills . still my writing skills r lacking so plz kindly bare with grammar mistakes and wrong usage of words . ah … coming to story it is just small and simple one which gonna end in 4 to 5 chapters . this is supernatural fiction on ragsan . so plz avoid if its not ur style for ur own convenience .
^ Main cast .
Ragini kashyap : tejaswi
Sanskar malhotra : varun kapoor
Raag Dhawan : shravan reddy
I only mentioned main cast for remaining roles plz imagine any one of ur like .
^ story

‘ attention boys and girls … be quiet for a moment and pay attention to ur class teacher ’ their P.E teacher ordered .
The chaotic atmosphere turned into extreme peaceful situation clearly indicating how much they r frightened by P.E teacher . while class teacher took charge .
‘ kids , finally we r on annual outing I know u all r really excited . but I request u all plz be in my eye sight . no one should go on their own without informing us since we r surrounded by forest all side . once u get lost here it may not be possible for u to find ur way back . plz be gud children . ’ class teacher pleasantly told them .
‘ since u all r rich spoiled brats im sure most of u didn’t even listen to wat ur teacher said . that’s okay I know how to take care of such brats . let me make it clear n simple for u all once u try to leave cottage building without notice I’ll make sure that no one comes to ur rescue . ’ P.E teacher sounded determined .
‘ okay for today we will take rest as most of u all must be tiring of long journey . tomorrow we will take u all to water fall near by . 9th A students follow this way . second floor is allotted to people . four people must share one room . okay . ’ class teacher instructing .
‘ ah thank u sir .’ class teacher to P.E teacher .
‘ don’t mention . out of all classes this class students r particularly thick headed im sure they gonna make some trouble again this time . ’ P.E teacher frowning .
‘ even im worried . don’t worry this time I will take care of them ’ teacher with gentle smile .
‘ I really hope u can . fine I’ll go n take a look at other classes . ’ P.E teacher .
Class teacher nodded .
Class teacher followed her students .
‘ buddy , wait for me … ’ one boy running to his friend .
‘ I’m sure I told u plenty times stop being annoying like a girl . when u cant match up to my speed then get lost ’ the boy thrown his sharp words into his friend’s face .
‘ argh !!! looks at this cold bastard , how can u be so mean to ur best friend cum cousin ? I was taking my stuff n u disappeared in eye blink . u move like zombie and …. ’ the frustrated kid continued .
And in a moment he was grabbed by collar .
‘ y ? wanna die today ? ’the boy looking furious.
‘ okay I understand . I think school prince Aanav mood is really bad . this soul is feeling terribly sorry now ’ the boy .
Aanav let him go .
‘ whoa that was scary . hey aanav mehta cant second best, joke around with first one ? ’ the boy lil louder .
Aanav gives him sarcastic look .
‘ y all of sudden druv calling himself second best ? ’ Aanav .
‘ y not ? we r family after all . if u r the prince of our school then obviously im second one . right next to u in everything isn’t it ? ’ druv being so confident of himself .
‘ I could only laugh at u right now . u r just my aunt’s son . u cant be in a position comparing urself with me . im solo prince of family n this school . u r nowhere near to my zone . someone comparing themselves with me , really pisses me off ? u know right . ’ Aanav with attitude .
‘ fine . ’ druv gives up as he can never be courageous to piss him off .
Aanav suddenly drops his bag .
‘ bring it ’ Aanav making his way straight to his room .
Druv picks up bag cursing him .
‘ this jerk, if his family weren’t powerful , I would’ve thrown a fist on his face by now . thinks himself as only best one existing right now , did he completely forgot about that person ? ’ druv follows mumbling .
A girl moving hesitating towards a room after checking list .
‘ shit ! y do I have to share room with those scary girls ? I’d rather stayed at home . ’ the girl with heavy steps .
‘ oh sweet b*t*h , r u in 204 room ? ’ girl from back .
‘ oh tina r u too ? ’ girl hoping .
‘ yep . ’ tina
‘ ah that’s a relief . ’ girl lil bit relaxed .
‘ y ? just bcoz im the only one that talk to u doesn’t mean im brave enough to take ur side against those witches . infront of them I should act like im on their side .’ tina .
‘ I know . y do they have to hate me so much when im not even gud at academics compared to them ? ’ girl worried .
‘ oh sweet b*t*h , y r u so clueless ? they don’t like u bcoz ur family is more powerful compared to theirs , mostly importantly our school charming prince is in ur grip . ’ tina .
