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“Bulbul you tell me.” Pragya whined as she talked to Bulbul on the phone. Though Abhi had found out the truth, he hadn’t left Tannu and now Pragya was asking for help from Bulbul to get rid of Tannu. “What can I do? Wait.. WHAT? I can’t do that… I have to? Come on no! I have some respect… but… No Bulbul. Ugh, really? I’ll try but how will I do it? What that sari? No no no no. Bulbul… okay. Fine, I’ll do it. I’m scared. Okay.. okay… see you, bye.”

Pragya wanted to hit her head on the wall. Bubul had told her it what she to do. Bulbul had given her all the details and now she just had to do it. She was scared and nervous. This was big, if Abhi found out what she was doing he would either throw her out or she would completely lose her respect.

Pragya slowly made way to the cupboard and brought out the black sari. She crawled towards the bathroom to change.


Abhi came into the room to find Pragya brushing her hair. Abhi was shocked seeing her. Pragya was wearing a sari, that exposed half of her back. Pragya pretended not to notice Abhi and continue brushing her hair, while on the inside her heart was about ti explode. She was freaking out. She didn’t know what to do. She took a deep, prayed to God.

“You’re going somewhere?” Abhi asked.

“A wedding. Bulbul’s friend’s wedding.” Pragya lied. She continued to make a hairstyle. Purposely, trying to show off as much of her body as possible. Abhi was trying his hard to control himself. Pragya looked s*xy. He just wanted to hold her and… (you know :P).

She made her hair into bun, that literally exposed all of her back, except for the small strip that joined the blouse. She turned to leave. Dammit! she thought, I failed. She slowly made her way towards the door, but before she could open the door Abhi grabbed her hand and pulled her towards him. Pragya stared at him. His eyes had so many emotions, that she didn’t know what to do. Abhi slowly pinned her to the wall, the cold wall gave her goosebumps. Abhi smiled and put his hands on either side to prevent her from leaving. Abhi slowly leaned in kissed her neck, making Pragya close her eyes and breath heavily. She tried to escape but Abhi caught her hand and pulled her that he could easily back hug her. Abhi’s hand moved from her waist towards Pragya’s stomach, making her shiver. Abhi slowly kissed her collar bone and nuzzled around her neck.

Pragya kept breathing heavily. Abhi’s grip got stronger and he slowly traced a line of kisses from her shoulder to her jaw line. Abhi spun her around so she could face him. Pragya was too shy to look into Abhi’s eyes. Abhi slowly lifted her face and leaned it but before he could kiss her Pragya hugged him.

Abhi scopped Pragya up and made her lie on the bed. He again leaned in to kiss her but she turned away. Abhi kissed her back and slowly pulled the strings of her sari and he opened it. He made Pragya turn around and came on top of her. He joined his hands with her and leaned in to kiss her. This time he didn’t let her go anywhere. He kissed her slowly poring all his love into it. Pragya replied with the passion. He intensified the kiss, showing his lust.

Abhi pulled back and removed his shirt and removed her drape. Making Pragya blush every shade of red. Abhi again leaned in and kissed her neck, while removing her peti coat and his jeans. (That’s probably enough)

****Abhi woke up in the morning, with Pragya in his arms. She had many love bites from last night. Abhi tightened his grip and nuzzled around her neck. He planted a kiss on her neck and tried to sleep again but he couldn’t. He kept remembering about last night and how perfect it had been. He felt so great that he couldn’t sleep. He looked at Pragya once again. She looked so peaceful sleeping.

Pragya slowly opened her eyes to find Abhi looking at her. Pragya smiled and cuddled closer to Abhi and closed her eyes.

“Morning.” Abhi said.

“Morning.” Pragya replied she still didn’t open her eyes. She was finally at peace and she didn’t want anything to ruin it.

“Guess.. you couldn’t attend the wedding.” Abhi smirked.

“There was no wedding.” Pragya replied her eyes still closed.

“What?” Abhi asked. “But.. wait.. You seduced me!”

“You don’t say.” Pragya laughed.

“I have been seduced by my own wife.” Abhi said in mock anger. “How could you do this?”

“Actually I believed I had failed but who knew someone was eager.” Pragya laughed.

“Why did you do it?” Abhi asked. Pragya mumbled the answer. “What?”

“I said to jnfafndfj;ljafh” Pragya replied.

“What?” Abhi asked again.”To get you away from Tannu.” Pragya finally replied.

“I heard you first time, I just couldn’t believe it.” Abhi smirked. “You acted out of jealousy.”

“Maybe.” Pragya replied.

“Who knew you were the jealous type?” Abhi told her.

“Seriously?” Pragya asked. “How would you feel if I had a boyfriend and I would go to him everyday.”

“I would kill that person.” Abhi replied.

“Now who’s jealous.” Pragya raised an eyebrow.

“Guess we’re both the jealous types.” Abhi held her closer taking in fragrance. Just then Abhi’s phone rang. Abhi saw the caller id, it was Tannu. “You want to make her jealous?” Abhi attended the phone and nuzzled around Pragya’s neck.

“Stop!” Pragya laughed. “I’m tired.”

“Last night was too much?” Abhi laughed.

“Shut up.” Pragya laughed. Abhi disconnected the call and kissed Pragya.

Credits to UA e India forums

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