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Hi guys I was born in a secular country India
I was born a Hindu and will always love my religion
I studied in a convent school and understood Christianity to the fullest
Muslim is a religion which I am not so familiar except I respect the way they dress and have been told that whatever the circumstances they do Daily prayers by bending and everyday I here allah from the mosque near by
Their devotion is unmatched
Jesus was a person who gave up his life for the sins of people and took responsibility for the world and lead us to the right path

Ram lead by example and showed us the way to live and since everything happened in India there’s a great connect to it

Buddha preached and Leah’s explained the way of life, he was a reformer

And I have read the bible a few chapters and they are good I mean lessons for day to day life
Jesus life too has a lot of character who he meets and all such characters have some value which I feel we should possess
My school has instilled in me a lot of these values and really the chapel in my school is so peaceful just like a temple and since the Christian songs are in English I have understood it and we used to sing a lot of it during our school assembly
And that’s the influence of convent education

Today what made me write the article was the similarities between Lord ram and Buddha
They both rejected worldy pleasures and both went to the forest
One for enlightenment and teaching people dharma
The other for destroying a dharma
And both have taught a lot of life lessons
The characters Buddha reformed are really nice to read
And the sacrificing family ram had is something really great

And there is similarity between other religions too like
Sikhism had a lot of leaders like guru Nanak. I have read books on how he lead people against the bad forces and
Islam prophet Mohammed too was a leader who was really really great
Maybe great is an understatement
One thing they may be different but they showed the way for the world and all were leaders
I have visited a temple a church a monastery but found the same peacefulness
And I like the peculiar differences too
We Hindus visit a lot of temples
And Christians visit church on Sunday’s and my friends who are Christians they pray everyday nights
It’s like a family that prays together stays together

Proud to be in a country which respects all religions and lives as brothers and sisters
And Zara Di and mahe Di and sanjana(Sara) only after typing this I realise I am real weak in knowledge about Muslim
Can u share some info
I am sorry if I am wrong this is just from my limited knowledge
If I wrong pls correct me but refrain from using bad words pls
Sorry if I have hurt someone’s feelings

Credit to: Sanjana

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  1. Hi sanjana i am the writer of lskshmila ff i am a christian

    1. Lakshmila the epitome of sacrifice ff

      1. Hi priya. …..I’m write of urmila’s greatness. …sita’s story. …Great sacrifice by lakshmila. ….etc.,..I’m Muslim

  2. Awesome yarr…….

  3. True di…all the religions seem to be connected

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