‘ how Aanav is in my grip ? he just don’t care me at all . ’ the girl looking disappointed .
‘ pretty obvious . our prince’s dad n ur dad r business partners n best friend s . he just ignores all girls in school but he couldn’t ignore u cuz ur both families meet often at dinners . most importantly he remember ur name that’s enough for us to burn with jealously . so don’t worry if not now but ultimately prince comes to u only in future . just wish ur dad’s business goes pretty well like now . till prince acknowledges u , u must bare with all these . ’ tina pats her shoulders n heads towards room .
‘ I couldn’t even understand one word she said . y all of them r so complex ? anyways god just save me ’ girl enters room .
As soon as she enters she noticed those scary girls looking her.
‘ oh b*t*h ! u r going to stay with us ’ one girl quickly .
The girl nods .
‘ whoa outing seems pretty interesting now . right ragini khanna ’ the other girl with smirk.
Ragini looks worried .
As soon as Aanav enters room clear dissatisfaction shown on his face .
‘ as expected even my bathroom seems more spacious compared to this room , look at that dusty bed ’Aanav .
‘ its pretty clean though ’ druv slips his words.
Aanav glares at him .
‘ oh right pretty dusty how can no one there to take care of it ? I’ll make things easy for u ’ druv rushing to bed .
He starts dusting it . Aanav smiles looking him . soon two others boys enter room .
‘ oh ho as expected minister taking care of prince . ’ one smiling .
‘ correct ‘ other approves .
‘ u bugs , if im minister then u both don’t even worth maids in this kingdom ’ druv shot at them .
‘ I approve ’ Aanav coolly . druv gives hi-fi to Aanav .
‘ these two r hard to understand ’ both boys.
‘ which room for u guys ? ’ druv asked them .
‘ mine 211 and his 207 ’ one answers .
‘ then who r other two staying with us ?it would’ve been great if vaibhav n rishik stay with us ’ druv staring Aanav .
Right then two other boys enters with their bags .
‘ ah these fellows ’ druv looking them .
‘ guys switch with them . ’ Aanav told vaibhav and rishik
‘ but teacher told not to switch n stay in allotted rooms . ‘ boy wearing glasses reply .
‘ oh look mr. topper is speaking ? finally u know how to speak . just switch ’ druv mocking him .
‘ but …’ the boy tries to explain them .
Aanav drags druv back .
‘ glasses ! who is more scary to u , teacher or me ? don’t u think just calmly switching will be better compared to sharing room with us for two days ? since u r topper of our section we wish only best for u . u should avoid scary things . ’ aanav patting his shoulder .
‘ aanav we will switch . ‘ the other boy takes topper with him .
Outside room .
‘ wat do they think about themselves ? ‘ the glasses boy feels annoyed .
‘ let it go . its better to avoid those bastards . we cant stay with them anyway . good for us . lets go . ’ the other boy takes him .
That night its raining heavily .
‘ Ah this rain . like seriously spoiling our mood completely . we could’ve have enjoyed ’ druv panics .
‘ enjoy , my ass . with that vampire roaming around with those sharp fangs of his , sucking our blood all the time . do u think u could enjoy ? he’s annoying me to death ’ Aanav referring his P.E teacher .
‘ right . Aanav don’t u think we should do something about him . ’ rishik .
‘ its just one month since he came let him enjoy lil more . later we can handle him . ’ Aanav pretty relaxed .
‘ okay . wat do we do now ? we cant even get signals in this dense forest . this feels more like prison than outing ’ druv annoyed .
Suddenly thunder exploded . the sound of thunder frightened druv making cling to Aanav’s arm .
‘ gosh . I was scared ‘ druv still holding aanav .
‘ is there anything u r not scared of ? get lost ’ Aanav pushes him immediately .
Rishik n vaibhav laughs .
‘ wat r u laughing at ? huh ? ‘ druv .
‘ u r not ragini to jump into his arms ? control urself ’ rishik laughing at him .
‘ y did u mention ragini ? ’ aanav .
‘ isn’t she ur girl friend ? the only girl u know from our class ’ rishik mocking at him .
‘ girl friend ? huh ? she is just like a small obstacle to me which I cant avoid bcoz of my dad’s circle .’ Aanav replied .
