My Secret Lover…. (SS) Chapter 4

My Secret Lover

Chapter 4~~~~~

Recap- Swasan masti and Sanskar impressed with Swara

Previous chapter-

Next day

Swara was sitting in canteen with her friends

She was having her coffee when she felt someone’s presence behind her

In a fraction of seconds someone closed her eyes by keeping hand on them

She was surprised

Swara:Excuse me!!! Whose this ?

But no reply came

After few seconds she smirked , she recognized the person

Swara: Ummm oky I surrender !!! But m telling u that this person is the most stupid idiot monkey of the world….in short biggest fool of the world

As soon as she finished her sentence the person withdrew his hands and started saying

Person: Stop it cupcake…. (Removed his hands and turned his face)

Swara:Oh oky sorry Akii… U were surprising me so I teased u simple

Akii: so who told m angry cupcake

Swara stood up from her chair and hugged him

He also hugged her back

Swara:I missed u soo much Akii!

Akii: I know that …. That’s y I came to surprise you Bella

(Bella means beautiful in Italian and Spanish)

Swara: oky now don’t leave soon

Akii: As u say my lord

(Isha is one of Swara’s friends)

Isha: Swara we r also here

Swara:(hits her for head with her palm) oh Han sorry I forgot

Drags Akii in front and introduces

Swara: He is Akshat …. My childhood friend
And Akii she’s Isha …(like this she introduces other’s too)

This all was scene by someone who felt unknown pain in his heart seeing Swara
It was none other than Sanskar who came there to return Swara’s bracelet which she left in Sanskar’s car a day before

Sanskar moved towards them

Swara was busy in chatting with Akshat when she started coughing
Akshat just then passed her the bottle while
Sanskar too was going to pass but as Akshat was nearer he did it before Sanskar

Swara drank water and her coughing reduced

Sanskar was abt to turn to head out from canteen when Swara called him

Swara after thanking Akshat for water noticed Sanskar returning

Swara: Sanskar

Sanskar turned and walked back to get table

Swara: Sanskar you were going without saying anything! Have any work kya?

Sanskar : Yeah! Woh u left ur bracelet in my car yesterday…. Just came to return that

Took it out from his pocket

Sanskar: Here take this

Swara: oh Thank u so much I was looking for it since morning

Sanskar: No problem

One of Swara’s friend started asking her that how her bracelet in Sanskar’s car and where she went blah blah blah

Swara who started explaining her to avoid any misunderstandings in a way forgot abt Sanskar standing there
And Akshat also left the place as he got some call from his family

Swara after explaining moved her gaze back to Sanskar till the tym Akshat also returned after attending the call

Swara was abt to introduce Sanskar to Akshat when Sanskar left from there without bidding her bye

Swara:Sanskar Woh meet him… He is(but he left)

Swara thought Ab isse kya hua ( now what happened to him)

She ignored as there were only five minutes to her next lecture

Akshat also wanted to ask her abt Sanskar but thought to ask her afterwards

Akshat: So cupcake I should leave u r getting late for ur lecture…. Message me half an hour before u leave college… I’ll come to pick you up then we will go to cafe

Swara smiled : ohky Akii…but my car… (Monologue: Uff I should leave my car at home only everyday it creates a problem)

Akshat: no worries for that I’ll come by taxi… Hehe then I’ll drive ur car and break it

Swara:Ayee Idiot(hits him on his back) Very bad I’ll not let u drive my dear car!!! Now get lost

Akshat:Yup going meet u soon … Bubyee

Swara:Huh Pagal


Swara was going to meet Sanskar in library they were to discuss abt some project

They were discussing abt it when Swara remembered that onky 15 minutes r left for her to go home and she has still not messaged Akshat

Swara:Oh Shit….
(She hurriedly took out her phone and messaged him, his reply came that he’ll be there in twenty minutes )

Sanskar: What happened Swara (trying to peep in her phone without her notice)
Swara:nothing much Sanskar woh Akii asked me to message him half an hour ago o leave college but I forgot so just told him abt this…. Let’s continue

After five minutes gathering some courage Sanskar asked Swara as he was in dilemma that he shud ask her or not

Sanskar: Swara

Swara(busy doing her work): hmmm

Sanskar: woh Swara who is Akii?

Swara:(looker towards him and excitedly told) oh Han I was abt to introduce you with him …. But u went
He is my childhood friend na best friend…

Sanskar: oh(jealous but didn’t realized) what a weird name he has Akii(let out a small laugh)

Swara scrunching her eyes said: what is wrong in this? BTW his name is Akshat

Sanskar: Oh but Aki looks so kiddy

Swara: that is named by me… I like to call him that (with a frown)

Sanskar.: oh oky sorry its a good name… Akii … Akii (with a fake smile)


Swara was standing on road waiting for Akshat
(Beside her car only)
Just then Sanskar stopped his car in front of her

Sanskar: What happened Swara…
Didn’t went till now…

Swara:Yeah..Woh m waiting for akii…. He must b coming

Sanskar: if u r having ur car then y r u waiting?

Swara:Woh he told that we’ll go for coffee that’s y

Sanskar: oh … Ur friend is so irresponsible…. He shud b on tym na

Swara:No Sanskar it’s my mistake… I informed him late… And because of my car he’s coming by cab so its taking tym

Sanskar frowned as she took his side

Sanskar: oh then it’s oky

Just then Akshat arrived their

Swara (squealed): Hey Akii (and gave him a side hug)

Swara:Sanskar meet him he’s Akshat… (Interrupted by a call on Sanskar’s phone )

Sanskar: Swara m getting late ….

And he left
Swara gave a confused look

Akshat:Cupcake chalein

Swara:Hmmm Yeah


Wish you all a very Happy New Year… May all ur wishes her fulfilled… .Hope you have a great year ahead

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Hope you will like this one too

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