My Secret Lover…. (SS) Chapter 3 (Swasan Masti)


My Secret Lover

Chapter 3~~~~~

Previous chapter-Chapter 2

Recap- Sanskar helping Swara…. Swasan became friends and Sanskar dropped her home

Gradually time passed

Almost a month had passed and Swasan very gud friends now… Sanskar mostly helped Swara in academics but he only guided her she never made him do her assignment or something …. They both were just friends…

Swara was deeply in love with Sanskar but she never expressed in fact she very well knew her limits …. She had decided not to tell him abt her feelings as Sanskar did not believed in love and all… Most important thing for him was studies …. He wanted to fulfill his dreams first and then think abt these things…. This was all wat Swara came to know abt him with talking to him

And friendship with him was more than enough for her , she never expected more than this and this was also unexpected for her

And this was the reason she never tried to impress him….
She was very happy with whatever she was getting… She was not like any possessive lover for her sanskar’s happiness was more important


Sanskar was sitting on a bench somewhere in garden of his college campus…. It was the second favorite place of Swasan after library ?

Just then Swara arrived

She was there to Bid bye to Sanskar as she was leaving college early today

Swara: Sanskar m going … Meet u tomorrow

Sanskar: U r leaving early today ? (Thinks something) Oh today is Wednesday na! That’s y

Swara: Han Sanskar…. Today is Tuesday and while reaching temple it will b evening

Sanskar thought something and Gave a big smile unnoticed by Swara
Swara: So I shud leave now…

She started leaving when Sanskar stopped her

Sanskar: (shouting a little ) Swara

She turned and gave him a questioning look….

Sanskar reached up to her and said: Can I also join u today… Waise bhi m free now

Swara was astonished a bit: R u sure

Sanskar: Yes I’m

Swara: oky then you also reach there and I will also

Sanskar: hain? U come with me na

Swara:no Sanskar then where will my car go?

Sanskar: oh Han wait we will drop ur car home in the way …

Swara narrowed her eyes

San: I mean u go till there in ur car

Swara was parking her car in parking lot

She came till the gate of apartments after parking

Sanskar opened the car door of her side

Sanskar: Chalein

Swara: hmmm chalo Waise bhi m late it will get crowdy now

Sanskar : Woh no problem I’ll drive a little fast

Swara: no harsh driving… U just drive at regular speed no problem


Soon they were standing at the stairs of most famous
Sidhivinayak temple of Mumbai.

There was a huge line of people who were standing there to take Bappa’s darshan…

SwaSan also stand in line.. This is all new for sanskar.. As he was first time coming there….

Sanskar : Swaraaa.. this much of crowd? Every Tuesday u stand here in line?

Swara : ( smiles ) Yes Sanskar.. This is very famous mandir in Mumbai.. People says that if we wish anything here or ask anything from bappa, He gives it. Our wish gets fulfilled. 

Sanskar : Is it so? I mean you come here every Tuesday to ask smthng frm bappa?? What’s that? ( curiously )

Swara : ( smiles ) No Sanskar.. I come here every Tuesday to thank him for whatever he gave me in my life. And to pray for my dearone’s well being…

Sanskar was impressed by her answer.. He just keep on admiring her innocence ….

They soon reached in and were standing before the huge idol of ganpati bappa

Swara was engrossed in praying and Sanskar was just admiring her that time …. After a short very short admiring session he too started praying

Swara opened her eyes and saw the most beautiful for her beside her

Sanskar was standing with joined hands and closed eyes …. He was busy praying and here Swara was busy admiring…. Sanskar was looking very cute to her now

She was just staring him with a smile on her face

(Try to read the lyrics if u know Hindi…. It will create the scene more efficiently)
Zehnaseeb, Zehanaseeb
Tujhe chaahun betahasha zehnaseeb
Mere kareeb, mere habeeb
Tujhe chaahun betahasha zehnaseeb

[Meaning: My Fate (someone who is destined to be yours)]

Sanskar finished praying and saw her looking towards him …. He just asked her wat with movement of his eyebrow and she nodded her head in nothing

They were soon back in Sanskar’s car
Sanskar: so now?

Swara: if u don’t mind can we go to beach actually I always go there after coming here… Or u do one thing pls drop me there and I’ll come back with cab

Sanskar: No need for that …. I’ll join u there… I also go on every Saturday so I’ll go on Tuesday today

While he was driving Swara was mostly looking at him …. Whenever he looked towards her she just shifted her gaze outside the window

Tere sang beete har lamhe pe humko naaz hai
Tere sang jo na beete uspe aitraaz hai
Iss kadar hum dono ka milna ek raaz hai

Soon they were standing on the beach, one of the most popular beaches of Mumbai ( girgaon chowpatty)

Swara who was calm till now was now in full masti mood
She just started running(i mean was moving here and there) and with Sanskar behind her

She took out her sandals and started walking on wet soil… Sanskar was also happy being with her….
But little did he knew that now Swara will make him also do that
She forced him to remove his shoes and make him keep them in car and now they both were walking on wet soil
Suddenly she saw vada pav and pani puri stall and dragged him there

Huaa ameer dil ghareeb
Tujhe chaahun betahasha zehnaseeb
Zehnaseeb, Zehnaseeb
Tujhe chaahun betahasha zehnaseeb

They were having pani puri competition which was one sided as only Swara was having that Sanskar was feeling it too spicy
Soon his eyes were filled with tears due to extra spice, Swara saw that and snatched pani puri from his hand, herself had it … She paid the vendor immediately and dragged him towards the stall of barf ka gola (ice candy mabe??… Don’t know wat it’s called)