‘ comeon . show some mercy on her . u r one of major reason y she is having hard time ? ’ rishik replied ,
‘geez she is just having hard time because she is extremely weak n anti social not because of me . ’ Aanav shot at him.
‘ okay if not she then who do u like ? ’ rishik asks .
‘ he likes me .’ druv quickly .
‘ r u determined to die in my hands ? ’ aanav shouts at him .
‘ u know I hate annoying things . right now I don’t like anyone except myself . is it fine ? ’ aanva adds
‘ look here also priority to himself only ’ druv .
‘ don’t u guys thinks we r being too much for our age to talk about girl friends ’ vaibhav , only lil desent one among their wild gang , speaks .
‘ wat do u mean ? there is nothing impossible in our school n for rich kids like us . our lives r always fast forwarded compared to normal kids out there . even 6 th grade kid in our school has girl friend . its just u . ’ druv .
‘ true . u r just a disgrace to our gang ’ rishik shaking his head .
‘ oh I suddenly remembered something useful . Aanav there is transfer student at xxx school recently and I heard he is really gud at soccer n already taken into team . they r saying his goal keeping skills r beyond mind blowing . wat r we going to do ? ’ druv told.
‘ wat do u mean ? at any rate we cant loose to that school this time also . if we don’t win this time we could loose our face infront of our own school students . we have to practice more . I think I should talk to our seniors in 12th grade . ’ Aanav seems determined .
‘ right we should win . by the way who told about that school’s soccer team updates to u ’ vaibhav .
‘ ofcourse my GF … this is y we should talk to girls … ’ druv shot at him .
‘ wat ? being student of that school she told u secrets of team …. How can she ? she should wish her school team to win ’ vaibhav surprised .
‘ as expected girls r just fools . anyways u keep asking her about that team . but be careful not to tell her anything about our team . if u dare , I swear to kill u .’ Aanav warns .
‘ am I mad or wat ? y would I tell her ? ’ druv assures .
‘ since we r talking about girl’s foolishness . y don’t we check how big fool ur girl is ? ’ rishik suggests .
‘ u mean ragini ? ’ Aanav looking him .
‘ finally u acknowledges her as ur girl ’ rishik smriks .
‘ I said no . don’t make me angry rishi . ’ Aanav lil angered .
‘ fine . then y don’t we fool her for fun ? ’ rishik excited .
‘ like how ? ’ druv extremely concentrating .
Rishik suggests something . after hearing to him druv excited most , while lil worry is clearly shown on Aanav’s face though he denies ,
‘ stop being idiots n come back to ur senses . how can we do that to a girl ? ’ vaibhav angrily shouts .
Aanav is extremely surprised at his concern for ragini n annoyed too .
‘ y r u getting mad at us ? do u like her ? ’ Aanav asks directly staring him strongly .
‘ its not like that . well u guys just teased me right , then leave ragini let her be my gf ’vaibhav trying to save her because he thinks she is only one kind girl in his class unlike some other rude girls .
‘ y r u being a shield for her ? let me be clear vaibhav u cant like her . about this prank we should do it since it seems pretty interesting . ’ Aanav told .
Even he knows this is too much for her but still he decided to go on with his friends . still his inside feels bad for her .
its past midnight n still raining .
‘ hey b*t*h , wake up ’ one girl waking up ragini rudely .
Ragini opens her eyes jerk back looking them .
‘ our bottles r empty get some water for me ’ the girl rudely orders .
‘ u can go n get yourself . ’ ragini replies nicely .
‘ now u r saying no to our request ? should we have to make ur life more miserable ? ’ girl sternly ,
Ragini takes water bottle n goes to get water with torch light .
‘ I just hate them n myself . y do they behave so rudely ? I cant even tell my parents about them . wat if I tell Aanav about them I hope if he say, those girls will stop chasing me as they fangirling him so much but will he help me ? ’ ragini thinks on her way to ground floor to get water .

Ragini is filling her water bottles . suddenly druv appears out of nowhere .
‘ Ahh u scared me ’ ragini suddenly seeing him .
‘ ragini help us plz ’ druv acting frightened .
‘ y ? wats wrong ? ’ragini looking him worried .
‘ Aanav is missing ’ druv said .
‘ wat ? Aanav is missing ? where he went ? ’ ragini genuinely concerned .
‘ dunno ? he was feeling boredom n he said he wanna go inside forest . I think he lost in forest ’ druv said .
