My Secret Lover…. (SS) Chapter 11 (Second Last Chapter)



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A new day with new feelings arrived …. The sun was playing hide&seek with the clouds in sky… Cool wind was blowing… All in all the weather was just perfect…

Swara was sleeping in her room when her phone rang…

She picked up the call while her eyes were still closed

Swara: Hello

Other side: Good morning Swara… Many many happy returns of the day

Listening the voice Swara opened her eyes and checked the caller ID

(Well no awards for guessing, it is obviously Sanskar)

Swara:(sleepy voice) Good Morning Sanskar… Thnkew but u wished me already

Sensing her voice

Sanskar: Han but I wanted to wish again… It seems like I disturbed your sleep…

Swara: No it’s good u called otherwise I would have got late… It’s already 9

Sanskar: Late but today there is no college …

Swara:(got up and sat on the bed) Han… But I need to go to the temple… I always go on my birthday… (Kept silent for a while then spoke) will u come with me today??

Sanskar: I was abt to ask the same

Swara: I know that’s y I asked!

Sanskar: Oky then come downstairs in half an hour…!! Would it be Oky with you?

Swara: Yeah super Oky… I’ll be there in half an hour


Sanskar was waiting for Swara to come…

Just then he saw her coming… He was mesmerized to see her..As always Swara was looking angelic dressed in her white Kurti and blue jeans with a light pink scarf… Her one hand was having silver bangles and other one was having a watch…
Dressed in simple yet elegant attire

Sanskar was brought back from his dreamland when Swara waved her hand in front of his way drawing his attention…. (His attention was already on her)

Sanskar: You r looking beautiful….(slowly whispered audible enough to swara)

Swara who was moving Ahead of him was shocked at his compliment… Till now he had never complimented her directly and today he did it… She never knew that a confession can change so much… It can even destroy relations and can even make them so beautiful….


Swasan were staring before God’s idol in the temple…

Swara was standing with her hands joined and eyes closed
She opened her eyes and looked towards Sanskar,who was busy praying… She smiled seeing him beside her and resumed her prayers

Swara’s POV

Life is so unpredictable, last time when I entered temple with him, my love was unknown to him… Then in the most unfavorable condition it got revealed to him…. And that was the day when everything changed…I never thought that we would be together after that day… But m so thankful to you God for setting everything alright… I got the most beautiful gift on my birthday… Sanskar gave me the most unexpected happiness …. Last few hours were special to me… And now m standing before u God… I just want to thank u for everything you gave to me…. My love for Sanskar would be reciprocated now… I never expected or wanted him to love me… From strangers you made us friends…and now finally we r more than friends to each other… I just want him to be happy and may he achieve all his goals…

POV ends…

Sanskar’s POV

I know God that I had hurt Swara a lot in last few days… Be it knowingly or unknowingly …. But now I want to be with her in every situation… I want to be the reason of her smile… I want to hold her hand forever… When she is by my side I m confident enough to face every problem… I never knew that love has this much power… I kept running away from this feeling as I thought it would become a hindrance to my goal… I was not ready to accept I love her … I don’t know when, where and how I fell for her… But I would make a promise to myself to be by her side always…

His thoughts were disturbed by a pat on his shoulder

He opened his eyes and found Swara looking at him…

Swara: Chalein?

Sanskar nodded

They joined their hands once again and exited the temple premises


Swara: Sanskar u r driving the car since last half an hour, now tell na where r we going

Sanskar: Have patience Swara…!! I said na it’s a surprise…!! I hope u also don’t want to spoil it na..

Swara:Hmmm fine (with a pout)

After a couple of minutes he stopped the car , Sanskar came out and then opened the door for Swara to come out

He extended his hand for her to hold…

Swara passed a smile and gave her hand into his hand

After coming out she looked towards the building and a big smile came across her face

The board of the building showed Sunshine Orphanage

Swara:Sanskar u…I mean how… (interrupted as Sanskar kept his hand on her mouth)

Sanskar:Shhh Swara… Baaton hi baaton mein you told me once that you love to visit this place… And therefore we are here…!!

A drop of tear rolled down her cheek and was abt to fall when Sanskar caught it in his hand..

Sanskar:Now no more tears Shona

Swara immediately looked at him with teary eyes

Sanskar: I can’t call u Shona?

Swara:(looked directly into his eyes) You can call me what ever u want Sanskar… M so happy to hear Shona from your mouth…

Sanskar gave her a side hug

Words were not needed for them to convey their feelings for each other… There eyes r enough to convey what their hearts want to say…


Swara was distributing the ice cream among the kids which Sanskar brought a while ago.

