Secretive Love||Promo OS||EDKV||BY Anushika (2)


Hi guys,I am back with another Os..This is a small promo of the Os.
So Let’s start

Mrs Suman Malhotra: Wife of Shravan Malhotra. No one knows where she works.Smart ,brave and a black belt karate. No one knows this as well
Mr Shravan Malhotra: Calm and Composed.Owner of Malhotra company.Has many enemies..
Pushkar Malhotra: Elder brother of Shravan,Has a secret profession,which only Shravan knows.

So here is a small piece of the OS

A huge hall is shown,there is a guy and a girl talking.
Girl:Sir,I will meet you at xyz place after getting ready.
Guy:Sure,No one needs to come to know of our work.
Girl:I promise it will be a top secret sir.
Guy:Now you must leave and don’t call me sir,.
Girl:Okay,I am leaving, Bye
Guy Bye

***************The screen changes****

A couple is shown getting ready for work.

Guy:Where do you work??You never told me.
Girl:You trust me right?
Girl:I will tell you when time comes then.
Guy:Ok Fine
Girl:I need to leave for work.Bye

So I done with the promo.I know it is extremely short but the OS would be long..
Lots of love

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  1. ?????
    Chamber of secrets..???
    Carry on..??

    1. Anushika

      Thanks a lot Sona,Will post the next part soon
      Love you

  2. WeirdSister

    Wow..this is really really interesting…!!
    All d best for this..
    Eagerly waiting..
    Love u..

    1. Anushika

      Thanks a lot Weird Sister ..
      It is already submitted just waiting for it to get posted

  3. interesting promo . waiting 4 d os

    1. Anushika

      Thanks a lot Deotima
      Take care

  4. Nice one! Dying to knw what will happen next

    1. Anushika

      Thanks a lot Devgyani…The suspence wouldn’t remain too long now

  5. It’s so interesting. ?
    Post soon. Take care ?

    1. Anushika

      Thanks a lot Zainab
      Take care
      Love you

  6. Ariana

    Killer promo!!! Very interesting…pls post the OS soon. I’m waiting

    1. Anushika

      Thanks a lot Ariana,Suspence will be out soon

  7. Ruchi

    Hey Anushka…
    wow it seems so intresting… full of suspence…
    post soon…

    1. Anushika

      Thanks a lot Ruchi di will post soon
      Love you

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