My Secret Lover…. (SS) Chapter 9(b)



Recap-Swara & Sanskar remembering their golden days; Swara-Akshat convo regarding love; Sanskar realizing his feelings for Swara finally

It was a new day, filled with new hopes and new realizations…

The sun rays fell upon Sanskar who was sleeping clutching his diary tightly and a smile on his face…

Soon he woke up due to the disturbing sun rays…

Sanskar’s POV

I never thought that I would ever fall for someone… At least not now… But it happened, m really sad as I realized it late and Swara had to cry because of me… But I can’t express my feelings… How great it feels when u realize u r in love with someone… And if this someone is your best friend then your happiness have no bounds… Similarly m so happy being in love with Swara… But I don’t know how will I confess my love to her… I hope she would not take me wrong… After that meeting she always ignored me… We didn’t even said a hi to each other… The things suddenly became too awkward to work on any thing…

(His thoughts were broken by the continuous knocks on his room’s door )

POV ends….

Sanskar opened the door and found his mom who was trying to wake him up as he was getting late for college unaware of the fact that he is already up but lost in his thoughts…


Swara was still sleeping in her room… Last night they all returned late from the function otherwise she is an early riser

Soon her sleep got disturbed when she felt someone caressing her hair

She lazily opened her eyes and saw her dad sitting beside her

Swara:Good Morning Dad (and she again slept on his lap hugging him tightly)

Shekhar:Good morning Princess….

After few minutes Swara woke up and sat on the bed in front of shekhar…

Swara:Dad u here early in the morning..

Shek: So I can’t come here in morning (fake angry)

Swara: no dad nothing like that u can come whenever u want… Woh toh I was just asking to know if you have any work with me..??

Shekhar:Woh Shona me and your mom have to go to Pune in afternoon… You remember your uncle in Pune… He is not well bacha.. We would come by afternoon tomorrow but today night we would not be here

Swara:Han oky Papa..!! No problem

Shekhar:no problem kya beta…you don’t remember that tomorrow is your birthday… And how would I wish u at night

Swara: Awww Papa koi baat nhi na…u would come by afternoon tomorrow na… So no issues



Sanskar was finding Akshat…. Akshat was the only person who could help Sanskar…

Finally he found Akshat in canteen

First Sanskar made sure that Swara was not present there then he went towards Akshat

Sanskar: Akshat…!!

Akshat turned and saw Sanskar

Akshat:Hi Sanskar, come sit

Sanskar& Akshat sat down

Sanskar was finding words to tell Akshat abt his realization

Akshat: Sanskar you want to say something

Sanskar: Hmmm yes actually

Akshat: Come on go on… I know it is regarding Swara

Sanskar became surprised that how he go to know

Akshat: now don’t ask that how I got to know…

After few moments of silence Sanskar spoke…

Sanskar: Akshat I have realized that I love Swara (Sanskar was waiting for his reaction but he just smiled)

Sanskar: you will not say anything

Akshat: No… Because I already new that one day u will surely realize and c the day came

Sanskar: I want to confess my feelings to her…

Akshat: I’m so happy for cupcake…
So any plans???

Sanskar : I want to make it simple… And I want to confess my feelings tonight… Tomorrow is Swara’s birthday

Akshat: Superb then Sanskar, today aunty-uncle went to Pune… So u can easily do your work… It would be the best gift for her…

Sanskar: Oky then… But I need your help…

Akshat: ya say

(They discussed something which would be revealed soon )

Precap – Confession
Oky guys I know u all were eagerly waiting for the confession chapter… And CONFESSION would be shown in the next chapter

Actually this chapter or we can say that this part I wrote last week… And according to my plans confession was to be shown in this epi only… But while writing I felt that this past has nothing to do with confession and as I want confession chapter solely containing swasan so m posting this much part as Chapter 9(B)

I’ll update the confession part on Sunday positively so u don’t have to wait for too long…!!!

The story is gradually moving towards it’s end so I would request the silent readers to comment….

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