‘ wat ? y did u let him go druv ? u r his best friend we were warned not to go inside forest right . how dangerous it could be ? ’ragini worried most .
‘ we said him not to go but he insisted . u know we cant stop him once he decides right . ’ druv said .
‘ come lets tell P.E teacher ’ ragini holds his hand .
‘ I told him but he said he wont rescue him as he warned us before itself . ’ druv said .
‘ huh ? wat should we do now ? ’ ragini .
‘ I will go n beg him . already rishik n vaibhav went searching for him . since u r holding light y don’t u go n search for him too … ? ’ druv finally .
‘ okay . he gets pretty scared of darkness still y did he go alone ? ’ ragini worries but goes out for him .
Druv smiles n goes to his friends .
‘ guys she is really big fool . she believed n even went . do u know wat she said , oh Aanav gets scared of darkness y did he go alone ? how could she even think our Aanav is scared of dark ’ druv laughing .
Aanav recalls he is getting himself locked in dark store room when he was young unfortunately n getting scared badly . n first one to save him is ragini . that time he mentions how scared he was because of darkness .
‘ she remembers everything ? ’ Aanav mumbles .
Ragini already entered forest suddenly another thunder exploded . she gets scared badly n about to run back but she recalls how bad it could be for Aanav . she recalls same incident as Aanav .
‘ right im the first one to find Aanav back then . even today I may be first one again to find him .’ ragini talks to herself .
She puts her hand on her heart which pounding so fast . even though she feels weak in her kneels out of fear still she runs deep inside forest shouting Aanav’s name .
‘ guys it has been so long since she left . wat happened to her ? ’ vaibhav concerned .
‘ right I thought she will come back frightened after going lil distance I think she is really fool for Aanav n went deep inside ’ druv looks at Aanav .
‘ wat if she lost her way back ? ’ Aanav ‘s eyes widens.
‘ we r in deep shit ’ rishik looking trio .
‘ I was warning u guys from beginning but u found it fun right now see wat happened ? ‘ vaibhav angered .
They hear someone coming .
‘ someone coming lets hide guys ’ druv told them .
Druv , vaibhav ,rishik moves but Aanav stood still . druv drags him .
‘ wat do u mean she didn’t come back ? r u sure she just came down to fill her bottle ? ’ they heard P.E teacher voice .
‘ yes sir , she went down but didn’t came back and its has been nearly half an hour since she left .’ tina explaining him .
While tina telling him all things many students n teachers gathered . Aanav thinks something n about to go to them but dragged back by rishik n druv .
‘ y ? where r u going ? ’druv holding him .
‘ I will tell them wat I did ? ’ Aanav
‘ y ? r u mad to dig ur own grave ? look at them already u r evil spirit for that P.E teacher if u tell now im sure he will destroy u ’ druv warns him .
‘ that doesn’t mean I can keep quiet . if it was fun then it was ok but now Its something so serious we cant hide it . ’ Aanav making some sense atlast .
‘ when did u stary caring other’s matters ? keep quiet Aanav u cant put all of us in danger , ’ rishik speaks .
‘ sir , we searched every where ragini is nowhere inside building . I think she went out . ’ a faculty informs him .
‘ I think we should call cops here .’ P.E .
Finally it stopped raining but Here ragini lost her way in forest .
‘ wat do I do ? I lost my way and I couldn’t find Aanav till now . im so scared . ’ ragini pretty scared .
Suddenly she tripped over something and falls .
‘ ouch ! I hurt my foot ‘ ragini holds her foot .
Out of no where she gets cool vibes through down her spine causing jerk back to have to a look but to her surprise she could see nothing . she gets up slowly at a distant she realized some human figure in darkness is staring at her .
‘ wat ? is someone there ? Aanav is it u ? ’ ragini shouts .
The figure starts moving away .
‘ Aanav don’t play prank already im scared to death. Stop plz ’ ragini shouts following the figure .
After few steps she missed it . but she could see bright light spot at distant so she runs to it only to realize it was a car that crashed tree very badly . she gets scared .
‘ oh It was accident … how could someone drive into this forest ? ’ she standing at distance .
Now she could hear vehicle sounds .
‘ that means road is near this way ’ ragini thinks n about to run that way .
‘ stop !!! ’ ragini heard some whisper .
‘ y ? is someone still in this car ? ’ ragini thinks .
