Hello guys I’m sorry for the late update plz but belive me guys tis one naa I wasn’t able to structure tis one properly so only I took so much time it was really hard guys n I’m tnkfull to everyone who took time to read my TS..Tnq so much for taking ur precious time to read it.I tnk it is a lil bit boring one n kindly ignore grammatical n typo errors.Lets move into the story ..

They were shocked to the core there were no time to react so Anika quickly wrapped up herself with bed sheet n ran to restroom meanwhile Shivaay cleared the mess around him quickly wore the clothes n went to open the door not before making himself look presentable.. When he opened the door he sighed with relief.. The maid inquired whether every thing was fine as she heard screaming sounds he nodded n the maid said that Varun’s Marriage preparations were started n everybody r waiting for them. Shivaay said they will come in a while then the maid excused herself frm there n went.

Inside the restroom Anika listened to the conversation , after the maid left she fell on the ground with thud n started crying miserably on the other hand her heart jumped saying y r u crying u should be happy becoz u love him.. While her mind protested saying he just consider u as a frnd . She was in a big confusion n needed them to be cleared away ri8 now.. She was thinking why tis world is so cruel to her that she had to land up in such a situation. She went n stood before the mirror n found no.of love bites all over her body she blushed reminiscing their moments but again fear took over her.. Wht if he doesn’t love me n then.. Noooo her heart protested he loves u so much u know it n u can see it in his eyes, but the filthy mind it asked wht if its a frndly gesture ??? to which neither she nor her heart had an ans… She wish so badly that she had an ans for it..


He was very happy , but he regretted as he was not in his senses. He always wanted tis to happen but not in tis way he wanted it to be special n before all tis he wanted to confess his love but everything turned upside down. He was afraid to face her so he used the other room also he didn’t know how will she react to it so he didn’t want to disturb her. Now he was not at all confused he knew he loves her so much n little did he knew she also but for the first time in the history his mind was afraid of something but his heart was strong( May be that’s the power of love).Only he knew how badly he want to embrace her in his arms an shout like a mad that he loves her. The word Love it does magic even to a person whom once get michmichi feeling on hearing it..


With lots of unsaid emotions, feeling, confusions n fears they got ready n reached the banquet deciding not to meet each other n got engaged in the marriage n post marriage rituals..

Person 1 : Hey y these two r ignoring each other ??? Something is wrong..

Person 2: Yea O u r ri8.. Wht Dadi said u remember v will ask Varun bhaiya wht he did come..

Yea guys ur ri8 they r none other than omru n Dads said them act her planning with Varun to them so they decided to come on marriage day n surprise them..

O: Rudra first time u told something sensible.

Ru: Hey laambe baal praani I always talk sensible only u can’t understand ..
(with Cry baby face) O see my superman n superwoman forgot me their r not even looking at me ..

O: shut up Rudra ( giving inko kuch nahi ho saktha look)

Come on V will meet Varun n then give them a surprise. They go to meet Varun n the guests were taking a break as the other rasams will be held in the evening.

V- Hey guys wht a pleasant surprise ..

OMRU hug Varun then they both congrats Varun for his marriage n then dicuss abt MISSION SHIVIKA. They plan something its muted n they go..

Suddenly Shivaay’s Phone ring

P: Hello Mr. Shivaay Singh Oberoi ..

S: Yes wht do u want ??

P 1: Haan first do u know where is ur Wife ??

Shivaay searches but she is no where to be seen

P 1: Wht did u find her ?? ( n laughs evilly )

S(shouts angrily) : Hey don’t u dare touch or do something thing to her else u will face the wrath of Shivaay Singh Oberoi..

P 2: Hey cool down MR.SSO..

They call cuts, but Shivaay thinks who will call me SSO except Anika. Brushing of the thoughts he run like a mad n search her. Mean while Anika is taken to the guest house where she stays by the bride’s frnds for some reason they asks her to stay here. They all leave. Anika was confused by these but stayed there suddenly her phone rings..

P 1: Hello Mrs. Oberoi .. Ur husband Shivaay’s Life is in danger.. If u can. Save him.

