My Secret Lover…. (SS) Chapter 8

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Next day

Swara was moving towards the canteen in lunch break when she bumped into Sanskar

Swara:Ouch (She raised her head to look at the person and it was none other than her, oops only Sanskar)

Sanskar was looking at her , wanted to say something…Whole night infact all three days when he was away from the city he was thinking just abt her proposal, just abt her (but still he didn’t loved her)and he was not at all angry on her but just little hurt as she had hidden such a big thing from him

He wanted to tell her that he is not upset with her, he don’t want to break their friendship… He’s oky if she loves him but he can’t reciprocate her feelings not because he loves some one else but because he don’t want to fall in love and put his carrier at stake
Not because he don’t like the feeling of love or he hates love but because he just had planned his life in that way… Falling in love at this age according to him will lead to distractions
He wants to tell her that he completely respects her feelings and he doesn’t have any problem with that but somewhere in his heart he still feels that may be she is having a feeling of attraction towards him, may be it will fade with time… May be it will disturb her carrier…
More than being tensed for himself he’s worried for her… Because he knows that because of this sudden revelation she will be distracted…. If he’ll continue his friendship with her, then also distraction would be there and if he stops talking to her or in a sense breaks his friendship then it is obvious that it will worsen the situation

His thoughts were broken when Swara broke their eyelock
Swara: I’m so…sorry… (Saying so she turned to leave and walked to steps hurriedly but Sanskar held her wrist and made her turn again)

Again their eyes met each other
Sanskar’s eyes were showing worry towards her and care while her eyes showed hidden love, pain and most important guilt… Yes, she was guilty, guilty of confessing her feelings to him& guilty of creating unnecessary disturbances in his life

She lowered her eyes not wanting to look into his eyes which had the power to make her fall for him more and more

Swara: Yes San….Yes!!..!!

Sanskar: I need to talk to u Swara (softly )

Swara: Woh m little busy now…Any important work

Sanskar: Yes can we meet after college? (Expecting a yes)

Swara: Woh…Woh(fumbling with words)Han Woh m busy after college

Sanskar knew that she’s telling a lie but he just can’t leave her like this she will surely make her a devdass if he would not talk to her

Sanskar: Oh oky!!!
It’s oky you complete your work…let’s meet in evening after dinner… Near r park in front of B-Block

Swara was not able to find any reason to deny so just nodded in acceptance and left the place in hurry



Sanskar was sitting on a bench and was seeing the surroundings, it was such a good environment here, cool breeze was blowing, old people who came down for walk were walking and talking in grps… Children were playing in the kids park near the park …. Some ladies hopefully mother of the kids playing were busy chatting and looking after their kids playing there
The environment was so calm and relaxing, but here he was sitting trying to prepare himself to talk to Swara… He didn’t wanted to make any wrong move now

After some moments Swara came there, she was not looking that cheerful as always no charm was there on her face instead she was looking very upset and tired, no matter if she was not talking to Sanskar but her were enough for him to understand her problems… If not exactly , he could actually guess 70% right

He felt sad when he saw Akshat coming with her

{Swara finished her dinner and called Akshat to come to her house as she wants to talk to him something important after confirming that he also had his dinner
After sometime he arrived she was standing at the doorframe of the house only, watching the park from the corridor
(Gals corridor is having a clear view of parking lot really don’t know how to explain it but yeah it’s not my imagination this all is the view of my cousin’s apartments )

Swara: Akii… Let’s go down for a walk… C breeze is so cool and weather is also good

Åk: Oh come cupcake (he actually wanted to ask her why , but later dropped this idea as he felt that she’ll feel better after having a walk it woud refresh her mind. .. .}

Akshat saw Sanskar there and understood that why Swara brought him here

They reached near Sanskar…
Sanskar stood up and akshat went and said a hi to him
Akshat:Hi Sanskar!! Seeing u after long tym (trying to sound normal as if he don’t know anything abt Swara’s confession)

Sanskar also tried to behave normal

Sanskar:Hello Akshat…Ya I went out of city for sme work…

(Swara felt a little relaxed that he was not absent due to her)


Akshat was feeling awkward while Swara was activated on silent mode she was not speaking anything

Akshat thought to excuse himself just that his phone ranged he thanked the caller in mind and left from there excusing himself
Akshat: I’ll be back in sometime… Excuse me

Now only swasan were left there

Swara was looking at the ground or everywhere except looking at him
And he was looking at her thinking how to start the conversation

After few minutes of silence, Sanskar broke the silence

Sanskar: Swara

She looked towards him and just hummed: Hmmm

Sanskar:(directly coming to the point) Why r you ignoring me Han?