She starts approaching car slowly but scared to death . she just expecting no one inside . to her surprise she found a girl probably two year or three year older to her in seat beside driving seat . there is blood all over her body . ragini closed her eyes tightly at the sight screaming .
Ragini runs to in the way she could find road as fast as she can . she finally found road but no vehicles at this time .
‘ wat do I do ? I think she is alive still ’ ragini trembling with fear .
She saw cop’s vehicle approaching her . she shouts to stop .
‘ ah ! u r the student who went missing ? ’ cop looking her .
‘ yes , bu-but I saw car in the forest . there is someone injured badly . save her … ’ ragini told him .
‘ wat ? car accident ? ’ cop shocked .
But they follow ragini .
Ambulance came . a nurse is dressing ragini’s foot . all teacher and some students came over there . doctor comes out .
‘ she is alive right ? ’ cop asked him .
‘ sorry . she is no more ’ doctor said .
‘ wat ? that’s not possible I myself heard her asking me to stop ’ ragini innocently told them .
‘ that’s not possible . just looking her I can tell she probably died 7 to 8 hours before . she was died by the person u saw her child . ’ doc told her .
‘ u r lying . I heard her voice ’ ragini denies .
‘ kid , u probably heard bcoz of fear . anyway u did brave work . we will handover dead body to her family . ’ cop pats her head .
‘ no . she isn’t dead yet y r u calling her dead body .’ ragini takes off his hand .
‘ if u don’t believe us , u can check . come hold her wrist n see if she still has pulse ’ doc told .
Ragini goes to her pretty frightened but she couldn’t denies as she heard voice so clearly .
She holds her wrist . her body is as cold as ice .
‘ this couldn’t be happening . weren’t u the one asked me to stop ? u r alive by then right. Y aren’t u waking up now ? ’ ragini cries as she feels so bad for her ,
Tears jerks out of some people’s eyes at that sight .
Later ragini taken away by her teachers .
By evening ragini’s parents arrived there to take her .
‘ mom and dad ’ ragini gets happy seeing them .
‘ y ? y ? y do u have to create mess everywhere u go ? do u want to black our faces in society ? ’ her mom as soon as she saw ragini .
‘ sharmistha keep it down .’ her husband .
‘ but shekhar … ’ sharmista still .
‘ sorry for trouble she caused last night . we sincerely apologize ’ shekhar .
‘ no sir , its true she scared all of us by going into forest but she did great thing . there was someone died mysteriously inside forest ’ her teacher explained ..
‘ Ah im feeling dizzy . ragini y do u throw urself at danger everywhere u go ? come with us right now . go n get ur bag or whatever ’ sharmista ordered ,
Ragini quietly goes as she knew her parents can never be gentle to her . she is quite used to their affectionless style . on her way she found Aanav standing .
‘ don’t u have anything to say ? ’ ragini asks Aanav .
‘ wat would I have to say ? wat happened to u is only bcoz u r just a fool . how can u believe every one so easily ? ’ Aanav told .
‘ right im the fool . ah y ragini is such fool every time ? ’ ragini hits her head .
She goes away from him but tears roll down her cheeks . Aanav feels really sorry for her .
^ Mumbai
^ next day .
^ hospital .
One boy is shown running to somewhere . he stopped at cops standing near a stretcher . some men dressed in suits comes to the boy . one man holds the boy . the boy has bruises on his face .
‘ so she is just a orphan studying 12 th grade in ddd school living in orphanage then wat do she have to do with malhotra’s empire ’ cop asking one man dressed in suit .
‘ she is just a orphan grown in orphanage run by our trust . our young master and the girl r very close friends since they were young . she studies along with our master . ’ the man explained .
Right when dynamic man appears ,
‘ listen officer , don’t involve us in this matter deeply it damages our reputation . its her bad luck that she died in hands of her own uncle . u plz concentrate on catching real culprit . secretary plz take this stubborn boy home . ’ he said .
‘ yes , sir ’ the other replied politely .
He holds boy’s arm n the boy pushes him n runs to stretcher . he takes off face cloth . his eyes r furiously red .
‘ b*t*h !!! wake up now , do u think this is the end ? you cruel b*t*h . u just wait for me . dare to meet again I will show u how much I hate u . b*t*h ’ the boy shouts angrily crying .
‘ sanskar , stop it now ’ the man dragged the boy with him .
Hmmm……….okay I will just stop here for now . plz don’t forget to drop ur comments friends . im eager to know how it was ?

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