Hello guys tis is Hari back with the next part of the TS.. well I was overwhelmed by the response u guys gave many of my fav authors commented n I got new frnds n sisos Thnkuu so much 4 encourging me guys.. So now with out wasting time lets get into the plot.N kindly ignore grammatical n typo errors..

Shivaay was walking to n fro near the entrance of mansion it clearly indicates he was waiting for someone but it’s not frm outside but inside.. He was very much frustrated seeing the time passing .. Seeing tis the family giggled.. N not wasting any chance of pulling their brother’s leg OMRU came towards him

OM: Shivaay why r u so restless ??

RU: Haan bhaiya ur going to Varun bhaiya’s marriage ..U r behaving as if its ur first night n Bhabhi still hasn’t come.. OMRU both did hi-fi n chukled…

At the mention of his shuhaag raat Shivaay blushed furiously n was in his own world…He was thinking how much he would control himself while Anika is near him n get sad. Suddenly realization struck hard on him he was throwing daggers at OMRU but ignoring him they n all the other family members were enjoying his leg pulling ceremony (hehee)..But a voice made Shivaay’s lips to curve into a cute smile (yess guys tis voice is of Anika)

ANIKA: Hey tis is not fair guys u r pulling my Husband’s leg…I will not leave u guys..

OMRU WERE SHOCKED.. but let her complete naa (wink)

ANIKA: That to without me…Go I won’t talk with u guys..

There was a wide grin on everyone’s face except Shivaay whose million dollar smile turned into a frown hearing tis

OMRU: Awwww… u r our sweet Bhabi y will we leave u

ANIKA: U both r my sweet devars…(N she pulled the cheeks of both )…

SHIVAAY: (jealously ) Ahem Ahem…. V r also here.

ANIKA: Heyyyy Jealous Singh Oberoi … Don’t be jealous of my cute n sweet devars. They r not like u kadoos..

Everybody chukled…. N Shivaay was embarrassed but suddenly he noticed some thing that’s Anika’s dress off course which matched with his outfit n perfectly color coordinated… He forgot everything being in a trance he said softly but still audible to everyone “beautiful”.. Anika was shocked as first time he complimented her that to in front of everyone she blushingly looked at him n their eyes locked.. So to bring them out of the trance OMRU coughed … They broke the eyelock n were hell embarrassed.. So to manage the situation Shivvay dragged Anika with him saying they r getting late.. Here all shook their head grinning.. While driving there was an awkward silence btw them then Anika broke it ( inko kuch nahi ho sakta)..

ANIKA: Shiv..Shivaay …Tnq so much…

Shivaay looked at her questioningly …

ANIKA: Haan u said naa I’m beautiful that’s why…She said being a lil nervous

SHIVAAY: Who said u r beautiful?? I said that to myself (poor being with om doesn’t also knw to lie)

ANIKA: wht???( she asked being shocked)…. kadoos , Akudu Singh Oberoi ..She was cursing him under her breath.. Suddenly the car stoped she checked out to see whether they have reached the avenue but noo. Being confused she turned towards him to question abt tis, but she saw him moving towards her.. Did he hear me she asked herself. Every inch Shivaay is coming near her heart beats r triggered at a high rate she started breathing heavily.. He Chukled mentally seeing his effect on her. She closed her eyes on seeing him very close to her n thought he is going to kiss her but he took the seat belt n buckled it n she left a sigh of relief, FB – but their faces were so close that while taking the belt our naughty Shivaay intentionally brushed his lips against hers (no less than a kiss) to which she shivered.. then Shivaay sat back in his seat smirking while leaving Anika blush furiously … Once they reached the avenue Anika indulged herself in the work while Shivaay was talking to his school n college frnds totally forgetting the incident that happened a while ago.. Even dinner was over they didn’t eat saying they don’t want so Varun took two glasses of special milk to them, at firat they denied. As he insisted so much both took it n left to their own works..

