Secretive Love||Promo OS||EDKV||BY Anushika


Hi guys,I am back with another OS but at first is the promo of my OS.
….Thanks for all your comments on my FF..

So let’s start..

A girl is shown talking to a man..
Girl…Yes sir I will try my best and not try to dissapoint you.
Guy…You are my most trusted agent,I know that you will not upset me.
Girl…Thank you sir for all your confidence. I should get ready now to leave.
Guy..All the best

**************Change scene********
A couple is shown working getting ready for work.
Guy…Where is my file??
Girl..It is on the table ,Wait I will get it.
Guy….I am very lucky to have you as my wife.
Girl smiles
Girl and Guy both hug…
Girl..Both you and I have to leave for work,let’s go
Guy…Where is your work place??It has been 6 months,yet you haven’t told me work??
Girl….You will come to.know when time comes.Now let’s leave.
The couple leave for work separately.

So guys, I am done with the promo of this OS..Sorry for the short one.

Pls comment and tell me how this promo.was

Love Anu

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