My Secret Lover…. (SS) Chapter 4 (Part b)



Recap-Akshat’s entry and Sanskar somewhere jealous but didn’t realized

Chapter 4-

Swara and Akshat were in car as said Swara was driving the car while Akshat was sitting beside her

Ak(Akshat): Cupcake


Åk:Cupcake who was that guy in canteen and a while ago talking with you

Swara suddenly became a little excited

Sw:He is Sanskar…. He is one of the most intelligent students of our college,.He is a topper from first yr.(she continued telling lots n lots abt him and at last said)..he is my friend…

She said all this in one go

Åk:Hey cupcake at least take some air in

After few minutes


Sw:yes Akii

Åk: he us only ur friend or something more than that

Swara was almost bewildered with thus question this was the only thing which she kept hidden from him and to lie to her best friend was obviously not an easy task for her

Swara avoiding eye contact said:Hmm Yeah he’s only a friend nothing more than that

Ak: (noticing that she said without eye contact) but Cupcake u ….(interrupted)

Swara:Akii …. Get down the car c we reached r destination


Akshat:Cupcake which place is this

Swara:I guess it’s a cafe don’t u know

Ak:M not saying that candy I mean that its not that cafe where we use to come

Swara:Oh han…..But this one is better than that that’s y

Swara(monologue): What r u doing Swara , this is Sanskar’s favorite cafe and u brought Akii here… Control ur feelings or else u may loose ur friendship with Sanskar… Akii never minds but u very well know how much Sanskar dislikes this love and all

Akshat waved his hand in front of Swara’s eyes…

Akii:Hey where r u lost Cupcake order fast I didn’t had my lunch… Rats r playing football in my stomach

Swara: Han… U tell what will u have?

After discussing their order Swara placed the order

Akii:Swara u ordered black coffee for urself?

Swara:Yes y?

Akii:no I remember how much you disliked black coffee u always loved capurcino but now black coffee it’s quite shocking

Swara:Yeah nothing like that I used to study till late night na that’s y gradually started having black coffee …. And now I prefer time changes ever thing na

Akii.:hmm don’t know y I feel that many things changed with tym

Swara stayed silent on this statement it was true that she disliked black coffee as she felt it bitter but as it I’d Sanskar’s favorite she also adapted it


Akshat and Swara were having their meal when Sanskar came to same cafe to buy a pastry for someone

Swara saw him and waved him a hi Sanskar also saw her but next moment seeing her with Sanskar he frowned

Swara gestured him to join them
Initially Sanskar was not in a mood but seeing her with Akshat he automatically joined them

Sanskar: Hi Swara

Swara:Hello Sanskar… Its gud that I met u here meet him he’s Akshat my best friend,my Akii (pointing towards Akshat)

Akii: Hi Sanskar… Heard a lot abt u from Cupcake… I mean Swara (seeing her from corner of his eyes)

Sanskar: Hi(shook hand with him)I also heard a lot from Swara abt you(fake smile)

Sanskar also joined them and ordered a black coffee for himself… Akshat was quietly noticing everything …. He was now pretty sure that y Swara came here as it was quiet clear from Sanskar’s talks that it’s his favorite cafe


The trio were in parking lot

Swara:So meet you on Monday Sanskar (as next day was Sunday )

Sanskar: yeah…(again shook hand with Akshat) pleasure meeting u Akshat

Akii:Same here

Akii:Cupcake can I drive ur car now (Sanskar stiffened a bit hearing cupcake)

Swara:Yup sure… But be careful

Akii:As u say madam

Swara giggled and they drove off Sanskar too left

Night 8pm

Sanskar was standing in balcony seeing children playing in the children park of their apartment which was just at right side of his balcony (he lived at 10th floor)

Just then his eyes fell on parking which was of Swara’s block (it was visible from his balcony)

He bent a little and saw that there was only one car parked at parking of Swara’s house no. That was may b of her dad as all flats were allotted parking for two vehicles either a car and a two wheeler or vice versa

Just then he noticed that Swara’s car arrived there

Akshat got down from car and he opened door for Swara to get down

There she was giggling and holding an ice cream in her hand and Akshat took out a few shopping bags from back seat

They were moving towards their block giggling as if Akii cracked some joke


Night Sanskar’s home

He was sitting writing his diary when he remembered how Swara was enjoying Akshat’s company

He closed the diary and was feeling restless thinking abt it…. He went to kitchen and prepared a cup of coffee for himself and moved towards balcony of his room

Sanskar’s POV

Y m I feeling so bad seeing Swara enjoying with that Akshat… That idiot
No but talking with him I felt he is so nice… He is also like Swara almost fun loving… That’s y she’s so happy with him otherwise with me toh she’s stays so distant that I’ll bake her in oven and I’ll eat her

Oh God I’ll become crazy thinking abt her
But y m I feeling restless or shud I say jealous
No m not feeling jealous y will I feel
I don’t feel anything for her she’s just a friend of mine
Waise bhi Sanskar concentrate on ur goals this love and all r waste of tym

After sometime he slept thinking all this


Swara’s POV

Today I enjoyed a lot… I.missed Akii so much these years…. But Swara he should not come to know that u love Sanskar… Cause he’ll tell him or do something or other to make us close…I don’t want all this… Don’t want to b a hurdle in Sanskar’s life… And because of all this if I lost his friendship too… No no I’ll not let Akii know abt this

POV ends

She also slept thinking all this


So here I m with the next part…. I was not going to post it today but since last one was short m posting it…
I have a important message for u all that from now on i won’t b regular… I was somehow giving u updates of both my ff and ss once a week but I don’t know from now it would b possible or not
Cause due to cold here timings r increased here for schools nd colleges due to which I would b coming late and then I have coachings and then studies so I would hardly get 30-40 minutes in extra in which I’ll try to read other ffs as I can’t write when m tired, it will obviously waste tym and my writing ….

Thanks a lot for comment on previous part… Silent readers pls try to comment on this one cause I don’t know when I’ll update next part…will b waiting for ur feedback…


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