Soon Shivaay said he wasn’t feeling well so he wanna go n Varun replied to him that ri8 side is the guest house he has allotted to Shivaay becoz in hall all the rooms were full so gave the keys n said their luggage was also kept there he can go n he will inform Anika Bhabi… In no time Anika came searching for Shivaay n Varun said all these n sent her to the house n Varun was smirking …..


Telephone in OM rang Dadi took it .. Dadi- D, Varun-V


V- Namaste Dadi..I’m Varun do u remember me…

D- Hello Varun beta.. How I will forget u accha now only u remembered tis Dadi haan …

V- Awww… Dadi nothing like that actually my marriage is fixed so I want to invite u all so I called to confirm whether u guys r free.. N mainly don’t say anything to Shivaay I want to give him a surprise..

D- Ohhh Congratulations Varun beta.. Sure I won’t say anything to him, par I want a help frm u will u ??

V- Come on Dadi.. Y r u asking me haan u should order me.. accha say me I will surely do..

Dadi explained the Problem of Shivika n guys here everyone knew that they love each other except them(hey bhagawan wht kind of jodi r they)..

V- So tis is the prob don’t worry Dadi I’m here naa.. I will make them confess it in my marriage itself while coming home Shivaay n Bhabi will come as Shivika tis is my promise n duty too…

D- Tnq so much beta.. V- Dadi no need of tis ..
So these all was planned perfectly so that only Shivika attends the marriage ..

Anika reaches the house safely n a girl looks like a staff came running to her n said Shivaay sir is in that room n he is waiting 4 her.. Anika was slightly loosing her senses so she smiled n said the staffs to go.. The staff said to ask her if anything is needed n went.. Anika stumbled a lil but managed to make way to the room.. But when she opened the room she was in utter shock the radio was on playing a romantic song her husband is talking with someone so sweetly saying he loves him/her so much her eyes teared up she went in to witess the most cutest sight Shivaay was dancing with Anika’s dress.. She started rolling on the ground controlling her laughter. Hearing someone’s laughter our Shivaay noticed Anika but seeing her laughing he turned into a cry baby.. SHIVAAY-S , ANIKA- A

S- very… ba…bad don’t talk with me ( crying )

A- Awww mere billuji why r saying so …

S- nooooo …. Plz nooo ( again crying badly )

A- Okkk see me naa ..

Actually they both r drunk that’s why behaving like tis n now u can knw why Varun was smirking.. So to console him Anika went closer to him n said u r so cute pulling his cheeks n also kissed him ( in cheeks only guys )….Now Shivaay had his million dollar smile on his face he pulled Anika close to n whispered in his husky voice..

S- Ani mere Jaan will u dance with me

A- Off course my darling..

They both danced n swayed according to the tune the whole atmosphere was turning so romantic hence unable hold any more Shivaay blurted out..Anika u always tease me with these words n ask me to say but I’m a big fool not to express myself to u now I will say it … “ Anika u r kidkitod beautiful , Whenever u come before me my heart beat increases n if I don’t see u the whole day I become sad n worried.. U came in my black n white life n filled colours in it exactly like my Kanji eyes n I love u soo soo much Anika..I will never let anybody to harm u n protect u in such a way that there is only happiness in ur life.. Will u accept tis tadibaaz bhagad billa who turned into a billuji for u .. Will u ???”

A- Awwww …. But Shivaay mere jawaab naa ..

S- Ani … wht r u saying ( tears welled up in his eyes for first time)

A- Areeee the great SSO why r u giving up so easily.. Haan I didn’t finish talking.. My jawaab is ( she comes closer to Shiv n stands upon her toes)

Then she locks her lips with his , he was taken aback at first then he also reciprocates with full passion… They kiss each other like the world is going come to an end if they end it.. N part ways unwillingly due to lack of oxygen. They rest their foreheads on each other n feel the moment..

A-I tnk u got ur answer..Shivaay I love u so much, I will always be by ur side no matter wht.

