A secret of Summer (Intro)

Hello sweeties! First of all thnx for clicking on this post! I’ll try my best to keep you entertained. If you don’t like it or have any complains, honest opinions are welcome!

Swara’s POV

I lit the cigarette, and watched the smoke rise up and vanish, isn’t life exactly like that?
I tried to explain this all to Ragini, who’s busy living her life to the fullest! But she can unfortunately never take my advices seriously. The only thing she has to say is, ” Swara! Just chillax…”

Woah! Do you expect me to ‘Just chillax ‘, when I have a fidgety sister like her!? God! What did I do to deserve her!

Anyways love fe goes like this— Sister, no love, dogs, Ranbir Kapoor and….Well now that’s for you to guess and me to know…


Ragini’s POV

I am sorry I’ve nothing to say. All I had is already snatched away now only a fake smile is left. I can never subside the guilt that I had almost killed my sister that day. She was there, at that point of life only because of me and I didn’t even help her, I left her…all alone.

She forgave me, not only me but everyone! Even those who had nothing in the first place. And that’s the point, I’ve been faking cheerfulness ever since then. Someone has said it right, it’s always easier to fake a smile than explaining why you are sad.


Sanskar’s POV

I am blessed. Friends-Family-Love . That’s all my world revolved around. Until she came and transformed that sassy a*sh*le into…..well,me. And then her sister, for my brother she…….. better not talk about that. But the fact is— I am again a step behind to be that sassy a*sh*le again, something I am definitely not really excited about.

It took me my whole life till now to realize that i am always just one descision behind, an completely different life.



Now I know that was horrible! My apologies for boring you to this extent (?) ! This was just an inside of the leads, Laksh’s Introduction will be later as for now he is a mystery. I cannot reveal much now but I can definitely announce that it is — SWASAN AND RAGLAK. Because I am sorry, I CANNOT write on brother and sister- making them a couple.
I wanna thank you a lot for reading, love you all a LOT!! ????

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  1. Sus

    omg what is that
    so much confusion but i think further it will clered
    waiting for next
    i think it quite comedy and serious ff

    1. XxSara

      Thanks Sus! Yeah the confusion will be cleared soon. Well it is a mix of romance, thriller and humour. Love you! ?

  2. Phoniex

    Loved it dear so Swara is a ultra high girl will be nice to see her in such a role.

    1. XxSara

      Thanks Phoniex! That’s a unique name ? Well Swara has many shades so just wait to know sweetheart. Love you! ?

  3. Waaw….it loooks lyke new n different…..vll love to read…..update soon tk cre

    1. XxSara

      Thanks sanu! Will try to update soon…love you!?

  4. Madhuag

    Uff….its really awesome… Plz continue soon and ya plz clear the mystery behind Lucky’s Character

    1. XxSara

      Heya Madhuag!!! Thanks a real lot for commenting! ? Love you ?
      P.S Waiting for the next part of your ff! ❤️

      1. Madhuag

        Hey…don’t need to say tq n all and moreover call me madhu ag mentioned in my username is not part of my name…..and I’ve already posted the next part of my ff and I have started a new as on swasan..if possible plz do check it out….!!????

    2. XxSara

      Ok I take my thank you back! Well i have read and commented on them both , what I meant was next part after that!?

  5. awesome dear

    1. XxSara

      Thanks neha! ?

  6. its nice confusing and suspense continue

    1. XxSara

      Thanks a ton Anu, all confusions will b cleared soon!

  7. Manasvi

    Saaaaaaaaaaara diiiiii!!!!
    How are you??
    Well, it seems very interesting.. Waiting for the nxt part..
    But I had a doubt, who was smoking, Swara?

    1. XxSara

      Hey Manu baby! (Saying as if it has been ages! ??) How have you been? Thanks a ton yeah Swara was smoking. Love you!??

      1. Manasvi

        Now get habitual to me.. I will disturb you like this only???(and I know you are not going to have any problem??)
        But why Swara was smoking?? Smoking is a bad habit na???
        Love you too dii??

    2. XxSara

      I never mind! Totally available!!! Pls disturb me!!! ??? You have to wait to know that dear..❤️❤️❤️

  8. Parulkashyap

    awesome start with suspense plz continue it

    1. XxSara

      I will continue Parul! Thanks! Love you!?

    1. XxSara

      Thanks! Lotsa love ?

  9. Kojagorimalik

    Woah thats some real interesting stuff continue yaar

    1. XxSara

      Thanks a lot! Love you..?

  10. Aarushi_99

    Swara smoking?? I never knew I would be this eager to see her in a role like this..!?
    Also, there’s a bit of confusion, but I’ll wait till next chapter..
    Update soon, take care!?

    1. XxSara

      Hey arushi! Thanks a lot! Love you ??

  11. IQRA222

    sara di first of all hello!!
    nice to meet you
    and coming to the story it is very interesting and awesome
    cant wait to see these roles of shona ragu and sanky
    waiting for the next part
    love you

    1. XxSara

      Hi iqra! It’s so nice to meet you 2! ✌️ Thank you m so glad you like it! Thanks again and love you !! ????

      1. IQRA222

        didu pls call me iqu!! <3

      2. XxSara

        Sure Iqu baby! ❤️

    2. XxSara

      Btw how old are you?

      1. IQRA222

        I am 13 didu

      2. XxSara

        Aww I got another baby sis! <3

  12. Pramudi

    Wow.. Sara.. This is amazing. Swara as a smoker.. ? i’m eagerly waiting to read about her life.?
    And dear, last part of your A/N cracked me up. ?? great..
    Waiting to read further. Update soon.

    1. XxSara

      Heyy Pramudi! Thanks a ton for such a sweet comment! Thank u n love u ❤️❤️❤️

  13. interesting…continue soon

    1. XxSara

      Thanks ritu.. lotsa love ?

  14. Arshaanya

    Continue soon

    1. Arshaanya

      Hahahahhaha glad to knw u also dun lyk pairing bro–sis as couple…
      We rspct rltns alot ???

      1. XxSara

        Obvio m not so stupid to like them! ?? Btw thanks

  15. Gayathri.visu

    Wow! Interesting….. Smoking Swara???

    1. XxSara

      Thank you! Love you ??

    1. XxSara

      Thanks Anju. Love you ?

  16. Interesting and also different. Please continue

    1. XxSara

      Thanks a lot! I will continue ??

  17. WOW suspense I loved it…..it seems very interesting and I will surely love to read your ff di….will you accept me as your crazy little sister…

    1. XxSara

      Hey aashi! Every reader is already my sis dear so u don’t needa ask! Thanks a lot for the appreciation! Love u ???❤️

  18. Pintumintu_penguin

    That’s really amazing

    Keep going


    1. XxSara

      Thanks Pintu! Love you! Waiting for the next part of your ff…

  19. Kakali

    Woah! Nice start Saraa..! Would love to read further.! Continue soon dear..!! Thnk u.. ;-*

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