Lena-dena nahi duniya se mera
Bas tujh se kaam hai
Teri ankhiyon ke sheher me
Yaara sab intezaam hai
Khushiyon ka ek tukda mile
Ya mile gham ki khurchane
Yaara tere mere kharche me
Dono ka hi ek daam hai

Swara made him have that ice Candy, he was feeling much better now … They were having it when one kid who was running slightly pushed Swara by mistake and dharam her gola fell on sand
Sanskar started laughing seeing that …. He was busy in laughing when he saw Swara was looking towards his ice candy
Till the time he realized it was too late, Swara snatched his gola and started running and Sanskar was behind her
Hona likha tha yunhi jo huaa
Yaa hote hote abhi anjaane mein ho gaya
Jo bhi hua, hua ajeeb
Tujhe chaahun betahasha zehnaseeb
Zehnaseeb, zehnaseeb
Tujhe chaahun betahasha zehnaseeb

He caught her and in this running competition that also fell down … Both looked towards the fallen gola on sand then towards each other and suddenly bursted out laughing

Hua ameer dil ghareeb
Tujhe chaahun betahasha zehnaseeb
Zehnaseeb, Zehnaseeb
Tujhe chaahun betahasha
Tujhe chaahun betahasha zehnaseeb


It was evening by now Sanskar was sitting on sand seeing the waves and swara had went to bring corn(bhutta)

When she came back she was astonished seeing Sanskar

( bear one more song pls?)

Sanskar was playing a guitar and singing a song

Ishq bulava aave jab aave..
Main ta kol tere rehna
Main ta baitha kol tere..

(I don’t know when the call of love will come,
I have to be with you,
I sit with you only..)

Tainu takda ravaan
Baaton pe teri hansda ravaan
Pagal main khud nu banaanda ravaan
Tu hansdi rave, main hansaanda ravaan
Tenu takda ravan…

(I keep looking at you,
I keep laughing at your talks,
I keep making a fool of myself,
[as in, to make you laugh] You keep laughing, and I keep making you laugh..
I keep looking at you..)

Ajeeb rangaan di tu hai badi
Lage alag hi jahaan di

(You’re one of very strange colors..
Look like one from another world.)

[Swara came near him and sat beside him, she started singing]

Ae to nazraan nazraan di gal ve
Tu vi sun le zaraa

[He was astonished seeing her singing but continued playing ]

(This depends on the eyes (of the one who looks)
[lietrally: it’s a thought of eyes from eyes] You to listen to it..)

Swara: Main taa kol tere rehna
Main taa rehna kol tere…

Tainu takdi rawaan
Naina ‘ch tere main vasdi ravaan

(I keep looking at you,
I keep living in your eyes,)

Sanskar: Paagal main khud nu banaunda ravaan
Tu hansdi rave, main hansanda ravaan
Tainu takda ravaan

Sanskar: Ishq duaavan jaane kab aave
Ishq duaavan aave jab aave

(I don’t know when the blessing of love comes,
Let the blessing of love come whenever it does..)

Main ta kol tere rehna
Main taa baitha kol tere…

Tainu takda ravaan
Baaton pe teri hansda ravaan
Pagal main khud nu banaanda rawaan
Tu hansdi rave, main hansanda ravaan
Tenu takda rawan

(I keep looking at you,
I keep laughing at your talks,
I keep making a fool of myself,
[as in, to make you laugh] You keep laughing, and I keep making you laugh..
I keep looking at you..)

Sanskar finished singing
Both turned towards each other and at same time
Swara: You
Sanskar: you
(Again together)
Sanskar: you say first
Swara:you say first

Sanskar: Swara u ask wat were u saying?

Swara nodded

Swara taking a deep breath as she was still surprised

Swara:U know singing and playing guitar(with unbelievable look)

Sanskar: Yes I know, wat u thought that I only know reading books and studying (raising his eye brows)

Swara: no no nothing like that but as of sudden

Sanskar: actually I don’t like singing in front of so many people

Swara: oh Oky (suddenly) But Punjabi (almost shouted)

He was starlet as she shouted suddenly
Sanskar: yes I know Punjabi.

Swara holding her head as she was getting so many shocks in a day

Swara:how? (slowly)

Sanskar: Yes Woh in hostel many of my friends were Punjabi

Swara: oh Oky

She passed that corn towards him

They both started having it when Swara asked

Swara: U r marwari na?

Sanskar: Hmmm(busy eating)y?

Swara: no aise hi

Sanskar: U r also not Punjabi na?

Swara: no m not Punjabi but I know Punjabi

Sanskar: u never told that u know singing

Swara: u also never told na

Sanskar: You never asked

Swara: you also never asked



Swara’s room

She was sitting with a pillow on her lap holding it tight…. She was thinking abt today’s day…. She never thought in morning that this day will b turned so beautiful for her…. She was so happy…. It was somewhat like a day out with Sanskar… She was just praying that nothing bad should happen now…. At least not love but this friendship should never end between them

Thanking her bappa for this special day she slept


Sanskar room

He was also thinking abt today’s day and he was also happy…. He was highly impressed with Swara but still he was not in love with her …. He admired her attitude , her innocence, her fun loving nature and her voice …. But love was still on its way…. It had started reaching Sanskar

He also thinking abt the day wrote it in his diary and praying for his success and swara’s happiness slept


So at last I finished this chapter…. I don’t know u will like it or not… But I really worked hard with this one…. Someone also suggested me a few ideas but I can’t reveal her name as she’s against taking the credit … As she thinks it was only my work ?

One more thing I didn’t added songs to make it long or lengthy but I think or according to me songs r a very special way to express feelings… I Gave a long speech on music in one of the episodes of LHLH so don’t wanna repeat….

Please guys do comment on this one …. I n really hopeful regarding this one

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