The call cuts n the person on the other sides laugh like manics. Their faces r shown they r OMRU n Varun so guys I tnk now u can understand wht they planned n who called Shivika .

While here Anika felt as if her world is slipping below her feet, but Shivaay reached the room on time before any drama they both ran towards each other n locked their lips not minding the surroundings. Their first kiss ( while being in their senses).After few minutes they parted n ignoring wht happened they both at a time asked
“ R u fine” n then explained everything to each other n started laughing as they were scared for a stupid prank call. Shivaay started (guys I wanna give justification y he doesn’t believe in love n y he is to afraid confess)

Anika I want to talk to u even now I didn’t say means I’m the biggest duffer. I wish to be a normal person like everyone yaa u heard it ri8 I want to lead a normal life.I want to love n be loved by my family. I wish I hadn’t seen the bitter truth in the form of love. In my family love that’s the villain. From childhood I have seen only fake relations for the sake of money we had n the only tool to reach it was love. I brought up my bros as my own children when Bade papa n Bade ma were busy with their own so called problems. My ma she loves her status n money more than anything, my pa he is no where to be seen in most needy times he is always in his so called pilgrimage trips. I, my bros n prinku were left alone with our poor dadi we weren’t given the love n affection that were received by our age groups. Hence I hated the word love the most or to say more precisely afraid of the fake love.. U won’t be affected so much if u aren’t loved, but being fake loved it hurts a lot.. Hence not be hurt again n to protect my bros n prinku I choose to be stone hearted liking taking decisions from mind, N making myself believe that Love is just a deal.. I hated middle class ppl u know y becoz my mom was one herself so I was forced to believe everyone will be like her but u r the one who changed my thinking n beliefs.
U know wht Anika the first time I saw u I felt a kind of connection with u but I ignored it n every time v meet I slowly started developing feelings towards u but to make myself believe I behaved very rudely with u.. Truly speaking I never liked Tia n I always wanted to be with u. So not to create any mess I always found ways to accuse u. That day after u saved me from that gayathri murder case I unconditionally , irrevocably fell in love with u again but I did a big blunder that’s my engagement with Tia. I know u was hurt I coudn’t help but do what I did .. When Daksh came into our life I felt very insecure I could not stand him with u. On my sangeet when u said yes to his proposal I felt like something was stabbed in my heart I could feel it was bleeding internally.For the first time ever my eyes started tearing up n I felt like something precious is going away from me. The first best decision in my life was to marry u so I must say thanks to that Universe ki dhukan.. ( Till now both were crying terribly now a small smile appeared on both their faces).. Even amid lots of misunderstandings I couldn’t stop loving u, in corner of my heart I was really happy that u were my Wife, But when I remember wht I did with u I’m hating myself for that.. Saying tis he hit his hand on the wall near by.That day when u was trapped in the water chamber n was lying lifeless in my arms I felt liking killing myself ( Till now Anika was crying uncontrollably now she got up went near him)

Slaped him ( not that hard ). He whispered “Anika” being shocked.. Don’t u dare say anything like that billuji u r a Duffer. He smiled whole heartily n hugged her but she parted he looked at her surprised, before he could do r say something she kissed him n today he wasn’t surprised but reciprocated equally. After parting she quickly muttered “ I LOVE U SHIVAAY” n his happiness had no bounds so he pecked her lips again.. Suddenly they heard hooting sounds outside they saw a whole gang Varun n his newly wed wife, Omru , the bride’s frnds. They were a lil embarrassed so quickly parted n shouted OMRU here.Then they were explained their plans n also apologized for troubling them but Shivika thanked them saying if they didn’t do these they must have never confessed their feelings.Everyone left wishing them a great life ahead except Varun n OMRU. They teased Shivika a lil n Varun said“ so u guys stay dinner will be served n then if u need anything let me know be comfortable here”

Shivika – Wht do u mean ?? V r going to OM as ur Marriage is completed.