S- Hmm yaa I knw ( In tis drunken state also ur Tadi naa)..but I won’t talk with u , u gave me a mini heart attack ( again cry baby being with Rudra he has been influenced a lot )..

A – Hey Dramebaaz wht kind of husband r u here ur wife is romantic.. bu….but my husband …Hey bhagwan y did u give me such a unromantic pati..( starts fake crying )

S- So I didn’t knw that my Wife is so Romantic n I love tis side of urs ..( He moves closer to her actually she is wearing a saree guys )

A-Nothing like that n u will always be like that don’t know the meaning of romance n always puncture my romance…

S- Accha is it so ( He slid his hands in her waist)..Shivers ran down her spine but she didn’t show it..

A- Yaa u r so unromantic.. ( Shivaay starts tickling in the back)..

S- So confident I tnk u will regret ur words aftermath
( now he starts moving upwards n unbuckles the hooks )

Anika not able to tolerate ran towards the bed.. Shivaay closed the door n turn off the lights ( Hello pps I don’t knw wht happened inside n let them get some privacy naa )..

That night sky which is shaded with darkness only lit up by the eternal beauty moon witnessed union of two pure hearted souls. Next day early morning alarm was ringing continuously.. but the couple were so busy cuddling into each other.. Being a Shallow sleeper Shivaay slowly got up without noticing the condition he took the phone to check the time but wait he was feeling very heavy but that’s k ( sometimes Anika rolls near Shivaay n hugs him unconsciously so it was not a
big deal ) the time was 4am.. He threw the phone in anger tnking who the heck set the alarm n moreover his head was paining a lot, but suddenly a remainder popped up it read “ VARUN’S MARRIAGE”… Reading tis he sat up with a jerk on the bed totally forgetting abt Ani. Due these sudden movements n jerks Anika got up then only they realized the condition n were hell shocked so both shouted in unison n closed their eyes (wondering y the other is shouting n closing the eyes).. Suddenly there was a knock on the door they were hell shocked.. The screen closed on their shocked face…

PRECAP – Some misunderstandings n may be separation ..Oh noo….What will happen…

Sry guys I tnk it will take one more part to finish tis I wasn’t able to keep up my promise due to some personal reasons.. I wanna inform u all that I will keep my ff on hold till I complete tis.. N guys wht do u all tnk how would they both react to tis will they reunite or …. KKK guys I’m very poor in writing romantic scenes n tried my level best to make it modest .. If anything was wrong in it kindly inform it to me. I love u all so much n tnq 4 giving me loads off love u all r showering on me.. N hope u all like it see u next time until then stay tuned.. Copy rights of tis belongs only to me…

Signing off

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  1. Awsome. Plz dint make Shivika separated

    1. Haridhra

      Tnq so much Anita di.. Sure wait n watch yaar..

  2. Awesome update..

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      Tysm Ankita di ..☺

  3. VHM

    Awesome one Haridhra…waiting eagerly for the next shot….your writing is inspiring me a lot dear…so nice..fantastic…keep going…

    1. Haridhra

      Ohh my god that’s quite a compliment ka.. I can’t belive that u r impressed with my work I’m on cloud 9 .. Tnkuu so much ☺☺??

  4. Neha_Pheonix

    Aww..the compliment was so sweet and the turnover too. You have given your best of the romantic scenes so its wonderful. I throughly enjoyed all the scenes personally. Its fine if your make another….I will like it as it is interesting. Its a TS, right?
    TS can be assumed as TWO SHOTS ya THREE SHOTS. So, your title is totally justified.
    Love ya , take care.

    1. Haridhra

      Hmmm Neha di I too personally loved that scene n I tnk that’s exaggerated compliment di .. Anyways Thnkuuu sooo much n sure I will try to come with a new one if anything strikes my mind n once again Tysm …????

      Love u too ❤❤

      1. Neha_Pheonix

        Nope,I never ..I can give exaggerated compliment. With time we evolve as a writer so is the case with you. And, only me all the other comments have indicated the same.