Swara:No Sanskar, m never ignoring you…(interrupted)

Sanskar: See Swara there is no use of telling a lie… You also no it very well and even I know…(interrupted BH Swara)

Swara(teary eyed): So why were you asking this if u know me so well… Y r u meeting me again n again…

Sanskar: Swa(interrupted)

Swara:U know it na Sanskar that m feeling guilty of my actions…I’m not sure what should I do… U know m just cursing that day when we went to that party… But in a sense it is good… Atleast u got to know my true face… U came to know that I love u… But this is half truth Sanskar , in these years I never confessed my feelings not because I was afraid of Ur reaction… But I never wanted to be a hurdle in your life… And c I only messed everything (saying so she started crying but not so loud that everyone will c them )

Sanskar held her hand and made her sit on the bench

He himself sat on the ground on his knees

Sanskar: Swara first stop crying… U have not done anything wrong it was just you were not in senses and u spitted out everything in a little wrong manner… M not angry with you na

Swara(slow voice): but I cheated r friendship na by hiding this, I betrayed u

Sanskar: Swara u r not understanding

Swara:No, Sanskar I understood everything now, I know m late but now I’m right… U know trust is the base of every relationship be it friendship only and by hiding my honest feelings, I did wrong… I know you would have felt very bad listening to all that but still u dropped me home… You were always a true friend

Sanskar: No Swara don’t be guilty of anything , if I can’t reciprocate your feelings we can atleast continue r friendship…haina?

Swara: No Sanskar I don’t want to be a burden on u… After this revelation I know awkwardness is developed between us, by seeing my face you would actually remember that I love u again n again which will lead to problems and now even I would not be able to stay with u like before…

Sanskar: So what Do u want?(softly)

Swara stood up and turned another side closing her eyes she tightly fisted her fingers
Swara:Let’s part r ways Sanskar… Let’s forget everything…You move on your way and I’ll move on my, let’s forget that we are…no we were friends (tears escaped her eyes)this is only the solution (wiped her tears quickly without his notice and turned with a smile)
And don’t think that I’ll be sad , I’ll be happy with this…Do u agree with it?

(Dilon ki mohabbat ko baandhe kyun
Haaye re!
Dilon ki mohabbat ko baandhe kyun
Haaye re!
Daayre.. daayre..
Daayre.. daayre..)

Initially Sanskar did not wanted to do this but he also knew that she’s saying correct, this can only be the solution because staying together will lead to a lot many problems between them

He nodded his head in acceptance

Sanskar: But we will never hesitate if we would need each other’s help… We will directly ask each other for help…
I’ll be always there for u Swara…
Oky and don’t worry now and don’t be guilty just stay happy…and take care

( Hain kyun faasle darmiyaan leke aaye re
Hain kyun faasle darmiyaan leke aaye re
Daayre.. daayre..
Daayre.. daayre…)

Swara nodded smilingly
At one side her heart was paining doing this while on other side she was feeling better after talking to him and parting their ways for their own welfare

(Kaanch ke wo khwaab
naazuk the humare saare
Chhoone se hi tootne lage
Mannaton mein umr bhar ka
saath jinka manga
Humsafar wo chhootne lage)

Both moved two-three steps in opposite direction when they both turned around to look at another at same time
They had a short eyelock
Where Swara’s eyes were showing pain, love and satisfaction whereas his eyes showed an unknown sadness that he would miss his best friend…

Breaking the eyelock Swara ran towards him and hugged him with such force that he stumbled a little but later stood straight
His hands also reached the her back reciprocating the hug whereas her hands were around his back

Both stood there like this only for few seconds but they were like ages for them
She felt so happy and emotional as it was their first and last hug according to them
And Sanskar also felt unknown happiness and pain knowing it was their first and last hug so he also hugged her back without thinking anything

(Na marna munasib
Jiya bhi naa jaaye re
Na marna munasib
Jiya bhi naa jaaye re
Haaye re!
Daayre.. daayre..
Daayre.. daayre..

Oo… na na..)

Breaking the hug and murmuring a sorry quickly Swara ran to her block without looking back at Sanskar

And Sanskar was standing there only… Seeing her going away from him

To be continued…


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