Varun smiled n left.. They asked OMRU for an explanation but they were in no mood to ans they left to get freshen up. They thought for a while decided to ask Dadi as she was behind these planning.. Then they got to know that she wanted them to spend sometime alone as they didn’t also go 4 honeymoon. OMRU will be going to OM the next day n they r going to stay there for 5 more days n Shivaay also obliged tis time. Varun has also agreed to give the guest house for somedays.


After dinner Shivaay was in his Kurta sitting on his bed looking at his phone n Anika came from the restroom. She took a shower as it was a tiring day. She went n sat before the mirror drying her hair suddenly Shivaay back hugged her she smiled seeing him n got up ( still her back was facing him he was hugging her).. Now he nuzzled into her neck n started to suck the water droplets. She was shocked by tis sudden action “ shi.. sh…. Shivaay wht r u doing “ stammeringly she asked as the mere touch of his rough lips on her milky back send shivers down her spine. He said that “ Ani I’m really a Duffer naa”

A- Ani hmm not bad … N now only u know tis naan I know that before itself.

He pouted cutely so Anika pulled his cheeks

A- So now wht tis baby wants.

S- Baby … so cute to hear from u Jaan ( saying tis he kissed her cheeks ) She blushed.
Hey stop blushing jaan , save some for tonight…

A-( now she blushed furiously) – Cheapde .. I’m not blushing..

S- I thought to confess one more time to u ..

A- Y ??? ( aree u r so innocent Anika)

S- ( smiling naughtily) – So that I get my good night kiss.. ( finishing it with a wink)

She slightly hit his arm n buried her face in his chest shyly near his heart where she resided, Again tis night turned out to be one of the most beautiful ni8 they consummated their marriage being in senses once again happily with each other’s concert..Before drifting into slumber Shivaay whispered that today’s night was more beautiful than yesterday..
Then she muttered an “I LOVE U” cuddling into him n hearing “ I LOVE U TOO “.. I won’t say they lived happily there after but will surely say that they “ stood by each other no matter wht its good or bad “….

“TRUE LOVE is eternal infinite n always like itself.
It is equal n pure, WITHOUT violent demonstrations: It is seen with white hairs n is always young in the heart.”


Pheeeeew guys its over finally I know I took a lot of time to update tis sry guys plz forgive me.N here is the vote of thanks to everyone who commented.No particular order n plz forgive me if I have missed anybody’s name sry guys..N here goes the list ..


Thank you so so soooo much guys … I don’t have any other words than tis to show my gratitude to u all.. I’m over whelmed by the love u all r showing on me once again tnq guys n love u all ..I tnk u all gonna trow chapels n chamelis after reading tis one fine its k n healthy criticism r most welcomed.

Copyrights : Haridhra
Bubbye ..

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  1. Akshaya

    Awesome yaar.

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    This is fabulous dear…it ended ? i was not expecting it to end so soon…why am i getting a feeling that you should have continued a bit more…i will miss this ts very dearly…come back soon with another FF/OS/TS ……i will be waiting for it………thank you for thanking me ….

    And one more thing this was not at all boring…no chamelies will be thrown as this is so cute and perfect…..

    Take care haridhra-The author and all the best for OS Competition

    1. Haridhra

      Tnkuuuuuu schooo much ka n sry I have to end it becoz it’s a Three shot (TS).. N yaa soon I will continue with my ff so don’t worry ka . Awww that’s soo sweet of u even I’m waiting for ur ff’s next part ka I wish u soon reach half century (50 th epi )..

      Once again Tnkuuuuu so sooo soo much I don’t know wht’s else I can say.. I’m glad that u didn’t throw chappals or chameli on me (heheee)..?????

      1. Haridhra

        Also Congo ka 4 reaching 100+ comments for ur silver jubilee .. I tnk 4 now u will surely continue..

      2. VHM

        Hey thank you so much dear…i never expected such a tremendous response thanks to all who posted their opinions..yes it was really special …and yeah will surely continue for few more episodes to end it on a good note…

  3. Gayathri.visu

    Hari, no chamelies n tomatos dear.. but all the best for ur OS competition!