  5. Akshaya


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  6. Awesome di. But please don’t separate shivay and anika.

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      Tnq so much Dwet .. N wait n watch for it dr…?

  7. It’s awesome hari…romantic scenes were also good n modest

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      Tnq Madhu di … ☺

  8. Kajol

    Aww so cute shivay dancing with ani’s dress totally loved it..and eagerly waiting fr nxt pls post nxt part asa

    1. Haridhra

      Yaa Cute Singh Oberoi naa… Sure di I will try to post it Asap .. N tnq for giving ur valuable views..☺

  9. Niriha

    Awesome…plz don’t separate shivika
    Waiting for next update soon

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      Tnq so much Niriha di .. N wait n watch it di ?

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    Hari its awesome dear…. I loved it! Shivaay’s cry baby face….I can’t control my laughter!! Precap! No….don’t separate them!! Update next part asap dear…plz….

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      Yaa I wish to see it in real IB also ka it will be fun ..??… That wait n watch ka.. Sure I will try my level best ☺

  11. Arwa Qutubuddin

    Oh my god di what an update it was really funny at some scenes i was literally enjoying and every part was just awesome

    1. Haridhra

      Oh my mata Arwa don’t call be di yaar .. I’m just 15 yrs .. N I’m happy to hear u enjoyed my writing … Tnq so much Yarr???

  12. Arthi

    Ur precap gave me mini attack……..wanna know what happens do post soon dr……

    1. Haridhra

      Hahaaa… Really Arthi ka then plz take care n don’t worry everything will be fine ? n Tnq so much for commenting..☺

  13. Jerry_36

    Awesome. So romantic Haridhra. Lovely one. Eagerly waiting for it. Shivaay is so naughty?

    1. Haridhra

      Thkuuuu so much dr …. Yaa Naughty Singh oberoi hope u enjoyed it so much … Sure I will try to post it soon ☺

    1. Haridhra

      Tnq Alekhika di…☺

  14. Aashi26

    Awesome….hey bhagwan itni modern dadi…..quite funny and entertaining…..naughty billo….

    1. Haridhra

      Hey Aashi hi … U r that lil one naa wlcm to TU my dr happy to see u. yup Dadi the head of ishqbaaz family yaar ( sometimes I feel she is the senior love Angel).. Tnq so much for giving ur valuable opinions..☺

      1. Aashi26

        Thanks hari di u recognized me right…

  15. Sam-99

    Awwwwwww it is superb I don’t want separation plzzzz

    1. Haridhra

      Tnkuuu schoo much sumi chechi .. Don’t worry ..?

  16. Nice episode…

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      Tnq so much Zavee di …☺

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    1. Haridhra

      Oh my god U all r showering me with huge tower of compliments I’m not able to handle these.. But anyways I’m so happy that u find it romantic.. N don’t worry my dr everything will be fine ..???

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    Sun meri hari….. After reading this episode I don’t have words pleaseee lend me some words for its description could you? .
    Sorry for late comment actually I was a bit busy and missed your update… But a soon as I read it I was having a great “AWW” face..
    They are really cute…
    And varun is naughty Haa????.
    I already said in previous part that you were having some different ideas about shivika attending the wedding alone????.
    Episode was great as alwayssss.
    And pooost the next ASAP?????????.

    1. Haridhra

      Haaahaa u were ri8 Sans u r really a chantomind haan … N that’s absolutely fine yaar no need to be sorry , u made my day with ur comment I was a lil dull in the morning but after seeing ur comment I’m having a kidkitod smile on my face … Tnkuuuu so so so much n for now I’m working on it see u later… Love yaa ???

  19. Nila

    Oiiiiiii hari dear amazing part superb romantic shot post next one soon no shivika separation OK?

    1. Haridhra

      Helllo Nila ka where were u haan … How could u forget me ur lil sis.??? U know wht I was missing u like hell.. But very happy to see u back ???.. Tnq soo soo much ka n the next I’m working on it n u will find it the next shot till then wait..?

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