My Secret Lover…. (SS) Chapter 2


My Secret Lover

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Chapter 2~~~~~

Next day

Swasan were attending their respective classes

Sanskar was immersed in his studies whereas Swara was trying to concentrate on her
She was tensed that what would happen if Sanskar must have got something which he should not get from that book however she knew that there was nothing like that in that book but still this thought made her tensed

After some time

It was lunch break by now and Swara was running here and there to find Sanskar but she was not able to find him, she even checked in the canteen and asked one of his classmate but no use …

He was also not knowing abt Sanskar’s whereabouts

(Now don’t ask that how she knew abt his class and all cause according to Sanskar they met just once but she knew him since longs and after all being a secret lover she has a right to know abt him? )

At last something strikes Swara’s mind that Sanskar must b in library

Without wasting much time she rushed towards the library and at last found him sitting on the sane bench where they sat a day beforebefore

He was busy doing something from a book

Swara went towards him and was abt to tal his shoulder when she withdrew her hand back

Swara: Excuse me

Sanskar turned and recognized her as Swara, I mean the girl with whom he shared the book a day before

Sanskar: Oh Hi! Yesterday u left ur book here when u were in hurry so I kept it with me ( Looked for the book in his bag and took it out )
Wait a minute here it is (said passing it to her )

Swara: thnk u (with a smile)

Sanskar returned a smile , Swara was abt to leave when he said

Sanskar: Excuse me !
Swara turned

Swara: Yes

Sanskar: Actually I know it is not gud to touch or look into someone else’s property but I read ur book and I found some incomplete assignments
Reading which I came to a point that must b having some problem in doing them cause as u were going work yesterday it seemed that u r quite intelligent (said with a smile of genuinely complimenting her)

he said this in single flow

Swara: thnk u for the compliment and yes m not getting those assignments I’ll b glad if u could help me

Sanskar: So after college library … Fine?

Swara: sure (gave a warm smile)

She started to leave when again Sanskar stopped herher

Sanskar: BTW m Sanskar…. Sanskar Maheshwari

Swara: (Swara extended her hand and said ) Swara …. Swara Dubey
(Sanskar shook hand with her )

Sanskar: yeah I know ur name(Swara gave a confused look) … I saw on ur book



Swasan were sitting on a bench discussing abt the project

Sanskar was explaining her something and Swara was noting that

Sanskar was quite impressed with her answers and knowledge she was really intelligent and very dedicated towards studies
Swara was also somewhere happy to b with him but one thing we she decided was not to tell him anything abt her feelings

But yet she decided not to get close to him as that will complicate things

The time ran so fast that it was evening now and the library was abt to close

Sanskar: Finally completed

Swara: thnk u so much Sanskar, I was worried about this as we had to submit it next week
U really moved a big burden of mine

Sanskar : no need to be thankful I love completing these assignment and above that u r from my branch only so never mind
Saying this he left

Swara after packing her bag moved towards the exit


Swara was standing on the road waiting for some cab when a car stopped before her

She looker towards that car and then the person driving the car slid the glass window Down

He was revealed to b Sanskar
Swara sighed in relief

Sanskar: what happened u didn’t went till now
Swara: Ya actually I was not getting any cab here

Sanskar: Oh

Awkward silence started prevailing between them.

Sanskar wanted to offer her help but didn’t knew how to ask as they are not even friends
And Swara was not knowing wat to speak

At last gatherimg some courage he said
Sanskar: Ummm woh I was saying May I drop u. ?

Swara : No Sanskar I’ll go … U don’t worry

Sanskar: Don’t know after how much tym u will get some cab
And its getting dark now …. I won’t mind dropping you

Swara looked towards the sky and he was right it was getting dark so she hesitatingly agreed

Swara: Oky fine , but I owe you a favor

Sanskar: no need of formality Swara
Oky wait

He extended his hand and said
Sanskar: Friends

Swara was shocked and was in dilemma Wat to do

She confusingly said

So Sanskar said: Oky as we r friends now no thnk u and sorry and now u don’t owe any favor
Now get in fast

Sanskar opened the door for her and Swara got in

Sanskar asked her abt the address and he came to know that they lived in same apartments but different blocks
He remembered that he saw her many tym there but never noticed keenly

During the journey

Sanskar: BTW u daily go by a cab
Swara: no actually I go via car but today I gave it for service
So I’ll pick it tomorrow

Sanskar: Oky
I never noticed u much although we live in adjacent blocks

Swara:(slowly) You never notice people especially girls

Sanskar: U said something

Swara:(stammering ) no… No… Nothing… Y?

Sanskar : nothing I thought

( Swara turned her face and started looking outside the window)

Here Sanskar was suppressing his laugh as he heard Wat she saidsaid



Sanskar’s room

Sanskar was lying on his bed and thinking abt today’s day

He was thinking that abt Swara’s impressive nature which also impressed him
He was thinking that she is different from other girls
And lastly her comment on him when he said abt not noticing her

He smiled and soon dozed off


Swara’s POV

What r u doing Swara, u were planning to stay away from him and now u became his friend

Ufff Swara this love and all will someday drag u in a big trouble
Now stop thinking abt him and sleep otherwise u will get late for college tomorrow


So how was the chapter …. Hope I didn’t bored u people
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