Sanskar could give his everything for that beautiful smile which was on Swara’s lips right now…

She was looking so happy with these kids…

After sometime Sanskar mover towards Swara

He took her to a side and said

Sanskar: Shona the weather is not good…it’s going to rain I think , r house is quite far from this place so let’s move… Otherwise it would get difficult to reach home…

He noticed her getting a bit sad

Sanskar: Swara, don’t get sad… Achha we’ll go after staying for 10minutes… Oky?

Swara smiled: Hmmm oky


Swasan were in car… On the way back home… Gradually it started drizzling outside

Swara kept her head against the window, and was enjoying the weather…

The orphanage was on outskirts of the city so they were not on main road… The area was quite isolated…

The rain became heavier and now it was difficult for Sanskar to drive

He looked towards Swara who was busy admiring the nature

Sanskar: Swara…

Swara: Hmmm

Sanskar: Swara we have to stay here till the rain decreases

Swara: I was waiting for it…yeyyy

Sanskar looked at her with amused expression

Soon Swara was outside the car…

She was twirling around with her hands stretched and eyes closed

Trying to feel each and every drop of rain

She was all wet by now … Sanskar was sitting inside the car, shouting her name but she was least bothered
Little did he know that she is going to make him drenched in rain too

While he was busy admiring her the door of his side got open and he was dragged outside the car

Sanskar: Swara… Ahh what r u doing yar?

Swara: Don’t be so boring Sanskar, God is showering his blessings in the form of rain… We should enjoy each and every moment of life… Who knows whether we stay alive to relive it or …( interrupted as Sanskar kept his finger on her lips..)

Sanskar: Shhh… No need to say further…

They were unaware of the fact that how close they are standing

Chehre mein tere
Khud ko main dhundun
Aankhon ke darmiyan
Tu ab hai iss tarah
Khwabon ko bhi jagah na mile

Sanskar looked into her eyes and both were just lost in each other

Sanskar leaned more towards her, there was merely a inch gap between their lips when Swara pushed him a little and ran a little forward and continuing her twirling

Sanskar came behind her and asked for her hand by extending his one hand towards her

Swara smiled and gave her hand into his hand

They both started dancing slowly not bothered about where they are

Yeh mausam ki barish
Yeh baarish ka paani
Yeh paani ki boondein
Tujhe hi toh dhundein

He twirled her, as a reaction to which Swara held him by his shoulder

Swara loosened up her grip over him and turned to walk in another direction…she took few steps when Sanskar pulled her by her hand which he was holding

Yeh milne ki khwaahish
Yeh khwaahish purani
Ho puri tujhi se meri ye kahani

Swara straight away landed on his chest..

They both were completely drenched by now

Kabhi tujhme uttru
Toh saanson se guzrun
Toh aaye dil ko raahat
Main hoon bethikana
Panaah mujhko paana
Hai tujhme de ijazat

There dance continued , both were completely lost in each other

Na koi darmiyaan
Hum dono hai yahaan
Phir kyun hai tu bata faasle

They were swaying slowly while maintaining an eye lock

(Na na na.. la la la..)

Hawaon se tera pata puchta hoon

Ab toh aaja tu kahi se
Parindon ki tarah
Yeh dil hai safar mein
Tu mila de zindagi se

Bas itni iltja
Tu aake ik dafa
Jo dil ne na kaha
Jaan le..

Yeh mausam ki baarish
Yeh baarish ka paani
Yeh paani ki boondein
Tujhe hi toh dhundein

Yeh milne ki khwaahish
Yeh khwaahish purani
Ho puri tujhi se meri ye kahani

Now they were again very close to each other… Suddenly they became totally unaware of anything, the only thing they knew was each other

Swara’s heartbeat fastened and Sanskar could feel her nervousness through her face

Sanskar looked into her eyes seeing whether she’s comfortable or nkt

Their eyes again met and this tym Swara broke the eye lock by closing her eyes conveying her acceptance

Sanskar leaned towards her and soon their lips met…
Sending shivers to both of their spines

They shared their first kiss filled with only an element called love

After a couple of minutes they broke the kiss… It was short and sweet kiss filled only with love

Swara turned her face to other side which was red by now… She was blushing a lot

Sanskar made her face him by holding her chin gently

But Swara was not ready to raise her eyes to meet his

The rain also decreased by now… It seemed like the clouds showered for these two love birds…

Sanskar smiled seeing Swara blushing…

Sanskar: Shona now don’t blush this much… U r looking like a tomato…

She blushed more and covered her face with her hands

Sanskar removed her hands from her face and pecked her forehead

Sanskar (slowly):Let’s move Swara otherwise the rain would increase again

Swara nodded and ran towards the car
To be continued…


So here I complete this chapter… Really don’t know whether you would like it or not… M hell nervous for this

Response was quite low last tym… And m disappointed with myself may be I wasn’t able to match your expectations…

I hope you would like this part… And do tell your views guys…
and only one chapter that is the LAST CHAPTER left to go… I hope you liked this ss…
So silent readers I would be glad if u share your views…



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