    Its not boring dear… Beautiful n sweet ending! I loved it!! Come back soon dear, I m waiting for u. Till then take care n bye…

    1. Haridhra

      Bach gayi hehee ( chapals n chameli ).. Tnkuuuuu sooo much Gayu Akka..☺☺

      Sure I will be back soon don’t worry n I’m so happy that u loved it .. U too TC ka

  4. Awesome…
    Nice (confession part) just loved it.
    A big NO to chameli’s n tomatoes as it was too good.
    Hope you come up with new one.
    ALL THE BEST for the competition dear.
    N thank you for thanking me.

    1. Haridhra

      Tnkuuu so much di .. Even I liked the confession part as I wanted it to happen in real IB too .. I’m glad u liked it n happy for no chameli n sure I would be back n once again Tnq for wish me for the competition..
      No mentions di ..☺

  5. Awesome yaar….. But u ended it so soon…. I want u to write another ff…

    1. Haridhra

      Tnkkuu di … Yaa I too wish to continue but it’s a TS so I had to end it . Sure I would be back …☺

  6. Dhar

    Awesome episode plzz do come back with another dose of ur writings

    1. Haridhra

      Omg Dhar I love ur writings n may be I hadn’t commented that much but I love it so much yaar .. Tnq soo much n sure I will be back ..☺

  7. Awsome ending Haridhara!! No Chamelis okay??…Plzz send me the links of ur last shits

    1. Haridhra

      Hello Anitaa di tnq so much ( also for not throwing chamelis)..?.. R u TU member then sure I will send.. But I tnk this one is my first TS that reached well ..

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        here is the link to my profile ..

  8. Niriha

    Awesome…lovely update dear nice ending I hope you will come back with ur new ff
    Take care

    1. Haridhra

      Tnkuuuu so much Niriha di … Yaa I will come back sure ..
      TC ??

  9. Ahaana

    Hari .. this Ts was outstanding.. and it had its own charm but i really want u to continue it but still u ended it in a fantastic way…
    Keep writing and will be waiting for something unique by u again..
    Love uhh .

    1. Haridhra

      Heyyyy Ishi glad to see ur comment n yaar sry I forgot to add ur name dr plz (puppy eyes).. I swear I won’t do it again n I really need to say a special tnks becoz u took time frm busy schedule to read it .. Tnkuuu soo much Ishi …love yaa ???

  10. Awesome end di. Loved it. ?

    1. Haridhra

      Tnq soo much Dwet by the way don’t call me di yaar ..I’m just 15 , wht’s ur age ??

    2. Sorry, I will not call you di now. I also of same 15.

      1. Haridhra

        Aww I’m so happy to find one more frnd yaay..

  11. super hari dear im there in that list that im flyinng in the sky hehehe

    1. Haridhra

      Helllo Shab .. Heheee??? Flying in sky haan u will always be there in tis list so don’t worry n Tnq soon much dr ??
      Love yaa

  12. Kajol

    Loved it to core dear,Especially that It was having all sort of emotions .All d best for competition

    1. Haridhra

      Hiii Kajol di … I’m gleeful to knw that u loved it .. Tnkuuuu schoooo much ☺☺

  13. Awesome….Loved it….
    NO Chamelis for U…. 😉
    Keep Writing… 🙂

    1. Haridhra

      Tnkuuu so much di … Happy ( no chamelis) ??..

  14. Jerry_36

    Hey Haridhra. How are you dear ?
    You ended it so fast…
    But must say you are wonderful writer, everything was so perfectly portrayed that words are less. Thank you for giving us a such a fab update. Loads of love to you❤
    P.S My dear ones call me Vedu only, you also came to know, future astrologer?

    1. Haridhra

      Heyyyyyyyyy Vedu .. I’m great , wht abt u ??
      So glad to seee ur comment … Omg that a huge compliment yaar .. N that’s my pleasure to disturb u all with my works.
      Tnkuuuu soo much yaar I don’t know wht to say but I’m blushing seeing all the comments.. I’m so fortunate to get ur love dr.. Heheee future astrologer ??.. May be Hahaa ???

      Love yaa ❤❤

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    Just loved it,,…!!
    U write it sooo beautifullly…
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    1. Haridhra

      Helllo Kanfi di .. Well I’m chuffed to see ur comment .. It means a lot Tnkuuu so much n I will be back soon to disturb u don’t worry (hehee)..
      TC ❤❤

      1. Kanfi

        U too take care..lovee u

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    1. Haridhra

      Nita dii delighted to see ur comment .. Tnq sooo much, My happiness have no bounds to knw u liked the last few lines..☺

  18. Neha_Pheonix

    Wow..such a beautiful episode. The confession part was amazing.. .You know the way u started from Gayatri’s murder case till..Daksh kidnapped Anika..I want Shivaay in episode to express this..but alas..It didn’t happen..and I am happy in your TS that has taken place
    There were many Shivika cute scenes…and last lines were great..
    Well,you write nice..Champa, Chameli nahe mileage ..but flowers and garland for you..

    1. Haridhra

      Tnkuuu so much di … I’m happy that my hard work on the confession didn’t get waste n I’m really surprised that u all r liking it .. I’m so grateful to u for giving me such big big compliments.. Well hi-fi di u knw wht frm the day Shivaay saved Ani from Daksh I awaited for tis confession but
      I didn’t get it so atleast by this I can get satisfaction n abt IB CVs r in no mood 4 confession soo ..

      Tnkuuuu soo much for such great n sweet compliments n like seriously flowers n garlands for me

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    Loved it..
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    1. Haridhra

      Tnkuuuuu di .. I’m glad u liked the prank I thought everyone will throw chamelis on me for that (hehee).. Sure I will try to come soon ..☺

  20. Arthi

    This was superb dr….and prank and omru good as always and yup this was fab shivay’s justification worth it and I loved it totally……

    1. Haridhra

      Hiiiiii Arthi ka … Tnk god atleast u told abt his justification ,,
      I thought it will be better it’s given else it would be meaning less so a special tnks for mentioning it …
      I’m happy u liked it once again tnkuu soo much ka.

  21. Alekhika20


    1. Haridhra

      tnkuuuu Alekhika di ..

  22. Thedreamsoul

    Wow Hari , mind-blowing dear ! I completely loved it . Such a beautiful story and I liked how Shivaye expressed and Omru is the best siblings anyone could even have . This is the best piece of you I have ever read , all others are amazing too . Thank you for sending me the link else I would have missed this awesome one .
    The last part was so cute dear .
    Love you and take care ??❤

    1. Haridhra

      Helllo … Sana I’m glad to see ur comment dr.. I’m super happy that u liked the confession part… N indeed Omru r n sometimes I feel jealous of the as I’m a single child ( I knw its a lil melodramatic ???)..

      Awwww u made me speechless yaar that’s a sweet compliment this is for u ??
      ???… Oyee Sana Madam Tnq I should say that I tnk n anyways Tnkuuuuuu
      so much for such cute n sweet
      compliments ?..

      Love you too ??

  23. Nila

    Oi hari dear so cuteeeee romba matured ( ur writing skill vera level) ah irunthuchu intha TS superbbb and sorry for being late dear and ya just now I saw ur msg but I can’t reply u in private msg bcoz my browser is not supporting me to do I don’t no y and yeppo class start aga pothu hari? yenna group?(11th std )

    1. Haridhra

      Hellllllo Nila ka …. N is it soo ??. N no need to be sry V r sisos ri8 ?..

      Tnkkuuuuuuu to the infinity for commenting I’m so glad to knw that u liked it ?.. N I can understand it’s absolutely fine ka. Ninga vera Enaku innum resultee varala ??.. I tnk I will take Maths-Bio.
      Once against Tnkuu soo much..

      TC bubyee ..

      1. Nila

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      2. Haridhra

        Amma ka pathen I’m so excited for it ypieeeeee … Even nowadays IB is boring atleast now v can see the old epis ..

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